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Upgrade and Reconfiguration ATC Lasham

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1 Upgrade and Reconfiguration ATC Lasham

2 Intro to ATC Film Clip

3 About ATC ATC provides scheduled and unscheduled heavy maintenance for the Boeing and Airbus families of aircraft. With10 bays across our two sites at Lasham and Southend. New Engine facility at Hounslow. Were using M3 7.1 o 150 Users o PC based system for recording engineers time o Printing and photocopying task card packs to issue o Pre-printed stationary for Non Routine Cards

4 Prior to Upgrade Modifications Only processing materials No use of Learning Accelerator o Very limited training of staff

5 Why Upgrade Unable to load fixes – had to pay Infor Re-launch M3 o Business Ownership Everything was M3’s fault o Hangar involvement Future Support Rising list of issues Replace pc based hours recording system Smart Office Increase M3 Foot print – Hours and Planning o Better to do in latest version of M3

6 User Group Reference Visit o Canada Kelowna Flightcraft - using M3 for time and materials recording User sub Group o Meeting in Sweden Several Aviation Group customers Understand common enhancements o Open and informative discussion with Infor Product Development

7 Project Structure Steering Committee Project Manager Jeffery Legg Process Owners KPIT Jayesh Menon Consultant Joe Walker Infor PM Fergus Cross Monthly Dashboard RAID + Progress & Budget Monthly Newsletter to all staff Group IT/IS Manager Ian Jones

8 How the upgrade was planned Roadmap for overall timings o Clear objectives and goals o Helped with Communication Split the upgrade into Phases o Phase kick off o Phase closure before next one starts Detail Plan each Phase o Clear task ownership

9 Roadmap for ATC Clear Existing Issues Q3 12 Q1 13 Q4 12 H2 2013 Q2 13 Knowledge Transfer Deploy Learning Accelerator Demanding SEN 10.1 Upgrade Smart Office Log Hours Worked & Change to WO structure SW Inst Business Intelligence Boot Camp MRO course M3 Day Key User & User Training ATC Sign Off Process Improvements Key User Testing FST Go Live

10 Upgrade Phases Phase 1 Create 10.1 Test Scripts Need for 1 st Test Boot Camp Lawson Lead 10.1 environment Available for ATC Phase 2 enhance and test ATC Lead 1 st UAT database 2nd UAT database Key Users Trained Test Scripts Used Test Scripts Used Refine and improve processes e.g. hours recording FST dbFinal go live db Train Users ATC Lead Go Live 31 March Final Test, User Training & GO Live Test Scripts Used copy of 7.1 database Process Owners Trained

11 Phase 1 Stabilise o Reduce outstanding issues Sort into pre and post upgrade priorities Project Kick Off Education o Process Owners Boot Camp MRO Workshop Write test scripts Test current processes in 10.1 o Gap Analysis

12 Phase 2 Reconfigure to accommodate labour recording o Time consuming but essential o Testing o Documenting o Each Process Owner had detail issue list to work with Training of Key Users o First pass with LA Test under 10.1 o LA used to produce and record results of testing

13 Phase 3 Train Users o LA plus class room sessions Full Scale Test o Used a previous aircraft check to bench mark figures Cut Over o Detail Cut Over Plan hour by hour o Verification Tests o Progressive introduction of new method into hangar bays – as new aircraft arrived

14 Result A great team to build on for the future No modifications Trained staff Training Materials Test Scripts Labour being recorded 1 hour late handing back to Users on 18 month time frame

15 Standard MOS 195

16 Smart Office MOS 195 From/To removed Reg no/site removed Change Text Calls to other programs Status now descriptive Calls to reports

17 Loading Task Cards

18 Communications Newsletter – monthly Group Manager Briefings Weekly Process Owner Meetings Monthly Steering Committee Meetings Sitting in the Lion’s Den – crew chief briefings Walking the floor

19 Education and Training We were putting together a team, we were only going to be as good as the team so we invested in them: o Boot Camp (3days) o MRO Workshop (2 days) o Preparing Test Scripts Learning Accelerator Short process workshops o Where most help desk calls were coming from

20 Services and Support Lawson Consultants o Specialist in subject area and Smart Office scripts etc. KPIT specialist o Full time experienced with MRO o Detail knowledge of M3 Make good use of Xtreme support o Challenge every answer o Prepare the business case documents and submit. o Progress chase regularly o Escalate when necessary Make full use of Stepwise o Really good for tracking actions on issues

21 Lessons Learned What we did well: o Vision for the project was good. Management had a vision to bring the business process of various functional departments like Planning, Card Control, Hangar, and Commercial (Invoicing) etc. with M3. o Project Management team’s vision of no modification was executed well, where completed business process has been designed based on std. M3 o Enough time line was dedicated towards testing, where various previously processed aircrafts were trialled with new business process. o Heavily used Infor Smart Office functionality of Scripts and Personalization to avoid any system modification and improve / simplify the processes. o Wherever bugs or incomplete functionality were found in M3, all got logged with Infor and corrected each of them through continued persistence and rigid testing, which helped M3 as a product.

22 Lessons Learned What we can de better next time: o Better communications between sites & departments. Because M3 is so integrated between departments, we need to have better understandings of how each departments processes effect other areas of the business. o Ask more questions; put the emphasis on people to supply as much information as possible o Documentation is essential o User setup, access issues as well as settings, canvas and personalisation’s needed a bit more thought. o Since Process Owners were not able dedicate much needed time for trials, it was left for M3 team to carry on the trial and complete it. What we should do more of: o Process Owners continue to work together to improve processes further o Increase the communication between departments and sites

23 What Next Post Go-Live support Direct entry of time by engineers Tooling Business Intelligence

24 Take Away Tea Time o T raining o T est Scripts o T esting o T rial Run Cut Over o T ime Table for Cut Over o T eam

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