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Chapter 1: Introduction. Contents Whats New in Dreamweaver CS4? The Dreamweaver CS4 Interface Setting Up a Site Creating a Web Page Adding Text to Your.

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1 Chapter 1: Introduction

2 Contents Whats New in Dreamweaver CS4? The Dreamweaver CS4 Interface Setting Up a Site Creating a Web Page Adding Text to Your Web Pages Format text

3 The Property inspector: has been split in two to better separate HTML options from CSS. You can also create and edit styles as you specify settings. Coding Improvements: Dr.CS4 offers many new features to make working in Code view better. JavaScript Programming benefits Whats New in Dreamweaver CS4?


5 More Spry goodies: These new features made it easy to add pop-up navigational menus, validate HTML forms, include complex, animated visual effects Youll find new form validation tools for making sure a visitor registering on a Web site.

6 Whats New in Dreamweaver CS4? Greater Photoshop integration: CS4 adds support for Adobe Smart Objects so you can maintain a connection between a high-quality Photoshop file and the smaller, lower quality Web version of the image.

7 The Dreamweaver CS4 Interface

8 The Insert Panel: – When you first start Dreamweaver, the Insert panel is open. – If you ever close it by mistake, you can open it by choosing Window Insert or pressing Ctrl+F2.

9 The Dreamweaver CS4 Interface The Insert panel offers seven sets of objects: – Common objects – Layout objects – Form objects. – Data – Spry. – InContext Editing – Text objects and Favorites.

10 The Dreamweaver CS4 Interface The Files Panel: The Files panel is another panel youll turn to. It lists all the Web filesWeb pages, graphics, Flash movies, that make up your Web site.

11 The Dreamweaver CS4 Interface The Property Inspector: is a chameleon. Its aware of what youre working on in the document window: a table, an image, some text, and displays the appropriate set of properties.

12 The Dreamweaver CS4 Interface The Application Bar: is new in Dr.CS4. Its main purpose in life is to let you switch between different document views

13 The Dreamweaver CS4 Interface Code/Design View menu – Switch between the visual Design view and the raw HTML The Sites menu lets you define a new site or manage the sites.

14 The Dreamweaver CS4 Interface The Workspace switcher lets you re-organize the programs layout of windows.

15 Setting Up a Site When you build a new Web site, you must define a site. This is the most important first step when you start using Dreamweaver. Defining a site lets Dreamweaver know where you store your Web pages on your computer, makes sure Dreamweaver correctly inserts images and adds links to the pages of your site

16 Setting Up a Site Dreamweaver gives you two methods for defining a site: The hold-you-by-the-hand site Definition wizard. The advanced Get out of my way I know what Im doing approach.

17 Setting Up a Site The Site Definition Wizard Choose Site->New Site to open the Site Definition window, and then select the Site The Site name, type a name for your site. Local Site folder: where you can choose a folder on your hard drive that will serve as your local sites root folder.

18 Setting Up a Site

19 – Choose Advanced Settings: Default Images Folder: Select a folder where store images of the website, this folder must be inside the Local site folder

20 Setting Up a Site Web URL: Type the Web address of your site. This step is also optional. Click OK to finish the process. Your sites files appear in the Files panel. Now youre ready to create Web pages and take advantage of Dreamweavers powerful site building tools.

21 Creating a Web Page Create a web page: – After defining a site, Just choose File->New or press Ctrl+N to open the New Document window. – Select Blank Page – In the Page type: select HTML – In the Layout: select None – Click Create button.

22 Creating a Web Page

23 Adding Text to Your Web Pages Adding Special Characters: On the Insert panel, choose the Text category. At the end of the Insert panel, select the symbol you wish to insert

24 Adding Text to Your Web Pages

25 Multiple Spaces: Choose Insert HTML Special Characters Non-Breaking Space. Press Ctrl + Shift + Space bar ( ) Adding a Date to Your Page Click on Date icon or Insert Date

26 Text Formatting Paragraph: – When you press Enter you create a new paragraph, complete with opening and closing tags. Paragraph formatting: – Click anywhere inside the block of text, In the Property inspector choose Paragraph, or Choose Format Paragraph Format Paragraph or Press Ctrl + Shift + P

27 Text Formatting Properties Inspector: used for format Text

28 Text Formatting Headlines: – To turn a paragraph into a headline, click anywhere inside the line, or block, of text and then do one of the following: In the Property inspector, from the Format menu, select one of the heading levels (Heading 1 ->6) Or Choose Format Paragraph Format Heading1… Heading6

29 Text Formatting Heading function equivalent tag – Example: Heading 1

30 Text Formatting Paragraph Alignment: Choose Format Align Left, Center, Right, or Justify Indented Paragraphs: On the Property inspector, click the Blockquote button or Choose Format -> Indent, or Press Ctrl + Alt +] This function

31 Text Formatting Creating a new bulleted or numbered list: In the document window, click where you wish to start a list. In the Property inspector, click the Ordered/Unordered List button. Or Format -> List -> Unordered List or Ordered List. Type the first list item-> Enter. Repeat until youve added all items in the list.

32 Text Formatting – Use menu Format List – Use List button in properties Inspector

33 Text Formatting Formatting bullets and numbers Click once inside any list item. Format List Properties to Open the List Properties dialog box Choose a bullet or numbering style

34 Text Formatting Nested: – Using the Property inspectors indent button lists:

35 Text Formatting Definition List: can be used to display items in a dictionary or glossary, or whenever you need to present a term and its definition. Each a list of definitions and terms: Each term and definition should be in its own Paragraph, Highlight the paragraphs that contain the terms and definitions, and then choose Format List Definition List.

36 Text Formatting

37 Example:

38 Text Formatting Text Styles: To use these styles, select the text, and then apply a format from the Format Style menu

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