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Upcoming Events AUGUST 8/12 New Teachers Return 8/13 PTA Meeting 6:30 pm 8/19 All Teachers Return 8/23 Meet & Greet Your Teacher 1:30-2:30 SES 8/23.

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1 Upcoming Events AUGUST 8/12 New Teachers Return 8/13 PTA Meeting 6:30 pm 8/19 All Teachers Return 8/23 Meet & Greet Your Teacher 1:30-2:30 pm @ SES 8/23 PreK Camp @ 9:00 am Sailing Through the System 8/26-8/30 PreK and K conferences 8/26 First Day for students in Grades 1-9 8/27 Fundraiser Assembly 1:30pm 8/28 Back to School Night 6:00 pm 8/28 Volunteer Training 7:15pm SEPTEMBER 9/2 SCHOOLS CLOSED 9/3 Pre-K & K students begin 9/4 BOE Meeting 6:00pm 9/6 Movie/Spirit Night 7:45 pm-PTA sponsored 9/9 Summer Reading Celebration 9/9 Reading Pretests 9/10 4th grade field trip 9/11 ½ Day Professional Day- Early dismissal 9/12 4th grade field trip 9/13 Picture Day 9/16 CogAt Testing for 3rd grade (cognitive ability testing) 9/19 Title I Dinner @ 6:00 Principal’s News A Title 1 School & Judy Center Partner AUGUST 2013 SUDLERSVILLE ELEMENTARY Our Mission: The mission of Sudlersville Elementary School is to educate and enlighten each of our students through an engaging curriculum and high expectations (for behavior and achievement) by dedicated teachers and staff with support of parents and the extended community. Our Vision: A graduate of Queen Anne's County Public Schools will be well-educated globally competitive and prepared to become a caring, productive citizen of the 21st century. Welcome to Sudlersville Elementary School! I am Mrs. Michele Hampton, principal of SES. This is my sixteenth year as a principal in Queen Anne's County Public Schools. I am happy to be working with the Sudlersville school/community as principal for the second year. Prior to my experience as a principal, I assumed positions as assistant principal, teacher specialist, and classroom teacher. Each of these experiences has helped me in my current role as principal. I am fortunate to have two sons of my own. Both of my sons are living in the Carolinas, and both are married to lovely ladies. No grandchildren at this time although I certainly will look forward to this as well. Sudlersville is a special community that I find to be especially supportive. I am looking forward to your continued support, as well as, your partnership in making education a priority for the children living in our community!

2 Meet and Greet By: Michele Hampton Please join us for the "Meet and Greet" activity on August 23rd at 1:30-2:30 pm. This will give you the opportunity to meet your child's teacher. The students are welcome to join us as well. The teachers have a full schedule during this week with time to prepare their classrooms and time for professional development; however, we have provided time for you and your child to meet each other prior to the first day of school. I am looking forward to seeing everyone! Character Counts at SES By: Michele Hampton Sudlersville Elementary School embraces Character Counts. Typically, volunteer coaches focus on one pillar a month and will share activities with students to discuss each pillar. It is important for parents and teachers to reinforce each pillar taught to students. Parents, teachers, and others can teach and model values but ultimately all of us learn we are responsible for our own character. As we mature, we learn that our character evolves and that it can be improved. Building good character is a dynamic process. During the month of August, we will focus on the pillar of "respect". We want students to treat others with respect, use good manners, and be considerate of others' feelings. During the month of September, we will focus on the pillar of "responsibility". We want students to persevere or keep trying, always do their best, use self-control, and be accountable for their choices. "Parents can only give good advice or put their children on the right path. The final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands." Anne Frank Character Counts! Queen Anne's County People of Character Best Practices for SES By: Michele Hampton As our school improvement team met during the summer, we realize areas of strength and areas needing improvement through the data analysis activities completed. The SES team will continue to monitor student progress by continuous review of data. Our main areas of focus will be math, reading and writing. We are fortunate to have the support of Partnering for Youth for the upcoming school year. Intervention class sizes will not exceed 8 students. We are also encouraging parental and community engagement. We are hoping parents will be involved with professional development workshops to provide additional academic