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Reconstructing Higher Education: Approaches to New Education for Social Transformation Presentation By Ram Takwale Former Vice-Chancellor, IGNOU, YCMOU.

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1 Reconstructing Higher Education: Approaches to New Education for Social Transformation Presentation By Ram Takwale Former Vice-Chancellor, IGNOU, YCMOU and Pune University; President, I-CONSENT Prof Ram Reddy Memorial Lecture: IGNOU 02 July 2013

2 Lecture Overview 1.Global Connectedness and Outcomes 2.Education systems: formal and open 3.New Education paradigm for Transformation 4.Consortium for New Education and Development, and 5.Concluding Remarks 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect2

3 1. 1. GLOBAL CONNECTEDNESS AND OUTCOMES 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect3

4 A3 Connected Society Internet, networking, and access devices have created global connectedness. New processes generated are digitization, virtualization, mass-personalization and self- organisation; and empowered every one. One can play many roles by combining cyber and real spaces. This is a great harm or help to a person and society. In India 100 crore are connected - Great techno- social empowerment of the Indian society and civilization 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect4

5 A3 connected people created Open Resource Movement : Expression of social generosity and sacrifice Social Networking Movements : Search for like- minded people for common action People come together for common concern of regional and global issues. Offers organizational power without ‘organisation’. Transient at present ; but could form Interest based communities of practices. Higher processing power creating big data and analytics for socio-economic studies. 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect5

6 Universal Nature of Education A3-scenario offers cyber spaces to every one and groups/communities. Techno-society: Education and development processes – independent of technologies Education should be based on natural and humanly accessible processes. Use of technology is inevitable: in deployment and in getting results 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect6

7 New Education for A3 Society Requirements: Global –Local System Personalized and social/ mass nature. Universal and basic nature of processes of learning and development. Creation of education and development resources and social support processes Creation of social value /wealth for sharing freely with all. 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect7

8 2. Education systems: formal and open 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect8

9 Existing Education Systems British or Western Education system : teacher centric, top- down hierarchy; and donor-receiver model; teacher teaches, student learn; Created professional educational institution governed by delegated powers of the Government. Open distance education (ODE) : introduced innovations and flexibilities; Basic nature of teacher centricity and hierarchy is the same! Criticized: Sir Ken Robinson - linear, conformist and class creating; and kills creativity Mahatma Gandhi criticized : Self-seeking and contradictory to Indian culture and civilization. Fragmented view of human being and society 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect9

10 Nai Talim: Innovation Education Learning by working in life and work situations. Samavaya : learning for development, and learning from development; Links education to social knowledge problems. Wholesome work : Integration of routine, rest, progress and pleasure; Holistic approach- avoids becoming a ‘cog-in-the-machine’ Work outcomse lead to creation of wealth, social value and livelihood. Nai Talim sidetracked : Since Indian goal was to enter into modern industrial society and achieve progress. 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect10

11 3. New Education paradigm for Transformation 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect11

12 New Education Process Links Issues in NOW Situations SOCIETY + ECONOMY New Education LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT (LAD) Self /Social Development CREATING FUTURES 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect12

13 New Education: Basis of the System Experience of e-Education: o MKCL -1.8 Million students / year. o I-CONSENT- e- B Ed : Obtained form –function of education. o Shikshan Pandhari: Pilot to mass –personalized education Globally successful mechanisms: o Wikipedia, YouTube: Coop & collaborative learning and working o OER and Social Networking movements. o MOOCs leading to Mass Higerh Education. Nai Talim with: o J P Naik’s Role Based Learning to become change maker. o Scenario-situation based constructivism for role playing o Life & work centric situated development with global resources. 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect13

14 Objectives of learning Goals : Human & Society centric: Short Term o Achieve self & social development o Play multiple roles and become a Change Maker. o Find OWN role and UNIQUE functions o Create a career path Goals: Long Term o Find L3, Development and Career Paths o Rise in Culture & Creative Development. Process : Learn by doing activities to build o Capacity : Activities for Knowledge, Skills and Use of Tools of technologies o Capability : Situated Assignments: for solving problems, changes in attitude and social behavior. o Co-creativity : Small / Big group learning and working for creation and innovation. o Tool for presentation & evaluation : Personal /group portfolio. 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect14

15 Work Centric Education in A3 Connected Society Learning Working Use of Technology Tools Wholesome Work: SUPW Wholesome Work has integrated Routine, Rest, Progress and Pleasure. 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect15 New Education is based on

16 Create A3 Connected L-Communities Networks, Internet (Broadband), Access devices (Tablet pc) Activity based Learning in sitations of life & work. Global-Local Approach: o Global OER, Cyber Infrastructure with L-Support Services, Interest based Provider Communities. o Local OER, Local Consortium for Social Learning and Development (LAD), MKOs for situated development. Constructivist Learning: o Extend to Life and work centric places, o Samavaya between L and D o Create Wholesome Work for Social /Personal Value and Wealth. 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect16

