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Report Prepared for Envision Presented by: Kristen Vargas Rossana Figuera Yinka Osidein.

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1 Report Prepared for Envision Presented by: Kristen Vargas Rossana Figuera Yinka Osidein

2 This report gives detailed information of business solutions designed to meet the specific needs of your organization. We have completed the design of an integrated business communication and project management solutions utilizing the latest technologies. Business cards, letterheads and envelops emblazoned with the Envision corporate logo. These are specially produced using Print Studio to ensure consistency and a strong brand identity for Envision. Customized presentation software tools to enhance the quality of sales and other corporate presentation. MS Power Point has been used because of its simplicity and rich graphics. Project Companion 2003 which is compatible with Ms Access platform has been use to build and design a fully functional database management system. As for project and time management, templates using MS Project has been created to ensure efficient tracking and use of resources. Newsletter templates built with Newsletter Publisher which gives clients a positive impression of Envision has been added to your business and marketing communication capabilities. Executive Summary

3 Objectives Envision is currently in the process of automatization and computerization of their environment. Our key objective is to build fully functional efficiencies. To provide several tools to automate and computerize Envision’s environment. To provide computerized storage and communication methods

4 Your Logo: Is important the way you are viewed by your customers, it means the difference between success and failure. It gives your customers and prospects an easy way of remembering your company. This Logo is an important factor for customers to buy your products or services. We created the logo with your company name “Envision” in a blend of green colors with a black background to stand out the name. Giving the company a professional look with a mixture of fun and creativity. Strategies and Development

5 Your World Wide presence: Your Business will market its services by having a presence in the Web. We had developed a Home page that we know will fit with business needs.

6 This Web page will have links to information about Envision, its products, new releases, as well as demos that can be downloaded; therefore, your customers will have the opportunity to experience a free trial of your products. The Web page also will have a newsletter and subscription section, so that your customers and possible customers can sign in, giving you the facility to update and increase your database. Finally, a contact us link that will have information about your different locations in Canada as well as in United States, with phone numbers and e- mail addresses.

7 Stationary: Print Studio Your business card represents you and your business. It is your calling card. It should speak positively about you long after you have first given it away. We used Print Studio that is an easy tool to make sure your card is attractive and appealing.

8 Print Studio maintains database in Microsoft Access format. However, it allows importing database from any of the following formats: Microsoft Access Database, Text File, Comma Separated Values, Tab Delimited Values, Excel Spreadsheet, Lotus 1- 2-3 Spreadsheet, External Database (such as ACT, FoxPro, etc. with CSV export support)

9 This same program was used to create your envelopes, because your business card should also be compatible with all your other stationery including your envelopes for when you are putting a presentation together.

10 Another important and easy to use tool is Publisher. With this tool, we have created your letterhead template. With this template your communication will be professional. Newsletter Publisher:

11 We also used this program to create your web-based newsletter that can be accessed by Envision’s customers and prospects. Publisher uses a ‘Mail Merge’ feature that lets you print individual, personalized copies of certain Publisher documents, with mail address information individually printed for each client.

12 Newsletter

13 We decided to use your template for this presentation to give you a better idea of how your own presentations will look. MS Power Point Presentations are important in today’s business environment. It is and important tool of communication thus it has to be properly executed. This is a rich graphic and presentation that will enhance your sales and business presentation. Its simplicity will let your customers and prospects focus on the content of your presentation. It also keeps the colors that represent your company as well as your logo on the top of the page.

14 Project Management Process MS Project used to illustrate the planning and execution of a typical project. This software enables detailed planning and efficient resource allocation.

15 Database Form to invoice clients and track Projects A unique feature of project Companion is that it allows for invoicing and tracking of projects. An easy to use invoicing system that brings efficiency to your entire project management process. We decided to use a white background to avoid eye fatigue to Envision’s users of this program.

16 Physical Diagram of Envision Database A well-organized database management system that makes tracking of activities easy. All data collected are saved in this system.

17 Results The implementation of this communication tools will be significant for your needs. These tools will help Envision automate and computerize its business environment. In addition, they will improve your communication with your clients and prospects. Therefore, making your company ready for action in this competitive environment.

18 Thank You! Your Solution Enterprise Solutions Corporation e-mail: E.S.C.

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