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Interactive Case Tutorial

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1 Interactive Case Tutorial
Case 04 Large Animal Bone

2 Instructions Review the history and signalment for the client
Evaluate the radiographs provided Explore the interactive images and compare the answers given with your own interpretations. When you’ve clicked on the image, click the same spot again to make the label disappear. Answer the questions regarding a diagnosis and recommendations Review the radiologist’s findings

3 Case Presentation Signalment: 10 year old Appendix mare
History: on and off right pelvic limb lameness since purchased several months ago for the purposes of hunter/jumper use; grade 3/5 right pelvic limb lameness; positive to hoof testers; moderate positive to distal limb flexion Study: distal right pelvic limb Technique note: a skyline view of the navicular bone is difficult to obtain in a pelvic limb

4 Distal right pelvic limb
Small osteophyte Normal navicular Faint lucent line on distal phalanx R HIND

5 Distal right pelvic limb
Irregular lucent line at lateral plantar process Sclerosis Solar margin resorption Line extends into distal interphalangeal joint Normal navicular bone

6 Distal right pelvic limb
Enthesopathy at origin collateral ligament Normal navicular Normal medial plantar process Line extends into distal interphalangeal joint Irregular lucent line at lateral plantar process Sclerosis Solar margin resorption

7 Conclusions Provide a diagnosis based on your findings. Feedback
Submit Chronic, likely type II (intra-articular), fracture involving the lateral plantar process of the distal phalanx of the right pelvic limb Healing is suspected as at the dorsal surface the lucent line is not as visible Feedback Continue

8 Recommendations Provide your recommendation for this client. Feedback
Egg bar shoe with 4 clips to use the hoof wall to provide equal support of the foot and fractured distal phalanx The shoe should be reset every 6-8 weeks for at least the next 4 months Complete stall rest for at least the next 3 months Recheck lameness evaluation and radiographic evaluation in 3 months Feedback Continue Submit

9 Findings An irregular lucent line traverses the lateral plantar process extending into the distal interphalangeal joint The bone surrounding the lucent line is sclerotic and the margins are poorly defined Resorption is present at the solar margin of the lateral quarter/heel of the distal phalanx

10 Follow-up At 3 month recheck, lameness had mildly improved. On radiographs, the fracture line had healed approximately 60%. Continued stall rest for an additional 6-8 weeks was recommended, followed by 5-10 minutes of hand walking twice daily with an increase of time by 5 minutes every two weeks after that Note that fractures of the distal phalanx may heal by fibrosis; thus, a lucent line may always be present to a variable degree

11 The End

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