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Curriculum Update January 2013. What are the big projects? Fall 2013 – Math Common Core Implementation Fall 2014 – English/Language Arts Common Core Implementation.

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1 Curriculum Update January 2013

2 What are the big projects? Fall 2013 – Math Common Core Implementation Fall 2014 – English/Language Arts Common Core Implementation High quality instruction for all students to achieve College and Career Readiness “Keys to Success”

3 2011-122012-132013-142014-15 Implementation of Common Core Math  Created K-9 committee  Created and shared draft of D200 standards  Created K-5 pacing chart  Created K-5 Algebra Vocabulary List  Visited middle school and high school math classes  Pilot K-5 math tools  Create district summative assessments  Create integrity monitoring tool  Design new K-5 report card  Implement math  Have SSC team and school administrators use integrity monitoring tool  Create additional high school math class  Continue to monitor implementation and student achievement  Provide on-going training based on staff identified needs and student data Implementation of Common Core Language Arts  Visited all K-5 classrooms  Created K-2 reading framework  Create D200 standards  Create pacing charts  Analyze what tools and technology are needed  Pilot possible language arts tools  Create summative assessments  Create integrity monitoring tool  Implement Language Arts Provide professional development on integration of technology into classroom teaching  Work with Rod and Beth to create U200 classes with emphasis on technology  Weave technology into common core math and language arts training  Continue development of U200 classes

4 Progress on Common Core Math New Standards for Grades K-7 and Algebra Vocabulary lists completed and soon to be in use K-5 math pilot completed and series chosen Monthly communication and focus on Common Core Mathematical practices Trainings over the summer for key committee members

5 Upcoming Events in Common Core Math Feb 15 – Half day training on good math instruction Mar 1 – Full day training on good math instruction and pacing guides April – Half day training for K-5 on how to grade math May – K-5 meeting on new materials New assessments in May

6 English/Language Arts Common Core Freshman/Sophomore Common Core is being piloted now K-9 Committee created Standards have been reviewed and are being placed in pacing guides Common vocabulary lists are in draft form Observed all Middle School Language Arts Classes Interviewed 142 middle school students

7 Instructional Tech My Learning Plan implemented U200 courses created with technology Instructional Tech news shared through newsletter Review of new electives with focus on technology

8 New Elementary Report Card Moving to Trimesters in Fall 2013 Moving to Standards Based – Math in Fall 2013 – English/Language Arts in Fall 2014

9 Instructional Improvements at the Elementary Level Established minimum times for elementary math and literacy Worked with elementary teams to create school wide schedules to better utilize resources to meet student needs Gave reading intervention decisions back to elementary schools Created reading frameworks for Grades K-5 More local assessments on line

10 Instructional Improvements at the Middle School Level Created new school wide instructional teams Implemented posting learning targets Implemented electives with more emphasis on academic rigor and 21 st Century Skills Increased emphasis on data Reworking ELL service delivery Creating Grade 6-8 Reading Framework

11 Instructional Improvements at the High School Level Created times and structure for teams to meet on essential learning standards Creating common finals with emphasis on performance standards and 21 st century skills Closer alignment between both schools Discontinued use of R level classes Providing targeted intervention

12 Trainings August 2012 – Over 190 K-8 school improvement team members for full day September 2012 – 73 High school facilitators trained for full day November – 210 elementary staff trained on K-2 Framework January 2013 – 270 elementary staff trained on Grade 3-5 Framework

13 Communication Data Reviews Faith on a Cart Monthly Curriculum Updates

14 Fun Facts Since August – 743 staff members have participated in trainings other than committee work for a total of 2298 hours of professional development (all outside the school day) By May, 880 staff will have math training (7200 hours) We currently have over 240 staff on district committees

15 Fun Facts continued Due to the math minute change at grades 1-5 at the elementary level, each student is getting 15 minutes more of daily math instruction (45 more hours a year!) ADK expanded to 12 of the 13 schools this year and 85 more students are in an additional half day of kindergarten this year over last year

16 Big Thank You District 200 Staff – Dedicated – Knowledgeable – Collaborative – Open to Change

17 What’s Next? Next Committee of the Whole – Professional Learning Communities Progress Results of Staff survey

18 Questions?

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