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Oracle 10g Express. Download Oracle 10g Express Oracle 10g Express Edition: – edition/overview/index.html

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1 Oracle 10g Express

2 Download Oracle 10g Express Oracle 10g Express Edition: – edition/overview/index.html edition/overview/index.html Oracle® Database Express Edition Installation Guide – 02/b25143/toc.htm#CIHBCFDD Oracle® Database Express Edition Getting Started Guide oc/admin.102/b25610/toc.htm

3 Start and Login to Oracle 10g Exp To start:Oracle PopUp menu –Start database: wait for the services to complete: The OracleXETNSListener service was started successfully. The OracleServiceXE service is starting.............................. The OracleServiceXE service was started successfully. –Go to database home page Login Accounts –System administrator –User Logout –Stop database

4 Online Help SQL reference: – 01/server.101/b10759/toc.htm 01/server.101/b10759/toc.htm Tutorial: –http://st- dex.htmhttp://st- dex.htm

5 Run SQL Command Line SQL*Plus First start Oracle Then choose Run SQL Command Line from Oracle menu At the prompt: –Connect accoutName

6 Commands at Oracle SQL> To list all commands: –SQL>help index To list all tables: –Select * from Cat; To display a table structure: –Describe tableName To run a DOS command from Oracle: –Host DOSCommand –Example: Host dir

7 Creating SQL Command Batch File Creating a batch file with.sql extension –At SQL>Edit filename Ex: SQL>edit c:\batch1.sql Use START command to execute the batch file. –SQL>START c:\batch1.sql See the batch file contents at SQL> –SQL>host type c:\batch1.sql

8 Batch File Example Drop table hotel; Create table hotel (hotelno char(3), hotelname varchar(20),city varchar(20)); Insert into hotel values('h1', 'Grosvenor','CHICAGO'); Insert into hotel values('h2', 'Westin','SAN FRANCISCO') Insert into hotel values('h3', 'Hilton','London'); Drop table room; Create table room(roomno char(3),hotelno char(3),type char(6), price number(7,2)); Insert into room values('r1','h1','single', 200.00); Insert into room values('r2','h1','single', 300.00); Insert into room values('r3','h1','double', 440.00); Insert into room values('r1','h2','single', 200.00); Insert into room values('r2','h2','single', 300.00); Insert into room values('r3','h2','double', 400.00); Insert into room values('r1','h3','single', 200.00); Insert into room values('r2','h3','single', 250.00); Insert into room values('r3','h3','double', 300.00);

9 To display complete field name: –Ex. –column sex format a3 –Select * from student; To print output: –Screen capture –Command window: Click the SQL icon on the upper left corner Edit/Mark Edit/Copy Enter a date value: assume emp table has: eid, ename, hiredate and salary field: –Insert into emp values(‘e1’, ‘peter’,’10-Feb- 04’,5000.00);

10 Working with SQL Buffer SQL Buffer remembers the last SQL command executed. List: list the SQL statement with line number correct the line with error: line number correct statement Run

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