17 New Education Constructivism: Holistic approach of constructivism when applied to Life & Work centric Activities lead to o Personal and group learning o Wholesome work o Situated development o Learning group /community organisation o LAD System improvement Learner has freedom and ownership to choose and do activities for self & social goals. 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect17

18 Constructivist Learning and Development leads to Freedom and autonomy in learning and self and social development and value-wealth creation. Formation of Transformative Value Chain : o Education/training  Social development  Monetary and non-monetary value creation  Self and social transformation. Integration of Academic, Skill and Professional /technology education. Unified picture of human being and society. 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect18

19 4. Consortium for New Education and Development, 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect19

20 Cyber Space Infrastructure to create virtual infrastructure connecting all students, teachers and managements. Central Consortium for providing Course /Role based learning services: Organizes LAD Provider Community Local Consortium for Quality School Education at the Nodal Agency (SVERI) and covers 20 km radius region linked by NKN connectivity at Pandharpur. Partnership Organisation of providers and consumers of education and development. Promote PPC-Partnership. Partnerships will be non-exploitative. Empowered communities should have enough power to take their own share with win-win approach. 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect20 New Education Uses

21 Local Cillage Circle (LCC) of Villages Course Team Global / Central: e-PASS Course Delivery Open Education Resources Distributed Classroom Local SchoolCollegeUniversity College Team Students Teachers College Team Students Teachers School Team Students Teachers School Team Students Teachers University Team Students Teachers University Team Students Teachers CONCEPT OF META UNIVERSITY-META SCHOOL 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect21

22 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect22 Meta /Param University Faculty of Education and Social Development School for Developmental Learning (SDL) Param School: Partnership with Stakeholders Apps in Industry, Services and Social Work Other Faculties: I T, e-Media, Social Sciences,.. Courses related to Education/ Development

23 Consortium for Meta University Program based Operations Central Resources are free for all, service fees charges at local study centers for self-supporting nature of programs. Approach ‘Content is free, services are charged’ Best expertise and experience for all centrally; others work for local students in their LAD. Approach ‘Know globally, act locally. Consortium is not a legal entity : Each one brings their own identity and form Program based consortium for Program Development and deployment. Knowledge created has community/ social ownership. All operations and outcome sharing is accountable and transparent. 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect23

24 Integrative & Creative role of New Education and Meta University Vertical integration in learning and horizontal integration in development. Development levels rise as we rise in learning and technology levels. Establishes process in o Learning Process : Approach, Deployment, learning and Internalization- ADLI in Baldrige model for performance excellence. o Development Process: Education, Organisation, Creation and Preservation (Models by NGOs and Sarvodaya ) o Value Chain for Holistic Transformation Education  Development  Social Value  Transformation 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect24

25 Shikshan Pandhari Project in Maharashtra Pilot to establish New Educational Model: o Central –Local System of A3-Connected Communities Partnership at National & State Levels: o National : NKN, IIT- Mumbai, TIFR- HBCSE, BARC, TIFR -HBCSE o State : RGSTC, MKCL –MKF, State Universities, I-CONSENT, Many Education Experts, Local Engineering College form local node : o 5 Schools(proposed 10) participating in rural area- Pandharpur, Sholapur dist. o Local School Consortium for Quality Schools and Developmental linkages. TWO Programs : o School Education (Links with University, school system and locality) o School Teacher Education (Links with the University) Goal to create Replicable Model : o Central resources /content free for al l; o Local content / services are to have economic/social business model. 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect25

26 21 th Century Scenario & Society Third Industrial Revolution (Jeremy Rifkin) creates decentralized green and clean energy production and its internet- local/regional and global Nai Talim / New Education with 21 st century decentralized industry production with full autonomy to the individual and groups are similar models. Integration of knowledge and energy internet proposed can take care of production and its marketing in a customized way, and is likely to create new era society with new education. Learning and social education follows socio-economic change /transformation in society. Who influences whom? Education has to come to the center- stage; shape local /central developmental policies based on the value system in the Indian Constitution. 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect26

27 New Education poses some Fundamental Issues New Education shapes Self and Social Development. How to balance between self and social ? o Samavaya in Learning and Development.(Adwaita in Dwaita) My personal existence has social dependence. I am because we are! How do I learn it and make myself cultured and creative to exist socially and progress ? What is the goal of my learning and development in A3 society? My Learning, Development and Career Paths ? 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect27

28 Concluding Remarks New Education is a form of Nai Talim in 21 Century A3-society. Education = Yoga + Sahayoga + Udyoga Life-long learning = Learning for life, Learning from life, Learning throughout life. Education with adherences to the values in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution can play center stage role. Possible only when it is a mass education with development centricity. 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect28

29 Thank you all 02/07/2013Ram Takwale:RR Memorial Lect29 Contact Email: Visit: Blog:

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