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Company Confidential December 13, 2013. WellDyne is a Provider of Innovative Health Solutions.

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1 Company Confidential December 13, 2013

2 WellDyne is a Provider of Innovative Health Solutions

3 6+ million Members Nationwide Over 20 Years of Providing Health Solutions Comprehensive Pharmacy Benefit Services Over 4,000 plans across the US (Taft Hartley, Managed Care, Self-Funded, Cities, Counties) Competitive Health, Inc. Founded in 1996 Granted US patents Award-winning healthcare solutions Internet and phone solutions for both patients and providers Extensive reporting capabilities Our Companies These two

4 Discount Plan for Health Care Services Hearing CareVision CareDoctor Visits Prescription Drugs Dental Diabetes Lab Savings Surgical Centers Vitamins Medical Bill Help MRI & Imaging 24/7 Doctor Service Daily Living Products Members Save 10-80% NO Administrative Fees

5 Easy to Use Customizable Covers Entire Family Discounts Given at Time of Purchase

6 NO Paperwork NO Expiration NO Limits Why? FREE to EmployerFREE to the MemberCovers Entire Family

7 Doctor Visits Over 410,000 Physicians Over 45,000 Ancillary Providers Access Rates at Time of Service NO Services Excluded Average Member Savings 25% Average Member Savings 25% SAVES MONEY

8 Discount Prescription Program 60,000 Brand & Generic Drugs Included Accepted at 59,000 PharmaciesCovers drugs NOT included in other plansOption to enroll in Mail Order Saves 13%-65% on Drug Prices Saves 13%-65% on Drug Prices SAVES MONEY

9 Discount Prescription Program Cost to Member Cost to Business Associate FREE Average 2011 Savings 47% Handles Administration for Business Associates Partner with Business Associate to Develop Marketing Plan YES Requires Business Associate’s Time YES NO Card Covers an Entire Family

10 Discount Prescription Program LABETALOL HCL NEXIUM LISINOPRIL CELLCEPT ZYRTEC $14.59 $187.68 $10.06 $310.62 $67.46 $7.03 $152.22 $8.53 $131.44 $19.70 $7.56 $35.46 $2.07 $179.18 $47.76 Drug Name Regular Price WellCard Price Savings

11 Discount Vision Plan 10%-50% Savings at OUTLOOK Vision Providers 10%-50% Savings at OUTLOOK Vision Providers 11,000 Vision Care Centers Savings On No LimitsNo Administrative Fees Pearle Vision Sears Optical EyeMasters JC Penney Optical LensCrafters Eye Exams Prescription Glasses & Sunglasses Contact Lenses Surgical Procedures SAVES MONEY

12 Discount Dental Plan 70,000 DenteMax Dentists Nationwide No Limits No Administrative Fees 20%-50% Savings on General & Specialized Dental Fees Preventive & Diagnostic Restorative Oral Surgery Orthodontics Endodontics, Periodontics, and Prosthodontics SAVES MONEY

13 Surgical Center Savings Care Coordinators Assist in Scheduling, Travel & AccommodationsImproved Medical Outcomes with Substantial SavingsWeight Loss CancerOrthopedicCardiovascularInfertilityCosmeticSpine 30%-80% Savings at many Surgical Centers of Excellence SAVES MONEY

14 MRI and Imaging Discounts Savings up to 70% MRI, PET, and CT Scans Performed at Over 3,900 Facilities Nationwide Members Pay in Advance for Imaging Services Concierge Appointment Service Included SAVES MONEY

15 Prepaid Lab Tests performed by nationally recognized and certified laboratories Results reviewed by certified medical professionals and forwarded to your physician $25 per orderNO MONTHLY OR ANNUAL FEES Up to 60% Savings on Full Range of Lab Tests SAVES MONEY

16 Hearing Care Discount Plan Up to 15% Savings Discounts on over 80 Beltone Hearing Aid Models FREE Hearing Screening SAVES MONEY

17 Unparalleled access to physicians 24/7 via phone or email Patient solution delivered at lower healthcare cost 81% avoid Doctor’s Office or ER visitsHigh marks for patient satisfaction 24/7 Doctor Service SAVES MONEY

18 Diabetes Care, Vitamins & Daily Living 10%-50% Savings Wide Range of Diabetic Supplies, Vitamins and Mineral Supplements, and Medical Supplies Available All Products Delivered to Member’s Home SAVES MONEY

19 Medical Bill Help Medical bills are difficult to read and understand – 80% contain errors 1/3 of Americans need help paying medical bills Experienced, trained professionals negotiate lower price for medical services Discounts of 10%-70% achieved NO FEE if no savings captured

20 Innovative Solutions to Health Care Costs Information and Support Available 24/7 Locate a Provider Educate Members Nominate a Provider Bilingual Support Easy to Use and Administer Members Save 10%-85%

21 Who Can Use the WellCard Everyone is eligible Part-time/Contract Companies –Cafeteria Workers –Bus Drivers –Substitute Teachers –Crossing Guards Medicare D Recipients –Donut Hole –Medications not covered Students/Families All Community Residents 21

22 Innovative Solutions

23 CONTACT INFORMATION –Email: –Password: demo Joe Walsh – –610-399-3635 Bob Crook – 23

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