support for their children. Our staff will continue to participate in training that help them to identify and respond to areas where students struggle. The SES staff will also utilize technology. Updates in technology will continue to be provided this school year. We installed SMART Boards in all classrooms. We have also purchased laptops on a cart. Web-based computer instructional programs are supplemented to support the curriculum for enhancing the students' learning as well. Let's be strong partners in supporting our students' education! MEET OUR STAFF! My name is Janet Hewitt, I am the Administrative Secretary at SES. I have worked for Queen Anne's County Public Schools for 11 years; first at SMS and then SES. My family has lived in the area for over 25 years. I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer and is ready for a new year! Janet Hewitt Administrative Secretary My name is Angie Soto. I am the Secretary at Sudlersville Elementary School. I have worked for Queen Anne's County Public Schools for the past seven years. My experiences include ESOL tutor for four years and Secretary for three years. This will be my fourth year as the Secretary at SES. My family and I have lived in Queen Anne's County for twelve years. It is almost time for a new school year at SES. We are committed to working with students, parents as well as staff members. See you soon! Angie Soto Secretary Look for after school program registration packets in your child’s book bag in early September! Partnering for Youth will be back at Sudlersville Elementary with a new 21 st Century Community Learning Center grant funding the after school program for the next 5 years. PFY will start September 23 rd serving 2 nd -4 th grade students. We are looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces enjoying all the fun activities we are planning. Thank you for allowing us to spend time with your children. It will be a great year at PFY!

3 Welcome to all our new and returning students for school year 2013-2014. My name is Mrs. Angela Webster and I am the guidance counselor. I have been a guidance counselor in Queen Anne's county for 13 years. I look forward to getting to know each and every student and family that attends SES! I am married, have a son and daughter and love to read and play games. We are going to have a great year and I can't wait to see you all in August! I'm here to help so don't hesitate to contact me. Angela Webster Guidance Counselor My name is Jaci Reilly. I am one of the nurse’s here at Sudlersville Elementary. I was born in Talbot County and raised on a dairy farm. I attended Easton High School in Easton, Md. After graduation I attended The Macqueen Gibbs Willis School of Nursing at The Memorial Hospital in Easton. Here I worked on the orthopedic floor for a number of years before working for the Queen Anne’s Co. Board of Education. During my time here I have worked at Sudlersville Elementary, Sudlersville Middle, and Church Hill Elementary schools. Besides helping children feel better some of the things I enjoy are spending time with my family and our animals, gardening and reading. Jaci Reilly School Nurse My name is Kim McSorley. This will be my fifth year as a Speech Language Therapist at Sudlersville Elementary. I also work at Sudlersville Middle and Church Hill Elementary. My professional career began at The Benedictine School followed by Kent County Public Schools until 2009 when I came to Sudlersville I love being a member of our school community. What a rich experience to be able to share in the excitement and eagerness to learn that your children bring to school everyday. Kim McSorley Speech Therapist I have been the school psychologist at Sudlersville Elementary School for over ten years. My job includes providing supports to assist student with academic achievement, by assessing the strengths and needs of individual students. I am committed to promoting the social, emotional and behavioral success of students. I believe that every student has unique abilities to be successful and to cope with challenges. Lynn Henderson School Psychologist School Nurse Janice Bloodsworth My name is Missy Hollis and I am thrilled to be starting my second year at SES as your ESOL teacher. I've recently finished my Masters degree in ESOL literacy from Wilmington University and I am looking forward to working with each student and family. Missy Hollis ESOL Teacher My name is Susan Davis. This is my sixteenth year with Queen Anne's County Public Schools, and I am fortunate to be assigned to Sudlersville Elementary School as teacher specialist this year. My previous experiences include third grade teacher, special education teacher, IEP chairperson, guidance counselor, and teacher specialist. I am looking forward to working with the Sudlersville school/community during the 2013/14 school year! Teacher Specialist Susan Davis

