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Spine Outline Sports Med 2.

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1 Spine Outline Sports Med 2

2 Anatomy Bones of the Vertebral Column 33 vertebrae Movable Immovable
24 movable (true) 9 immovable (false) Movable Cervical, thoracic, lumbar Immovable Sacrum, coccyx

3 Cervical Spine 7 Vertebrae C1 Atlas C2 Axis Supports head
Has no body or spinous process Movements = flexion, extension, lateral movements C2 Axis Allows rotation

4 Thoracic Spine 12 Vertebrae Articulate with the ribs

5 Lumbar Spine 5 vertebrae Major support of the low back
Largest and thickest

6 Sacrum Coccyx Fusion of 5 vertebrae in adults Sacroiliac joint
While sitting weight is transmitted through these joints Also known as the tailbone

7 Intervertebral Disks Between each of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebrae lies disks Each disk is composed of annulus fibrosus and the nucleus pulposus Annulus fibrosus Forms the periphery of the disk Composed of strong, firbrous tissue Nucleus pulposus In the center of the annulus fibrosus Shock absorption

8 Ligamentous Structures
Anterior longitudinal ligament Wide strong band extends the full length of the anterior surface of vertebrae Posterior longitudinal ligament Inside the canal and extends the full length of the posterior aspect Supraspinous Connects spinous processes

9 Muscles of the Spine Superficial Deep Erector spinae
Extends the spine Deep Go from vertebrae to vertebrae Extend and rotate the spine multifidus

10 Spinal Nerves and Peripheral Branches
31 pairs of spinal nerves Each has specific area of sensory called dermatomes Loss of sensation = nerve damage Nerves form a plexus


12 Movements of the verterbral column
Flexion Extension Right and left lateral flexion Rotation to the left and right

13 Preventing Injuries to the Spine
Cervical Can be life threatening Strengthening is critical Bull the neck Isometric, isotonic, isokinetic contractions can be used Watch for spearing

14 Preventing injuries to the spine
Lumbar Low back pain is the most common Avoid unnecessary strain Be aware of posture anomalies of the athlete Abdominal strength is essential

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