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Inmarsat Aeronautical Communications

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1 Inmarsat Aeronautical Communications
Presentation to: 3rd Annual San Diego Regional Security Conference Panel 2: Data Integrity – In Transit and at Rest 14 September 2010

2 Inmarsat – Mobile Communications : Safe, Reliable, Proven
31 years of market, technical and regulatory experience Established in 1979 as an IGO for safety at sea communications Privatized 1999; IPO 17 June 2005 on London Stock Exchange (ISAT) Inmarsat owns, controls and manages a network of 11 geostationary satellites Trusted provider of worldwide voice and data satellite communications for government mobile users Proven reliability in safety communications, Aero CNS/ATM, disaster responses, coalition operations, and VIP communications >100 years life in orbit with no operational failure 99.99% average recorded satellite and network availability More than 400,000 registered BGAN terminals deployed worldwide DOD is our largest customer

3 Inmarsat Aeronautical Communication Services
Aero Service Description Coverage Voice/Fax Data C Messaging and data reporting service; store and forward Global n/a 600 bps H Compliant with Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) for Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Services (AMSS) of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). Multi-channel Voice and fax Up to 9.6 kbps H+ Evolution of H services Global & Regional Spot Beams Multi- channel Voice and fax Up to 4.8 kbps I 600 – 4.8 kbps L Real-time, two-way data communications capability Up to 1.2 kbps Mini-M Low acquisition/operations cost solution for small general aviation Regional Spot Beams Single Voice/Fax Channel Swift64 Designed to meet the communications needs of passengers, cabin crew and pilots in airliners, corporate and government aircraft. Multi-channel voice and fax Up to 64 kbps per channel Swift Broadband Aeronautical implementation of Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) Narrow Spot Beams Voice and Fax (multiple voice channels using VoIP) Up to 432 kbps standard IP & 128 kbps per streaming channel E & E Services

4 E&E Aeronautical Services Coverage

5 SwiftBroadband Coverage

6 Swift64 Services Voice at 4.8kbps ISDN services
64kbps Speech - for high quality voice calls 64kbps 3.1 kHz audio - for analogue data 64kbps UDI data - for ISDN data applications Mobile Packet Data Service for cost-effective transmission of packet data Currently deployed on UAS as backup communications link

7 BGAN Family of Services: One Device, Two Networks

8 SwiftBroadband Services
Messaging Circuit Switched Packet Switched Additional Services SMS AMBE+2 Voice (4kbps) 64kbps Streaming Standard 3.1kHz Audio ISDN UDI ISDN RDI 8kbps 32kbps 128kbps 16kbps 64kbps X-Stream

9 Product Specifications

10 SwiftBroadband Avionics
All major avionics suppliers are developing SwiftBroadband avionics Extension to ARINC 741 and 761 systems Smaller lighter ARINC 781 systems A choice of SwiftBroadband equipment All will have Aero safety services Weight/power for a two-channel installation (Including antenna and classic aero services) 110 lbs / 200 watts ARINC 781 single box SB avionics Major Manufacturers include: EMS Honeywell Rockwell Collins Thales Chelton

11 Network Infrastructure - Information Assurance
SwiftBroadband uses enhanced 3G security protocols defined by 3GPP ( SwiftBroadband uses: Kasumi algorithm for ciphering over the satellite link Integrity protection for signaling between the User Terminal and the Radio Access Network (RAN) Private key mutual authentication SIM card/PIN number physical authentication Satellite control protected by NSA Type 1 Caribou encryption Network Firewalls installed in the SAS/border gateways Link encryption may be applied across the DCN End-to-end encryption can be applied at the application layer transparent to the services

12 What Inmarsat brings to UAS/UAVs
Reliable service Real time, toll quality voice for remote pilots Worldwide connectivity Proven, trusted partner for DOD and NATO allies Relevant, flexible form factor for terminals Transition path to higher capacity Meeting requirements for highly reliable backup communications; real time voice communications and where range exceeds existing comms coverage

13 Next Generation MSS: Global Xpress
Inmarsat recently announced plans for fifth generation constellation to augment 4th generation L-band BGAN network I-5 is a strategic move into the Ka-band for next-generation Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) Boeing will build the satellites and partner in commercialization Key features of the new Global Xpress network include: Seamless, global coverage & end-to-end ground network Augments and compliments Inmarsat’s BGAN services System capacity and bandwidth step-changes for end users >25 Gbps = exponential improvement in system capacity ~ 50 Mbps in forward direction and ~5 Mbps in return direction to 60cm antenna Near term launch – CSI Q4 2013; global fleet Q4 2014

14 For additional information:
Jack Deasy Aeronautical sector lead for UAS/UAVs 1101 Connecticut Ave, NW Washington, DC 20036 Mobile: Inmarsat confidential

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