4 Pre-Kindergarten Hello! My name is Laura Dean. This is my fourteenth year teaching in Queen Anne's County and my seventh year here at SES. I received my BA from Mary Baldwin College in 1994. I was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but moved to Queen Anne's County in 1985. I am proud to be teaching in the same school system that my husband and I attended. I enjoy reading, going to the beach, but most of all spending time with my husband, son and daughter. I am looking forward to another exciting year at SES and working with your child. Laura Dean My name is Sandy Chance and this is my 27 th year in Queen Anne’s County! I have taught third grade, second grade, Kindergarten and Pre- K. I live nearby on a farm outside of Millington with my husband, Dave, and three boys, Josh, Hayden and Peyton. I love scrapbooking, collecting frogs, and teaching! I am extremely excited to be teaching kindergarten at SES this year!. I am looking forward to meeting my new parents and children! Sandy Chance Hello! My name is Christina Landgraf. This is my second year here at Sudlersville Elementary School. I graduated in 2011 with a bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education from Salisbury University. I am planning to begin my Master's program in instructional technology this fall. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I enjoy arts and crafts and reading in my spare time. I’m looking forward to another great year at Sudlersville Elementary School. Christina Landgraf My entire teaching career has been at Sudlersville Elementary. I have always been a kindergarten teacher. I am fortunate to have been able to know many families during my career. It is interesting that I am now beginning to have children of former students! I love my job because I work with a great staff at S.E.S. and each day of work is different. There is always something exciting happening in kindergarten! Mary Alice Munson Kindergarten Currently a Kindergarten teacher at SES, I have taught Kindergarten since 2003. Previous teaching experiences include one year in 3rd grade, two years in 1st grade (both at SES) and a year and a half working for a non-profit group, Children's Literacy Initiative in the Philadelphia area school system. Prior to entering the field of teaching I worked in Construction Management for Gilbane Building Company and UMBC. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with and for the children and parents of Sudlersville Elementary School and am so very glad to be here. Tracey Beres K PreK K K K Hi I'm Sherry Brooks and I work at Sudlersville Elementary as a School Assistant. I have worked at Sudlersville for 12 years as a substitute and assistant. School Assistant Sherry Brooks

5 Hi! My name is Melissa Bennett and I am one of the first grade teachers here at SES. I am beginning my 18th year of teaching, all of which have been at this school. I live in Ridgely with my husband Chad and our 2 daughters Hope and Kamryn. I love to read and scrapbook. I am excited to begin another great year with your children. Melissa Bennett My name is Missy Darling. I have taught first grade at SES since 1989. I received my Bachelor's of Science degree in Elementary Education from Salisbury University. I am so fortunate to be teaching at the same school that my husband and two children attended. I enjoy reading, cooking and watching my children play sports. I am looking forward to the 2013-2014 school year. Missy Darling Grade 1 Hi, I'm Alma Davis, 1st grade teacher at Sudlersville Elementary School. I've been at S.E.S. for twelve years. My first year I taught Kindergarten, and for the last eleven I have taught first grade. I obtained my undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology from Towson University and my graduate degree in Education from Marymount University. In my spare time I love to read. Alma Davis Hi! My name is Stacey Troyer and I am a second grade teacher at SES! This will be my twelfth year teaching and my fourth year here at SES. My husband and I have two children that attend school at SES. My son, Derrick is in third grade this year and my daughter, Gracie is in first grade. I enjoy reading and being at the beach! I am looking forward to a great year! Stacey Troyer Hello! My name is Sarah Eber. This is my fourth year here at Sudlersville Elementary School. I graduated from Salisbury University in 2009. I’m currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology to learn how to better integrate technology into your child’s education! I was born and raised in Queen Anne’s County and so proud to be teaching in the same county that gave me a quality education. I am looking forward to another successful year with your child! Sarah Eber Hello! My name is Kerry Kane. I have been a teacher for 25 years... although ten of those years were spent at home raising my own two children who are now teenagers. I love teaching, but in my spare time I love to spend time with my family, read, golf and be outdoors as much as possible. I can't wait to meet all the new second grade students at SES this year! See you soon! Kerry Kane Grade 2 2 2 2 1 1 1

