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Southern Africa Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (SAAMIIP)

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1 Southern Africa Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (SAAMIIP)


3 What was useful? better understanding on – integrated assessment methodologies and – outcomes to be evaluated Identification of weaknesses – i.e. lack of socio-economic data Movement from abstract to specific: clarity on SSPs, RCPs and RAPs. Much enlightenment regarding RAPs (more) clarity on software resources, forthcoming workshops

4 Specific topics/areas clearer now

5 Crop modelling January feed back-what region and what data sets? – one site Vs one crop – Socio economic data Selection smaller region – Region 1:Free Sate (38% maize production of South Africa) Commercial scale maize growers Good management, better soil, high tech and good yield Availability of socio economic data

6 Region 2: Limpopo – Small scale maize growers – In efficient management, relatively poor soil, low tech and low production

7 For each region Representative weather station – A number of weather stations in both regions What is the soil type – Soil heterogeneity (Select dominant soil) Agronomic data – Sowing date for the region – Nitrogen Fertilization for the region – Irrigation management The other team members will keep going with the other crops to meet the deadline for June

8 2. Collaboration, management and output Timeline, reporting and budgets – 1 st Reporting (Sept, Oct and Nov) and the activities and charging will be back dated – Availability of tools from AgMIP to help reporting on finance – Availability of forms for tracking project progress to indicate on schedule, behind schedule etc – Two important deadlines for reporting June 2013 and January 2014

9 Collaboration, management (cont..) Students (tuition related issues) – Project does not cover students tuition fee Training and co-ordination – Next SSA workshop will be in Southern Africa in June 2013 – Planning in advance for the workshops Web resources – Different web resources are available/ in the process of development for teams in the AgMIP web site

10 Climate – Detailed process – potential IT tools – Integration of existing capacity into AgMIP framework

11 How to translate abstract ideas into concrete tasks? Clarity required on some of the more abstract concepts.

12 WUtA (We Understand the Acronyms!) RCPs – just like A1, B2 etc but without the implied economic stuff. Meaning that it is a physical, rather than socio- economic + physical concept of changed climate. RCP-based future weather datasets are input into biophysical crop models. So we keep the physical world separate from the socio-economic world until we look at RAPs via adaptation options. RCPs associated with atmospheric GHG concentrations  CO2 level for crop models. We have asked Alex to produce a SRES vs. RCP, SSP matrix to help us and our bosses to understand…

13 … SSPs – shared socio-economic pathways – will be given to us by the AgMIP global people. SSPs will usually be associated with certain RCPs SSPs will also (possibly?) constrain or have implications on RAPs RAPs are plausible socio-economic scenarios. We (regional project teams) need to figure these out (relevant and possible given SSP). RAPs have implications on what adaptation options are possible  feedback to crop modellers.

14 What needs more time/explanation The discussion was fair across all the teams may be more time will be needed on 1.Economics (RAPs,SSPS) 2.Examples on detail mechanics – Climate and crop modelling applications

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