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Federal Aviation Administration Data Communications Program DCIT Update MEM ATCT DCL Trials To:DCIT Plenary From: Matt Maki Date: 09.26.2012.

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1 Federal Aviation Administration Data Communications Program DCIT Update MEM ATCT DCL Trials To:DCIT Plenary From: Matt Maki Date: 09.26.2012

2 Federal Aviation Administration Agenda DTAP Development Status: -DTAP Development/Milestone Deliveries -Trials OT&E Results -DTAP PTR Status MEM DTAP Equipment Installation Status On-going/Completed Trials Activities Status: -Trials FTI/ISSM Provisioning -DTAP Certification -Trials FDIO Test NCP -MEM Training and Procedures

3 Federal Aviation Administration DTAP Development Status

4 Federal Aviation Administration DTAP Milestone Deliveries SE2020 Contract Deliverables/DTAP Development On-going: -B2 DTAP currently undergoing Functional Testing in FAATC Data Comm lab -Boeing/Airbus and WJHTC bench avionics being utilized for the testing -B1 Regression testing part of current B2 testing -B3 (UM80, Domestic DB) scheduled for 10/1 delivery -Current B2 HIGH level PTRs fixed -B4 (FDIO) scheduled for 10/23 delivery -B5 (UM83, **UM79 Initial) scheduled for Nov. delivery -Working on Thales to provide this delivery sooner -Actual Baseline/functionality deliveries being finalized with the FAA CO and ITT

5 Federal Aviation Administration OT&E Testing – PTR Status OT&E Testing Successfully Completed (Sept 11-13): -Very positive feedback from participating MEM/EWR controllers (3 from each site) -ATL controllers did not attend (human resource constrained) -Multiple hands on test scenarios provided to each controller -Test Data/feedback documented for review and action -CHI change request coming out of the testing -MITRE Report created DTAP Functional PTR Documentation: -PTRs categorized as High, Medium, Low status -Weekly review of open PTRs with Thales -Current B2 High Level PTRs planning for fix in B3

6 Federal Aviation Administration DTAP Test and MEM Trials Timeline

7 DCL Trials – MEM Timeline (updated: 9/14/2012) pDTAP and Update pDTAP / HADDS vin box test pDTAP / HADDS via FNTB Failover / Rev # test pDTAP / HADDS / CSP Interface via FNTB + bench Avionics pDTAP (applicable reqs/VRTM) testing with bench avionics pDTAP testing via Boeing + Airbus air labs PTR fixes / regression Test Cases document final pDTAP Quick Look Report Sept 17 OT&E Sept 10-14 SAT at MEM Nov 12 Trials Start MEM Training Tech Center DTAP E-E Functional Testing DTAP 1&2 setup/prep Dry Run & Prep Conduct Controller OT (Prep / Dry Run & Conduct) System test case / bench avionics + TC aircraft System test case / Boeing air lab System test case / Airbus air lab System test case / DCIT aircraft Error conditions / failover PTR fixes / regression 8/23/1012: Security Assessment Regression with B2 (in lab) Regression with B3 (Oct 1 in lab) Regression with B4 (Oct 23 in lab) DTAP Test Report Install & checkout MEM / FDX Training SAT sub_test cases final SAT sub_test cases functional testing/ FedEx aircraft E-E Operational scenarios based on DCIT doc / Live aircraft Error conditions / failover in field 9/27/1012: Security Assessment Regression with B4 (in lab & in field) SAT Test Report May 10 (B1) Aug 17 Aug 22Sept 7Sept 14 DCL & AFN attempt with DCIT aircraft pre-arranged event # 1 (Aug 28, 29 & 30) AFN and CPDLC connect with Boeing event (July 31, Aug 3, 7, 11) Video crew @ Tech Center event (Sept. 13) (B2) Sept 3 (B3) Oct 1 (B5) Nov 30 (B1) = CAF, Revised DCLs other than route, CHI, AFN (B2) = Adds UM79, AOC DC (no ack) (B3) = Adds UM80, AOC DC ACK (B5) = Adds UM83 AFN and CPDLC connect with Airbus event (Aug 6-8) Oct 29 – Nov 10 Video crew @ MEM event (Sept. 24) Controllers early look & feel (Aug. 29) Func. Regression & Operational OT&E SAT Oct 15-25 (B4) Oct 23 DTAP 2 setup/install&ch eckout @ MEM (B4) = Adds FIDO AFN, DCL, Revisions with DCIT aircraft event # 2 (Sept. 25, 26 & 27)

8 Federal Aviation Administration MEM DTAP Installation Results

9 Federal Aviation Administration DTAP 17” Display Installed at MEM

10 Federal Aviation Administration DTAP Pre-Installation Work – Conducted Week of 8/28 150’ Conduit for FDIO FiberBasement and 12 th Fl Fiber Converters

11 Federal Aviation Administration DTAP Installed in 12 th Fl Rack (9/17) UPS UNITS DTAP Servers DTAP PCs CWP/Maint Display/Keyboard DTAP FDIO Serial Converters DTAP[ Switches CAT5 cables to be replaced with shorter cables

12 Federal Aviation Administration On-Going/Completed Trials Activities

13 Federal Aviation Administration Trials FTI/ISSM Provisioning Update Two physical circuits installed at MEM (9/6 – see next slide): -Trials team installed all Fiber/CAT6 to FTI demarc (8/28) Circuits cannot be Activated until ISSM Trials Authorization package approved and FTI paperwork complete: -ISSM to MEM for testing 9/27 -Final authorization completion planned in early October -Circuit activation challenge date mid-Oct -All ISSM requested documentation sent for review 9/17 FTI Operations paperwork/approvals being worked on parallel ISSM track: -DC PO/NEMC MOA (Data Comm PM signing pending) -IP SUP form processing – network configuration work -CSP coordination for connectivity

14 Federal Aviation Administration Dual FTI 128k Trials Telco Installed

15 Federal Aviation Administration DTAP Certification DTAP requires Tech Ops certification: -FTI activation approval can’t proceed until certification parameters documented -Tech Ops officials to meet with DC PO and Thales on 9/26 to review DTAP functionality and certification of service procedures -Draft Operator Manual/Cert Procedure complete for review -Final documentation challenge completion date early Oct

16 Federal Aviation Administration Trials FDIO Test NCP Additional Test NCP submitted : -Create a MEM FDIO/PCRCU Echo Port for DTAP to filter out Rev # data -CMRT baselined – NAS CCB assignment pending

17 Federal Aviation Administration MEM Training and Procedures MEM Training and Procedures complete: -Basis for OT&E last week -MEM DTAP Training scheduled Oct 29–Nov 10, 2012 SAT scenario/procedures development on-going: -MEM SAT on track for mid/late-Oct -SAT dependent on FTI activation

18 Federal Aviation Administration Questions ? KMEM

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