6 My name is Deirdre Bildstein. This is my 16th year here at SES. I have a Master's Degree in Reading from Salisbury University. I love to read and spend time with my boys. I am very excited to start another great school year here at SES. Deirdre Bildstein Hello from third grade! This is my 13 th year at S.E.S. I love to travel and open “windows on the world” with my students. Parents and community members are most welcome to come and share in our learning. Your experiences and talents enrich and expand our knowledge. My summer fun included a trip to Spain and kayaking in the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. My educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree from Temple University, a Master’s degree from The University of Hong Kong, and a Doctoral degree from Walden University. Mary Leventhal Greetings! Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! My name is Amy Thren and this is my 15 th year at S.E.S! I graduated from Salisbury University in 1999 and obtained my Masters in Reading Instruction from Wilmington University in 2005. I was born and raised in Queen Anne’s County and am a proud product of the school system. I currently live in Millington, with my husband Chris, son Taylor (second grade) and daughter McKenzie (17 months.) I really enjoy working with all the students at our school. Please feel free to contact me anytime! I am looking forward to another fun-filled, successful year here at S.E.S! Amy Thren Grade 3 Hello, my name is Jeanette Settelmaier. This is my 8th year of teaching and my 6th year at SES. I'm looking forward to an exciting new year. I received my undergraduate and Master's degree with a concentration in Reading from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. I grew up in a military family, which means I attended 9 different schools from K-12th grade. In my free time I love playing with my one year old daughter and spending time with my husband. Jeanette Settelmaier Grade 4 My name is Sarah Rosendale, and I am a fourth grade teacher at SES. Formerly a first grade teacher, I look forward to seeing many familiar faces this fall as we begin our classroom journey. I love learning new things, and am currently working on completing a Masters degree in STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). In my free time, I like to read, cook, and spend as much time with my family as possible. Enjoy the remaining warm weather, and I am thrilled to begin a new year with you! Sarah Rosendale 4 3 3 3 4 4 Welcome back to SES. My name is Kelly Embert and I have been here at SES for 18 years. I will be teaching 4th grade this year and am excited to be back in the classroom. I graduated from QACHS and from Wesley College. I have a son in 10th grade and a daughter in 5th grade. Have a great year! Kelly Embert

7 I have enjoyed teaching fourth grade at Sudlersville Elementary for the past seven years, but this year I am making a change. I will be the media specialist and I am so excited. I will be able to work with all the children in the school and see them grow from year to year. I have a master's degree in reading from Wilmington College where I also did my undergraduate courses. Carrie Comegys Media Specialist My name is Cassie Hosler. I have been the art teacher at Sudlersville and Church Hill Elementary Schools for the past 5 years. I am the proud mother of two fantastic boys and have lived in Queen Anne's County for the past 8 years with my husband, children, and dog. Art has always been a passion of mine. I specialize in acrylic painting and watercolor, and also enjoy jewelry making and various crafts. I graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in art and psychology in 1999 and obtained my Art Education Certification in 2006. I am currently pursuing my Masters of Education from University of Maryland, University College. I am looking for an exciting school year, full of creativity, imagination, and creation. We will all Soar together! Cassandra Hosler Art Teacher Christopher Harrison Music Kesley Dean Physical Education Get ready to TUNE in to another MUSICAL year at Sudlersville Elementary School! My name is Christopher Harrison and I am excited to start my sixth year as part of our superb