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TLI - Training on HPL (High Performance Leadership)

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1 TLI - Training on HPL (High Performance Leadership)
By Eastside Leaders Toastmasters

2 Agenda HPL Overview - 15 min Panel Discussion on HPL – 20 min
Kent Breidenstein ACS, CL / George Barnes CC Panel Discussion on HPL – 20 min Jaclynn Hiranaka CC Panelists Helen Carothers DTM Kumar Kannadiapalayam DTM Nancy Walsh CC Closing – 5 min

3 Why HPL? Developing Leadership Skills
Improving Project Management Skills Developing Strategies and Team Building Providing Community Service Fulfilling Toastmasters’ ALS Requirements

4 What Is An HPL Project? Community or Toastmasters Projects Requiring
Specific Goals and Timeframe Advance Planning, Tracking, Execution Leading/Organizing a Team Producing Lessons Learned

5 7 Steps To An HPL Select a Project Recruit a Guidance Committee
Select Action Team Finalize and Present Goals, Success Criteria, Timeframe and Action Plan Work the Plan and Complete Project Present Results/Lessons Learned to TM Submit Evaluation to TI

6 Examples of HPL Project
Organize Community Fair on May 1st Goal: 20 sponsors, 50 vendors, 1000 attendees Form a Teen CERT in March 2013 Goal: Train 20 teens on Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Conduct a Blood Drive in Feb 2013 Goal: 200 donors in 2 days Conduct District Conference Goal: 200 attendees, 8 training sessions, Breakeven Coach a Toastmasters Club Goal: Add 6 new members, 5 DCP goals by June 2013

7 NOT a Candidate for HPL Bike from Seattle to New York some day – Time is not specific Achieve Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) in 6 months – Does not involve coordinating a team

8 Committees/Teams Guidance Committee Action Team 1 or More Members
One Active Toastmaster Member (preferably, who has completed an HPL) Action Team People on Your Team Interested in the Project

9 Status Checks Meet with Action Team and Guidance Committee (together or separately), Periodically Review Progress, Issues/Risks, Dependencies Define next steps to achieve goals

10 Resources HPL Manual -
Guidance Committee Handbook - HPL Project Ideas - HPL Questions – ELTM - VP Education

11 TLI - Training on HPL (High Performance Leadership)
By Eastside Leaders Toastmasters

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