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AgMIP-Eastern Africa Wayforward Eastern Africa Team.

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1 AgMIP-Eastern Africa Wayforward Eastern Africa Team

2 General The workshop provided an opportunity for the team to get a better understanding of the project and the work involved as well as the approaches adopted by other projects; The team deliberated on various issues related to project implementation and refined the methodology; Developed a strategy for pilot testing the methodology during 12-16 November in Arusha/Addis Implementation of the activities will start once the resources are made available

3 Integrated assessment-Methodology CropUgandaKenyaTanzaniaEthiopia Maize and beans HoimaEmbu and Machakos MorogoroAdgudon and Bako Sugar caneKakiraNyando Sorghum BusiaDodoma WheatHagere Selam

4 Methodology - Climate One synoptic station at KARI research station in Embu (1980-2010) About 20 rainfall stations but have to explore the availability and accessibility of the data Background data from Alex

5 Agro-ecologies Agro-ecologyAltitudeTemperatu re Ann RF LH 1: Tea-Dairy Zone UM1: Coffee-Tea Zone UM 2: Main Coffee Zone UM 3: Marginal Coffee Zone UM4: Sunflower– Maize Zone LM 3: Cotton Zone LM 4: Marginal Cotton Zone LM 5: Lower Mid- land Live- stock-Millet Zone IL 5: Inner Lowland Livestock Millet Zone 1900-2100 1600-1850 1400-1600 1280-1460 1200-1400 1070-1280 980-1220 830-1130 600-850 17.7-15.8 18.9-17.5 20.1-18.9 20.7-19.6 20.9-20-0 22.0-21.0 22.5-21.0 23.9-21.7 25.4-24.0 1750-2000 1400-1800 1250-1500 1000-1250 980-1100 900-1100 800-900 700-800 500-710

6 Household composition DivisionTotal areaPersons/familyTotal households Agrl. land/HH Central46.23.5614,7261.1 Kyeni104.94.6310,4410.65 Manyatta107.14.615,5230.50 Nembure88.14.638,9760.64 Runyenjes116.94.5913,9810.92 This information is available at sub-location level and also disaggregated as urban and rural Useful for analysing HH level impacts and also for making regional assessment

7 Socio-economic data Farm management surveys 2004 (Min of Agriculture) Census data from Bureau of statistics CALESA on going surveys Past work at KARI Embu A template with minimum dataset is being developed

8 Development of RAPs This is not a planned activity We have problems with available skills as well as financial resources We will try our best to address the issue but need AgMIP support

9 Methodology - Crop modelling Three models – APSIM – DSSAT – Aquacrop Crop – Maize

10 Crop modelling - Soils Soil data will be guided by the distribution typical soil types for which detailed profile description is available (4 profiles) Additional soil profile descriptions will be developed using other available information

11 Crop modelling - Crop data One season data from CALESA National fertilizer trials Data from various trials conducted at KARI-EMBU and KARI-Katumani Rockefeller supported climate units

12 Crop modelling - Management Three varieties (based on survey data or by agro ecology UM, LM and IL) Dates of planting – Early – Medium – Late Plant population (as per survey information or) – Three levels (2.2, 3.0 and 3.5 pl/m 2 ) Fertilizer (based on survey data)

13 Timelines All climate, crop and economic data for fast track site will be completed by October 15 Data cleaning, formatting and organizing completed by 1 November, 2012 Workshop to conduct preliminary assessment organized during 12-16 November 2012 Analysis of results and refinements etc. completed by 15 December, 2012 Economic analysis completed by 15 January 2013 Comprehensive report prepared by 25 January 2013

14 Communication strategy OutputTarget stakeholders Dissemination methods Data, tools and methodology Researchers, academicians and students Publications Manuals web pages Impacts of climate change Researchers, policy makers and developmental agencies Publications including project reports, research reports and refereed papers Policy briefs and policy dialogue Adaptation options Researchers, policy makers and developmental agencies Publications including project reports, research reports and refereed papers Policy briefs and policy dialogue

15 Administration and communication ICRISAT is recruiting a Postdoc Fellow (PDF) to partially work on this project Country teams will recruit research assistants for data collection soon after funds made available Continuous engagement through emails, meetings and other means both at country and project level

16 Thanks for your attention

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