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2 POW + TIDE / LL Pull apart prompt Organize my notes Write and say more
T- Topic introduction ID- Important details (3 or more) E- End L- Links L- Language

3 P=PULL apart the prompt
What am I being asked to do? What should I write about? Circle key words and ask yourself: What am I being asked to write about here? Suggestion: Turn the prompt into a question that can be answered.

4 O=Organize my notes Label paragraphs with main ideas if necessary.
Highlight what is important. Create a list of categories (Example: A list of comparisons and a list of contrasts.)

5 W=WRITE and say more Begin writing Where do I start?
Look back at where you “O”rganized your writing.

6 T=Topic introduction Restate and respond Hook your reader Main idea
Topic sentence Site reference material List topics/subjects

7 I=important evidence d=Detailed explanation X3
EVIDENCE from text (“I”) Cite specific examples from the texts. Elaboration (”D”) Give an explanation of the evidence cited.

8 E = End What did you just write about? Conclusion / Ending
“Sum up” your writing What did you just write about?

9 L- Links L- Language Links: Use appropriate transitions to clarify the relationships among ideas and concepts Language: Uses formal style, precise language, domain-specific vocabulary; Vary sentence patterns for meaning, reader/listener interest, and style

10 A good informative/explanatory essay has important parts:
 Informs and educates the audience (avoids “I”, “My” & opinion words)  Is interesting to read  Includes transitions (For example, However, Not Only, Otherwise, Instead, etc…)  Tells the reader the topic or purpose of the essay  Provides the reader information about the topic  Gives the readers additional details and examples about the topic  Demonstrates thorough understanding of the texts  Develops topic with textual evidence  Elaborates on textual evidence to strengthen examination

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