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Breeding golden retriever puppies

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1 Breeding golden retriever puppies
My favourite hobby Breeding golden retriever puppies

2 Why I enjoy breeding golden retriever puppies
The reason why I enjoy breeding golden retriever puppies is because it is a lot of fun taking care of the puppies when they were just born, playing with them when there older and seeing there eyes open when there about 2-3 weeks old.

3 Emily rose belle kennel male dogs
Montego New horizon (Monty) Our dog Monte is 2 years old and is a beautiful light cream colour and is a big teddy bear Rosevalley basil McKenzie Our dog McKenzie is 4 years old And is a more darker cream then Monte McKenzie will sit on the couch and expect you To pat him all day.

4 Emily rose belle kennels female dogs
Emily rose belle Misty Gracie Our dog Misty is 5 years old and is a much darker dog and very loving and friendly. Sherlanker catch a falling star ( Lexie) Our dog Lexie is 2 years old and is a cream colour and is just like misty.

5 Emily rose belle kennels
I really enjoy making shore that the mother of the puppies is well and healthy and that she is eating food . That all the puppies are drinking when there at a young age. Ad are putting on weight.

6 What you have to do When breeding golden retriever puppies you have you make sure that the puppies are well feed and that the mother is not losing weight. You also have to make sure that the puppies are putting on weight and that at 4 to 5 week you start feeding them milk and farax until there older then you feed them dry food and can.

7 What we feed our puppies
Its very important to feed our puppies good food and to make sure that there not growing to fast. My family and I use “ hills science diet” it a good brand for puppies and it doesn't let them grow to fast. When we start feeding them dry food it’s a bit to hard for the puppies to chew so we have to soak it in some water so its easer for the puppies to eat.

8 What you get if you buy a puppy from us
When you buy a puppy from Emily rose belle kennels you will also receive puppy pack with all the information in a folder for you to make sure that your puppy is safe and healthy. Also in the folder is all of your puppy's parents hips and elbow scores, heart and eye tests and a copy of there pedigree papers

9 What you get if you buy a puppy from us
Also in your puppy pack you will get a small bag of dry food , cane and milk of what you puppy is used to eating and you will also receive a blanked that has been rubbed on mum so that it has is mums sent on it. Your puppy will go home vaccinated, vet checked and microchip in to your name. your puppy also comes with six weeks free pet insurance .

10 The end Emily rose belle kennels website

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