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South African Veterinary Foundation

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1 South African Veterinary Foundation
Suid-Afrikaanse Veterinêre Stigting presents Canine Hip Dysplasia

2 Mandate SA Veterinary Foundation
To promote and advance veterinary and related biological sciences in all their aspects. This includes supporting veterinary research at all levels, to fund bursaries and loans for veterinary studies and to invest and administer various financial portfolios in order to promote the knowledge, image and status of the Veterinary and Paraveterinary Professions and practice within Southern Africa resulting in improved quality of life for animals and humans. Promoting an informed public

3 Hip dysplasia - what is this disease ?
Abnormal development of hip – not present at birth! Very common orthopaedic disease of dogs Polygenic multifactorial in origin which is why it is difficult to eradicate hip dysplasia by selective breeding Heritability 0.2 to 0.6 Promoting an informed public

4 Hip dysplasia - what is this disease ?
Hip dysplasia results in Increased hip laxity leading to subluxation (loose hips) Later develops arthritis Promoting an informed public

5 Hip dysplasia Normal hips Dysplastic hips
Promoting an informed public

6 Hip dysplasia Severely Normal hips dysplastic hips
Promoting an informed public

7 Hip dysplasia - clinical signs
May be radiologically abnormal but show no clinical signs Gait abnormalities Weakness in the hind quarters Arthritis may be crippling in old age Promoting an informed public

8 Hip dysplasia – diagnosis
Clinical examination by your vet Radiographs (x-rays) These have to be accurately positioned Anaesthesia or heavy sedation is thus required. Usually take extended and flexed hip views Promoting an informed public

9 Hip dysplasia Extended view Flexed view
Promoting an informed public

10 Hip dysplasia – radiographs
Look for Subluxation changes – loose hips Promoting an informed public

11 Hip dysplasia Normal hip Loose hip
Promoting an informed public

12 Hip dysplasia – radiographs
Look for Degenerative changes – arthritis Promoting an informed public

13 Hip dysplasia Normal hip Arthritic hip
Promoting an informed public

14 Hip dysplasia – breeding
Dogs should be certified free of hip dysplasia before breeding with them Take dog to your vet Take registration papers with Promoting an informed public

15 Hip dysplasia – breeding
Your dog needs to be positively identified with a microchip or tattoo number You will have to sign a declaration form Promoting an informed public

16 Hip dysplasia – declaration form
KUSA SAVA FCI South African Veterinary Association and Kennel Union of South Africa Hip and Elbow Dysplasia scheme Application for hip and/or elbow dysplasia certification Owners declaration Registered name of cat/dog Breed Sex Date of birth NB Copy of registration certificate to be attached to application Name of owner Tel Address I declare that: 1 the particulars stated above are correct and are of the dog submitted today for radiographic examination 2 the dog has not been previously radiographed for certification 3 the dog has not had surgery for hip or elbow dysplasia 4 I understand that the radiographs are the property of the veterinarian making them and will be retained by him for 3 years 5 I understand that the results may be forwarded to the relevant breed society who may place the gradings on a pedigree or registration certificate 6 I understand that results may be used anonymously for research purposes Owner’s signature Date Promoting an informed public

17 Hip dysplasia – breeding
The vet will send the radiographs (x-rays) to a veterinary radiologist He/she will then issue a hip dysplasia certificate with the dog’s hip grading Promoting an informed public

18 Hip dysplasia – certificate
KUSA SAVA FCI International Hip Dysplasia Certificate Certificate no. X1561 NAME : BEAUTIFUL DOG OF PRETORIA BREED : RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK SEX : DOG REGISTRATION NUMBER : BY MICROCHIP NUMBER : DATE OF BIRTH : 2006:11:25 DATE OF RADIOGRAPHS : 2009:08:14 OWNER : MR DOG BREEDER P O BOX 12345 TOWN 1234 CLASSIFICATION Left side A1 Right side A2 The above radiographs have been evaluated by the undersigned official scrutineer according to the guidelines of the Federation Cynologique Internationale Promoting an informed public

19 Hip dysplasia Grading according to FCI system
FCI Grade Description Old RSA Grade A1 Excellent hips A2 Good hips B1 Fair hips B2 Marginal dysplasia 1 C1 Mild dysplasia C2 Mild to moderate dysplasia D1 Moderate dysplasia 2 D2 Moderate to severe dysplasia E1 Severe dysplasia 3 E2 Very severe dysplasia 4 Promoting an informed public

20 Hip dysplasia FCI grading D2 A2
Promoting an informed public

21 Hip dysplasia – treatment
Discuss with your vet Mild cases get medical management Severe cases require surgery which may be very expensive Promoting an informed public

22 Hip dysplasia - conclusion
Buy puppies from hip dysplasia free parents Ensure you only breed with dogs free of hip dysplasia Have radiographs (x-rays) taken before breeding Promoting an informed public

23 This presentation is proudly brought to you by the SAVF in order
to promote an informed public Support us Give a donation or remember us in your will

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