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Worldox – Post Installation Support and Training Options.

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1 Worldox – Post Installation Support and Training Options

2 Our product is supported by over 300 authorized resellers who sell, implement, and train. Many of these resellers have resold Worldox in excess of 10 years. They must meet strict criteria to become a reseller, and thereafter are carefully monitored to ensure they are providing optimal service and support. Reseller Training: -Semi Annual 4 day group training class - Monthly Webinar’s covering recent code changes, enhancements and software development - Dedicated internal resource team for escalation issues Authorized Resellers

3 The Worldox Administrators’ Class is three full days of structured learning. It features a mix of practical lab sessions, lecture, and Q/A discussion. The emphasis is on doing, on completing the specific tasks needed to set up, configure, and administer Worldox day-to-day in your business: Install and configure Worldox (on your own laptop PC) Configure Worldox, create/edit user groups, profiles, and field tables Customize key program features Integrate MS Office and other essential applications Set up email management and project files Administrator Training Courses

4 TOPICS COVERED: Key document management concepts; best-practice solutions Installing and configuring Worldox step-by-step Integrating applications (MS Office and all commonly-used legal applications) with Worldox Managing security: using profiles, groups and field codes to control program/document access Indexer set-up and operation (everything you need to know about the WDINDEX program) Admin and maintenance: managing users, groups, field tables Troubleshooting: common problems/solutions, debugging techniques Key Worldox product features: Program architecture and database design Customizable document stamps, Bookmarks and search templates Using built-in Worldox reporting tools and APIs Email management Projects Administrator Training Courses

5 Each Worldox installation contains a guides folder where numerous guides, manuals and installation instructions can be found such as: Worldox Site Planning Configuration and Administration Guide What’s New in Worldox General End User Guide Understanding Worldox document versioning Using Worldox Search These materials are also available online and can be found on our knowledge base. Guides and Manuals

6 Online Help “Did you know?” tips:

7 Worldox Knowledge Base: Online Help

8 Customer Portal





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