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2 Features of Inver type Air-conditioners 1.Energy saving --- Part load COP > Full load COP --- 2. Comfort operation 3. Quiet operation 4. Caring for the Environment --- R410A ---

3 Set Temperature ON OFF 1. Conventional unit (Constant speed compressor) Operation pattern ON-OFF operation energy loss (1) Inrush current (2) Re-evaporation of condensed water from the heat exchanger

4 2. Inverter unit (Variable speed compressor) Operation pattern Set Temperature 2-1. Heat load balance 2-2. Heat load unbalance or change of heat balance (1) No ON-OFF operation energy loss (1) Min ON-OFF operation energy loss (2) No inrush current Set Temperature

5 5 Inverter Series MICRO 7.1kW (3HP) ~ 25.0kW (10HP) X X X

6 Hyper Inverter,Hi EER

7 F D C 140 V N X For example, Power source N: 1 phase / S: 3 phase Symbol for inverter model for PAC Capacity code (14.0kW) Symbol for outdoor unit Symbol for split PAC Model Name X hyper,Hi EER /- micro series

8 Model Name Capacity (kW/HP) Power Source FDC71VNX7.1 / 3 1 phase 220-240V 50Hz / 220V 60Hz Model Name Capacity (kW/HP) Power Source FDC100VN/VS10.0 / 4 N: 1 phase 220-240V 50Hz / 220V 60Hz S: 3 phase 380-450V 50Hz / 380V 60Hz FDC125VN/VS12.5 / 5 FDC140VN/VS14.0 / 6 Model Name Capacity (kW/HP) Power Source FDC200VS20.0 / 8 3 phase 380-450V 50Hz / 380V 60Hz FDC250VS25.0 / 10 Outdoor Unit : FDCVN / VS Rotary Scroll

9 Reciprocating Rotary Scroll Screw 1.0 1.1 0.9 0.8 0.7 1.0101000.2 Comparison data based on the data of 1kw Reciprocating compressor adiabatic efficiency assumed 1.0 Rotary Reciprocating Scroll Screw Turbo 50HP 20HP 100HP 40 100HP 6HP 5 8-10HP 4-6HP Twin Rotary Compressor: 1 3 4

10 Indoor Unit :

11 - 4-way Ceiling Cassette FDT- Industry Leading COP all models cleared CLASS A For European countries Indoor Unit : FDT

12 "New" Design Ceiling cassette -4way- type According to room temperature conditions, air flow in four direction can be individually controlled by four flaps. Current New New air outlet design brings sufficient air flow and long of air flow throw is realized. 1-1: Individual flap control system Ceiling Cassette : FDT

13 # Thin height Current Newly designed of heat exchanger changed from 2 separate assemblies to 1 single assembly, the height of indoor unit was reduced drastically. # High efficiency New design brings, - Reduction of air flow pressure loss (=Decrease of Fan motor load) Using high efficient piping, high performance heat exchanger, - Increase in heat transfer efficiency Efficiency is increased by 30% !! 1-2 : Compact but High COP Ceiling Cassette : FDT

14 Easy checking of drain pan condition by removing corner lid only 3. Joint stopper Workability is improved by applying temporally joint stopper for panel. Checking from access ports with detachable covers at each corner without removing a panel 1-3 : Installation workability 2. Easy checking of drain pan 1. Arrangement of installation balance of indoor unit Ceiling Cassette : FDT

15 * Air flow can reach at floor from 5m height ceiling by an arrangement on site by installer. 1-4 : Air outlet flow Powerful and long reach air flow Applicable to the high ceiling room* 3.5 5.0 Ceiling Cassette : FDT

16 - Ceiling Suspended - Indoor Unit : FDE

17 1-1 : Installation workability 1-2 : Compact & Thin

18 1-3 : Airflow Direction (1) Easy setting from remote controller (2) Selection of the movable range

19 - Duct connected - Indoor Unit : FDUM

20 1-1 : Selectable static pressure 1-2 : High head Drain Pump

21 Optional Kits Option NameModel nameUsageRemark Remote Controller Adapter SC-BIK1-E Connect with wired remote controller for RAC for SRK**ZG-S, to connect RC-E1R SC-BIKN-E for SRK**ZHX & ZIX-S to connect RC-E3 Superlink Adapter SC-AD-ER Connect Wired PAC & RAC with Superlink for 3-wire remote controller unit SC-ADN-E for 2-wire remote controller unit Remote Sensor SC-THB-E3 Change to the remote sensor from original intake air temp sensor for all new indoor unit (KX6,PAC)

22 22 Superlink Network Structure with PAC & RAC KX6 Series SC-SL2N-E SC-SL1N-E RAC series (SRK50/60ZHX-S) SuperlinkNetwork (Superlink II) SC-BIKN-E SC-ADN-E

23 Connections with Wired Remote Controllers ModelsInterface Wired Remote Controller SRK63/71ZE-S1 Not Required RC-E1 SRK63/71HE-S1 SKM60/71ZG-S SRRM, STM SRK20~50ZG-S SC-BIK1-E SKM20~50ZG-S SRK50~60ZHX-S SC-BIKN-ERC-E3 SRK20~60ZIX-S Wired Remote Controllers Can Be Connected ModelsInterface Wired Remote Controller SRK50~60ZHX-SSC-BIKN-E & SC-ADN-E RC-E3 SRK20~60ZIX-S Can Be Connected Into Superlink-II SC-BIKN-E RC-E3 SC-ADN-E Superlink II Network

24 24 Remote Sensor SC-THB-E3 105 54 25 70 …… Cable 8m Dimension (H×W×D) 70 X 25 X 15 mm Color Ivory White Accessory Parts Sensor box Cable, Tape, Band Screw, Installation manual Intake air temp sensor being selectable from indoor side of RC. Change to cable connection from the original intake air temp sensor. √ For installation to most suitable position for checking the indoor temp √ For Remote controller less project Benefits Exterior

25 Thank you for your attention!!


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