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Possessive Adjectives

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1 Possessive Adjectives

2 Possessive Adjectives
Adjective = describes a noun Possessive = belongs to someone Possessive adjectives are words that tell you who owns something or describes a relationship between people or things

3 Possessive Adjectives
What are the possessive adjectives in Spanish? Mi = my Nuestro(a) = our Tu = your Vuestro(a) = all of yours Su = his, her, its, your (formal) Su = their, all of yours Notice there is no accent on TU!

4 Possessive Adjectives
Possessive Adjectives DO NOT change in English, but they do in Spanish. They are my cousins. Ellos son mis primos. That is your book. Ese es tu libro. We are their brothers. Nosotros somos sus hermanos. Osito is our dog. Osito es nuestro perro.

5 Possessive Adjectives
She is my aunt. Ella es mi tía. They are my aunts. Ellas son mis tías. Possessive adjectives must match the noun, just like all adjectives in Spanish! If the noun being described is plural, the adjective is too!

6 Possessive Adjectives
She is our aunt. Ella es nuestra tía. They are our uncles. Ellos son nuestros tíos. Nuestro(a) and Vuestro(a) must agree with the noun not only whether singular or plural, but ALSO in GENDER.

7 DE Showing Possession There are no apostrophes in Spanish
To say something belongs to someone, you must use DE

8 DE = ’s

9 Showing Possession She is Juan’s cousin. Ella es la prima de Juan. The cat is Jennifer’s. El gato es de Jennifer.

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