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HTML & Dreamweaver. The World Wide Web can be defined as a: of related documents that are managed by a business. b.collection of documents accessed.

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1 HTML & Dreamweaver

2 The World Wide Web can be defined as a: of related documents that are managed by a business. b.collection of documents accessed through the Internet. c. search engine that gathers information from sites all over the world. d.(All of the above defines the World Wide Web.)

3 HTML is ___ a.a company that provides access to the Internet. b.common questions and answers. c.common graphic format on the Web. d.the language of the Web.

4 Which of the following is not a design rule that should be applied to a personal Web site? a.Be consistent. b.Make your site easy to navigate. c.Respect your visitors. d.All above are rules

5  A Web page’s _____________ is the text and HTML commands used to create that page.  Which tag gives a horizontal line? Web pages are connected to each other through _______.  What is the HTML feature that divides a web page into two or more scrollable part? _________  To create a link in a document to a section in the same document, you would use a(n) ________. source code frames anchor

6 An example of a search site is: a.Netscape.c.Yahoo! b.ICANN.d.WWW.

7 Which HTML code would make text appear in green? a. b. c. = d.

8 True False True False True False True False True False

9 Which HTML code would be used to add a red background? a. c. b. d.

10 Provides internet service usually for a fee? ISP

11 This is the name of the workspace area where documents are displayed. document window

12  A collection of related Web pages is known as a _________  To view Web pages you need to use a special program called a(n): __________.  Web pages are connected to each other through ______________.  What are the two most popular file formats used for Web graphics? _____________  A(n) ________________ is a collection of graphical or textual buttons each containing a link to related Web pages in a current Website. Web site Browser hyperlinks GIF; JPEG navigation bar

13 Example of a one-sided tag?

14 What is the tag to create an unordered list?

15 What are the two main parts of an HTML document? Header; body

16 Photographs on a Web site can ___. a. Personalize and familiarize the unknown c.Prompt an action b.Deliver a messaged.All of the above

17 The extent to which you consider your audience’s needs and goals will determine the Web site’s degree of ___. a.Structurec.Usability b.Visual identityd.ASP

18 Uniform Resource Locator The abbreviation URL stands for:

19 The ____ tag set provides information to the browser about your Web page, such as its title, author, and keywords. a. c. b. d.

20 A folder in a Dreamweaver site where all of the files for a Web site are saved. Root Folder

21 Which HTML code would be used to center a heading? a. c. b. d.

22 Which of these code segments uses proper HTML code to display an image? a. b. c. d.

23 True False True False True False True False True False

24 Words or phrases relating to the site that search engines index. a.Googlec.keywords words

25 Which of the following is NOT an element? a.formsc.sound b.imagesd.all are elements

26 True or False: Syntax rules govern the use of HTML codes. TRUE

27 Which of the following is NOT an example of a browser? a.Windowsc.Mozilla FireFox b.Microsoft Internet Explorerd.all are browsers

28  What keyboard shortcut keys used to create a line break? ______________  Use the __________view to approximate how your page will look in a browser.  The _______________dialog box assists users in creating a Dreamweaver site.  A tag within a tag is known as a _________tag. Shift + enter Design Site definition nested

29 Used to select formats and position items precisely to ensure a consistent look on web pages. a.workspacec.toolbar

30 A server, such as an FTP; typically the server from which a Web site’s visitors see the interact with your finished Web site. a.remote serverc.local server b. local viewd.none of these

31 Pages scripted with ColdFusion code have a ___ file extension. a..xhtmlc..cfm b..docd..exe

32 If information is to be read online, you should limit the pages to ___ screens. two

33 hotspot On an image map, what provides a graphic link to related pages or to other areas on the current page?

34 Which of the following is a standard graphic format used in Dreamweaver? a.PNGc.JPG b. BMPd.None of these are standard graphic formats

35 This HTML special character is used to prevent empty table cells from collapsing and disappearing when viewed by some browsers. a. b. c. d.

36 Intersection of a column and row is a ___. cell

37 This is a button used to send form data for processing. a.Action b.Check box c.Submit button d.Validate button

38 Navigation bar Dreamweaver feature that allows the user to set up links to a number of pages using graphic images or text.

39 This is the term for a document created from a template. a.instantc.template b.Library itemd.object

40 A table contained inside another table is called this. a.Horizontal tablec.Nested table b.Inserted tabled.none of these

41 cell padding This term refers to the distance between cell content and cell borders.

42  This key can be used to navigate between cells and create new rows.______________  The __________ enables you to use the exact color that you desire from a picture, object or drawing  The _______________ is a Dreamweaver feature that stores text, images, or other objects for easy insertion on any page in the Web site. Tab key Eye dropper library

43 Use the rectangular, oval or polygon tool to create which of the following? a.Navigation barc.hotspot b.elementd.All of the above

44 These buttons are often grouped so that only one button in the group can be selected at a time a.action b.Check box c.Radio button d.Validate button

45 false By default, an image displays a border when inserted on page.

46  A series of instructions to perform specific steps. ______________  The ______________ marker is used to separate sections of text.  This is the term for the amount of space between cells. ____________ script horizontal rule cell spacing

47 True False

48 This dialog box can be used to format tables using preset formatting options. a.Insert table dialog box b.Page layout dialog box c.View settings dialog box d.Format table dialog box

49 .dwt This is the file extension for template documents.

50 A collection of formats and page elements that can be used to give pages in a Web site a consistent look. a.wizard b.template c.library d.none of these

51 This is the tag used to create forms. a. b. c.form d.

52 Using the Page Properties dialog box, you can change which of the following? a.background color b.color of all links o n the page c.apply margins d.all of the above

53 Make sure that you study!!

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