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Michigan Common Core Standards

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1 Michigan Common Core Standards
English Language Arts Grades 11-12

2 Key Ideas and Details Cite specific textual evidence to support primary and secondary sources, connect information from details to understanding of text as a whole. Determine central idea using primary and secondary sources. Summarize with clear ideas the connection between key details and ideas. Evaluate various explanations for different actions and activities, which explanation best matches the textual evidence, and acknowledging areas where the text is lacking facts.

3 Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
Using multiple source of information from different formats and media to address a question or solve a problem. Evaluate an author’s ideas, claims, and evidence by finding similar or contrasting viewpoints/facts. Combine information from various sources into a coherent thought or idea, noting any discrepancies in the sources.

4 Craft and Structure Understanding the meaning of words and phrases in the text, including the context that the author uses them. Look at how a primary source is structured using key sentences, paragraphs, and larger portions of text. Evaluate different author’s points of view of the same event or issue.

5 Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity
By the end of grade 12, students should be able to read and comprehend texts independently and proficiently.

6 Writing Standards Writing an Informative/Explanatory Text
Write persuasive paper focused on specific content: Write a clear thesis statement Include arguments supporting both sides of opinion Writing is cohesive and makes sense Write with a formal style Provide a conclusion Writing an Informative/Explanatory Text Introduce topic Develop topic using facts gathered in research Have clear transitions between sentences and paragraphs Use precise language, domain-specific vocabulary, and writing techniques such as metaphors, similes, and analogy to convey the topic of the paper.

7 Production and Distribution of Writing
Produce writing that is organized fully developed, with substance and style suitable for purpose and audience. Develop and strengthen writing during prewrites, edits, revising, and rewriting. Use of technology to produce, publish, and update writing in response to feedback.

8 Research to Build and Present Knowledge
Conduct research projects to answer a question, solve a problem, edit the appropriate enquiry, and to synthesize the meaning of multiple sources. Gather relevant information from a variety of media sources in researching a topic. Use evidence from informational texts to support reasoning for research purposes.

9 Range of Writing Have a writing schedule to build confidence and to practice writing skills

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