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SysAid Internal Campaign Strategies: IT’s That Simple and IT Works!

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1 SysAid Internal Campaign Strategies: IT’s That Simple and IT Works!
Aug. 2009

2 On the Agenda: Learn how to promote SysAid internally
Raise awareness about SysAid Show your colleagues how to use it Clarify the benefits of an easy yet powerful helpdesk solution SysAid works for you! Get started with tips, tricks, and simple tools Learn from other success stories worldwide Plan your first steps Print – right here, right now! – SysAid office decorations Present a slide-show to your colleagues … we’ve created it for you!

3 Objectives: Benefits: The SysAid Internal Campaign will help you:
Improve your efficiency Reduce workload and phone calls and limit redundancy Show your users what you do for them Get the appreciation you deserve The goals of the SysAid Internal Campaign are to: Prepare members of your staff for a seamless transition to SysAid Promote SysAid usage among all members of your organization Engage your users for a more effective and successful SysAid experience Create an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm Pump up your efforts with fun and attractive promotional products

4 Why an Internal Campaign?
Research shows that when all organizational members are involved in change processes, your chances for success are significantly improved. Although streamlining IT processes can be challenging, the SysAid Internal Campaign provides immediate results to ensure an effective and positive SysAid experience in your organization. What? A SysAid promotion to increase awareness, encourage usage, and create enthusiasm Who? Every member of your organization When? Newcomer? Veteran? Either way - now is the time to take it to the next level Where? Your organization Why? Many reasons! The performance of your IT departments depend on a unified commitment to SysAid End-users appreciate and trust the IT department when: They know their service requests are being handled Their problems are taken seriously They are kept up-to-date on the status of their requests How? Read on to learn about … 10 tips for a successful Internal Campaign

5 Tip #1: Get your Management on Board
If you are to implement a successful Internal Campaign, you must have the support of your managers. The earlier the better! What tactics have other IT professionals found successful? Demonstrate SysAid’s cost-effectiveness Explain how much time SysAid saves Emphasize how SysAid improves the following: Service quality Time and project management Resource allocation Emphasize the importance of education for end-users

6 Tip #2: Educate Your Colleagues
Download the SysAid presentation for your Internal Campaign! Show your users what SysAid is all about Brand it: you may add your logo to make it yours Customize it as you see fit or simply “plug and play” The SysAid Revolution is Here! Your Life Just Got Easier!

7 Tip #3: 4 Quick Steps to Kick Off Your Campaign
Instead of investing time-consuming energy in office-to-office personal sessions, create momentum by gathering everyone for a festive event Jumpstart your campaign with an Send a “Save the Date” message for the SysAid Key Note Use SysAid logo and your logo in this (A designed PDF would be nice) Add a screenshot to get them more familiar with SysAid right from the start Brand your office – Posters, balloons and streamers (Green would do the job!) Give a Key Note Lecture - Show the presentation, share your insights, and discuss benefits Explain the process – Demonstrate how quick and easy SysAid is for everyone

8 Tip #4: Add a SysAid Image to Your Email Signature
“I have added a SysAid image and reminder to my signature so that every time I send an internal , staff are reminded to use it to submit service requests.” Cheri Ellis, NWLC

9 Tip #5: Make your own SysAid keyboard stickers
Accessing the End-User Portal has never been so intuitive!

10 Tip #6: Decorate your office with SysAid Posters – Print as is or brand them with your own logo!
Printing Files: Butterfly / Chess/ Coffee / Watermelon Ice cream / Light Bulb / Umbrella / Flower


12 Tip #7: Recognize Your Cooperative Colleagues: The SysAid Achievement Diploma
When your colleagues use SysAid, thank them for their participation with a bit of humour. Entered a Service Request? Way to go! Here’s your diploma! Believe it or not, it works... “This actually started as a little joke in the IT department, but it was a huge success for getting people to report their problems in SysAid instead of trying to phone or mail first.” Morten Braüner, IT - SysAid Administrator, Elstock A/S Use the template on the following slide to customize your own SysAid Achievement Diplomas!

13 The submission of a service request via SysAid
Achievement Diploma This certificate is hereby awarded to _____________________________________ for excellence in The submission of a service request via SysAid Congratulations! Your company logo here ______________ Signed ______________ Date

14 Tip #8: Keep your Colleagues Informed: Display Stats
Not only will members of your organization stay up-to-date with the performance of your organization, but they will also learn about the impressive monitoring, analysis, and tracking tools SysAid has to offer. “I started to use the Reporting Tool in SysAid to export data to Excel, and made some graphs and statistics to hang up”. Morten Braüner, IT - SysAid Administrator, Elstock A/S

15 Tip # 9: Give people what they like: Internal Campaign Merchandise
To execute a successful Internal Marketing Campaign, create your own promotional products designed especially for your employees. After all, people love goodies! Here’s one idea: Stickers for the screen frame will help raise your users’ awareness. Go ahead – print these out!

16 Tip #10: Measure the Impact!
With SysAid Internal Campaign, getting results is doable and moreover, measurable! An increase in the number of Service Requests indicates that your campaign worked See an increase in the number of Service Requests submitted via the End-User Portal

17 Other Veteran SysAiders Say: IT’s That Simple and IT Works!
“After explaining what SysAid does – how it lets you keep track of service requests, send an automatic screenshot, document the problem for further reference, use the Knowledgebase and so on – users are motivated to help us in order to help themselves. In addition, if a user comes along and tries to submit a “drive-by” service request, I politely remind them that we have this superb tool which they can use for entering such requests. Our users now use only SysAid to submit service requests to the IT department.” “With my management’s support, I was able to show how easy SysAid is to use. The feedback has been absolutely fantastic – they think it’s an amazing system.” Sarit Hershkovitz, Help Desk Manager, IT Division, CBC - Coca-Cola Israel Sven Nosse, System Administrator Ebro Electronic, Germany

18 Have any success stories?
Feel inspired? Please share your ideas, suggestions, and comments. We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at: Thank You and Good Luck!

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