STAFF at SES. Soon we will be out of the RHYTHM of summer and it will be time to come BACH to school. I am looking forward to helping each of you tip the SCALES with success, as we MEASURE our progress through the year. We have SHARP students at our school and I am excited to work with each of you. Take NOTE, when we work together in HARMONY we can all accomplish MAJOR things! So for now, stay out of TREBLE and enjoy the rest of your summer! I am a 2011 graduate of Longwood University where I played Division One Lacrosse and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology; licensed in PK- 12 Health & Physical Education. Before SES I was a School Assistant at Centreville Elementary. I have worked one on one with students with special needs and also as a teacher in the Kindergarten intervention program. Aside from teaching, I am the head lacrosse coach and Player Development Director for a competitive, local club lacrosse team called Shore Kaos. It has always been an intention of mine to return to Queen Anne’s County to teach and give back to my Alma Mater and community. I am thrilled to join the SES team! Lucy McElroy Computer Specialist Hello! My name is Lucy “Cookie” McElroy. I teach Computer Lab (CCC) at Sudlersville Elementary. I am a graduate of Maryland State College which has become University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, MD. I have taught for a number of years in Queen Anne’s County and I am very glad to be teaching at Sudlersville Elementary School. Hi! My name is Suzanne Klein and I am the new part-time art teacher at SES. I am excited to start this new adventure at Sudlersville Elementary School! I attended Delaware State University and received my bachelor's degree in Art Education. Prior to accepting the art position at SES I worked for Very Special Arts of Delaware teaching visual arts to special needs students. I am passionate about art education, I believe everyone is creative, and I will work hard to make every student feel successful in art. In my free time, I love spending time with my husband and three children. I enjoy traveling, going to museums, bowling, reading and creating my own artwork. I am looking forward to a wonderfully creative first year at Sudlersville Elementary School! Suzanne Klein Art Teacher

8 I am looking forward to another year at Sudlersville Elementary School with our students. My name is Phyllis Davis and this will be my 12th year at SES. I have taught Special Education in Anne Arundel County and Prince George’s County for 8 years before moving to the Eastern Shore. I love the staff and the support offered by the Sudlersville community and will be seeing everyone in a few weeks. Phyllis Davis My name is Mrs. Fallon Simpler, special education teacher here at SES. I grew up in Queen Anne’s County and attended Queen Anne’s County public schools. I am still a Queen Anne’s County resident along with my husband and two baby girls. I received my BA degree in Humanities with a concentration in Elementary Education from Washington College and a masters degree in Special Education from Wilmington University. Sudlersville Middle School is where I began my teaching career in 2004 and I was assigned there until 2009. I then made the transition to Sudlersville Elementary School. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and cannot wait for this upcoming school year! Fallon Simpler My name is Matthew Tickler and I have been special educator in Queen Anne’s County for over ten years now. I have worked at Kent Island Elementary and Church Hill Elementary. This year, I’m working at Sudlerville Elementary and Sudlerville Middle. I have earned a bachelor’s degree at Frostburg State University in 1998 and a Master’s at Trinity College in Washington, DC in 2003. I’m a huge fan of the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens. I enjoy attending sporting events, concerts, and going to the movies. My passion is working with students with special needs. I especially enjoy when students have that “Ah ha” moment and seeing the expression on their face when they learn something new. Matt Tickler Hi my name is Sara Clark and I have been a paraprofessional at SES for 24 years.I live in Centreville and I have two daughters and three grandsons. Some of my hobbies are reading, gardening and I love going to the beach.I hope all of you had a great summer and I am looking forward to a new year! Sara Clark Hi, I am Stacey Richardson one of the part-time Math Tutors at SES. I attended The University of Maryland College Park where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education. I have two daughters who attend Queen Anne’s County High School. I have a strong passion for helping others and truly love working with the students at SES. Special Education Stacey Richardson Math Tutor I have worked Queen Anne's County Public Schools for the past 24 years as Special Education Para-professional. I graduated from Chesapeake College with an associates degree in Teacher Education and was nominated by the college for the Distinguished Future Teacher Award. Upon graduation, I was hired by Queen Anne's County Public Schools and spent my first 18 years at Queen Anne's County High School. I transferred to Sudlersville Elementary School 5 years ago and I enjoy working with children having special needs. I currently reside in Barclay with my husband Bob, and my two dogs Yago and Sonya. Toni Davidson Special Education Para-professional

