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Arduino Guitar Pedal Ian Andal IME 458 Dr. Pan.

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1 Arduino Guitar Pedal Ian Andal IME 458 Dr. Pan

2 Agenda Introduction How it works: Manufacturing Process
PCB Schematic Input Pre-amp Stage Arduino Digital Signal Processing Mixer/Output Stage Manufacturing Process Finished Project Results

3 Introduction Goal of this project is to replicate an Instructables project, the Arduino Guitar Pedal The Arduino Guitar Pedal is a low-fidelity (lo-fi), multi-effects digital guitar pedal with an Arduino Uno acting as the digital signal processor

4 Schematic

5 PCB Layout


7 Input Pre-amp Stage The guitar signal goes into the circuit via J1 connector and goes to the TL082 IC (U2) at pin 5 for amplification R18 ,R14, and C5 makes the op-amp act as an active low- pass filter. R2 and R9 create a voltage divider to set the reference voltage of 4.5V for the non- inverting inputs of the op- amps.

8 Arduino Digital Signal Processing
R23 scales the amplified guitar signal and that signal is AC couple to a resistor divider through C9. The resistor divider shifts the DC level of the guitar signal to around 0.5V The analog-to-digital converter samples the signal via A0 pin for signal processing

9 Mixer/Output Stage The Arduino creates pulse- width modulated signals that go through C7 for mixing The pulse-width modulated signals and the clean guitar signal mix in via the second op-amp in the TL082 IC (U2) This amplified mixed signal goes out to the guitar amp via AC coupling through C3 and the J3 connector.

10 Design Process All through-hole components
Circuit mainly consists of resistors, capacitors, and through-hole pads for wires to connect to Easier assembly process

11 Finished Project

12 Results Guitar pedal functioned as expected; played various programmed guitar effects Low quality or lagging in performance for certain effects due to: Memory limitations of the Arduino Bit resolution of the ADC Could not fit all the contents into the case due to my miscalculations on the physical dimensions of the PCB and the components

13 Reference More information on the Instructable for the Arduino Guitar Pedal can be found here: Guitar-Pedal/

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