9 Hello! My name is Erlena C. Linthicum. I teach reading at Sudlersville Elementary School. I have taught in Kent County and Prince George’s Counties. I am a graduate of Bowie State College in Bowie, Maryland. I also attended Temple University in Pennsylvania. I enjoy working with the students at SES and doing a variety of activities. Have a great year. Reading Specialist I am Gerri Grimes. I am a reading tutor at SES. I have worked at SES for 15 years. I have also worked as an instructor with the PFY After School Program. This summer I have been hard at work as the Integrated Arts Instructor for the Summer School Program at SES. I have seen many students over the summer, but I look forward to seeing everyone again when the new school year starts. Gerri Grimes Reading Specialist I am Mrs. Barbara Thurber, Reading Specialist at SES. I love SES and am happy to be returning for the 2013- 2014 school year. I look forward to continuing our Literacy Block Program and working together to help each of our students become successful readers who love to read! Barbara Thurber Reading Specialist Erlena Linthicum At the start of my 35 th year, I am looking forward to helping all the SES children and families with math as your Math Specialist. This year we will start a new math series geared toward the Maryland Common Core Standards and attempt to include more STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in our classes through integrated activities. I am very excited that we will be making math relevant to solving everyday problems and mastering our facts in fun and meaningful ways. Look for my monthly column “Math Matters” in this newsletter for ways to help your child in the many domains of math. Terri Gloyd Math Specialist It has been a very busy summer for me and my family. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. As the Parent Coordinator at SES, I am looking forward to another active school year with plenty of parent involvement activities and opportunities. See you in August! Elaine Butler Home School Coordinator My name is Carol Byerly. I am the SES Partnering for Youth After School Program Site Coordinator. I started out at SES as a parent volunteer in 1997. I began working for QACPS in 2000 at Sudlersville Elementary. My previous positions include Assistant Site Coordinator for PFY ASP, Substitute Teacher and Reading Tutor. I am looking forward to the 2013-2014 school year. See you soon! Carol Byerly PFY Site Coordinator PTA OFFICERS 2013-14 President- Annette DiMaggio Vice President-Cara Turner Secretary-April Hammer Treasurer-Tammy Leader SES PTA Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of the Month SPIRIT FRIDAY'S (1 st Fri. of the month) New this year "PRIZE BINGO" Movie Night - Sep. 6 th Prize Bingo - Feb. 7 th Prize Bingo Oct. 4 th Movie Night - Mar 7 th Movie Night-Nov. 8 th Prize Bingo –Apr 11 th Prize Bingo -Dec. 6 th Movie Night - May 7 th Movie Night - Jan. 3 rd -School Store is open every Friday during Lunch - all items are.10 to $1.00 -Fundraising Packet will be sent home Aug. 27th and due on Sept. 6th. -The child that sells the most will receive a Kindle Fire HD from the SES PTA -The classroom that sells the most will receive a Pizza Party or Ice Cream Social -Meet and Greet on Fri. Aug. 23rd the SES PTA will be attending to answer any questions and start our Membership Drive. Cost is $5.00 per person. The child that signs up the most members from each grade will receive a $20 Walmart Gift Card. NEW THIS YEAR!!! We are trying to get more parents involved in the PTA. If a parent attends every PTA meeting (Sept. thru May) they will have a chance to win a KINDLE FIRE HD. If there is more than one parent (and the SES PTA hopes there will be) at the May PTA Meeting, names will go in a drawing. -Oct. 26 th -Trunk or Treat at SES Car Show and evening of fun!!! -Dec. 7 th - Breakfast with Santa, Cookie Walk & Vendors (if you are a vendor or know a vendor and are interested in attending, please contact SES PTA)

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