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YES CANADA Country Network Connecting Canadian Youth to the rest of the world.

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1 YES CANADA Country Network Connecting Canadian Youth to the rest of the world

2 The YES Campaign z The YES Campaign was launched by 1,600 delegates from 120 countries at the Alexandria Youth Employment Summit in Egypt on September 2002. z In over 60 countries, the YES Campaign brings together diverse stakeholders through the YES Country Networks to work collaboratively in taking actions that results in sustainable employment for youth. The campaign is an opportunity for youth to participate in public policy debates and reform, and to find the skills and resources to initiate employment generation projects…

3 YES CANADA Country Network Description Our goal is to lessen the divide between Canadian and international youth and to create an environment in which youth are helping each other achieve common goals.

4 HISTORY Started by two young women dedicated to making a difference in developing nations Linking…. Canadian youth with the chance to meet and work with their counterparts overseas. International Learning experiences: acquired knowledge about unique cultures, building international connections and helping make a difference in local communities. Young Canadians with the Canadian Network as a Community Coordinator acting as the network contact for a particular area.

5 HISTORY cont… YES Canada Country Network is part of the global YES Campaign developed by the Education Development Center (EDC) in Massachusetts, USA that seeks to build the capacity of youth to create sustainable livelihoods and to establish an entrepreneurial culture where young people will work towards self-employment.

6 Advocacy - Create an awareness of global issues in Canada and encourage Canadian youth to get involved and make a difference in their communities and throughout the world! Share resources - have Canadians work collaboratively with young intellectuals from around the world to share resources and work towards common goals skills that provide workers with a foundation for learning other skills What are our Goals?

7 YES Canadas Partner List Youth Employment Summit (YES) (TIG) World Wildlife Fund Canada Coady International Institute Youth Environmental Network Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED) REALM CARE Canada BC WorkInfoNet Youth Site World Youth Centre EcoMentors

8 Methodology: Adopt a Project Approach Uses a multi-phased, project based, problem- solving/ design approach to develop development, interpersonal, business and workplace essential skills Integrates development of local initiatives, the growth of current projects, offering of support towards community outreach activities Is a competency-based delivery model that links Canadian youth with an organization or agency overseas

9 Involves and integrates various stakeholders: · Community based youth organizations · Community groups, associations, or unions at the secondary or post-secondary levels · Youth-serving and/or youth-driven organizations · Athletic teams Integrates relevant workplace essential skills into technical and business skills training Methodology: Adopt a Project Approach (Cont)

10 Project Approach also enhances… critical thinking effective decision making innovative problem solving the implementation of original ideas the ability to identify possibilities and the willingness to exploit opportunities calculated risk taking These skills and attitudes are supported and guided by YES Canada

11 YES Canada on-going support for Canadian Youth Each project and organization has targeted technical competencies which YES Canada assesses. Business skills, international development, workplace essential skills are targeted in each project/organization – partnerships/linkages are assessed as part of youth development initiatives. For example, funding and support measurement and calculation. Canadian youth develop and use clearly articulated, objective assessment criteria.

12 5 Phase Canada Support and Delivery Exercise" Phase 1: Identify an international project, agency or organization Phase 2: Develop possible product or service solution(s), and choose the option that best meets identified needs. Phase 3: Develop the idea in details and plan for international support (funding/resources, etc). Phase 4: Seek the delivery support mechanism according to project specifications/needs analysis. Phase 5: Assess outcomes and make revisions.

13 Phase 1 Canadian youth address need(s) of intl partners (linked by YES Canada ). Canadian youth conduct local and international donor funding extraction mechanism and market research. Canadian youth develop resource/delivery specifications.

14 Phase 2 Canadian Youth develop a range of ideas presented as funding ideas, business plans, proposals, write-ups, etc. Each idea must adhere to resource and needs specifications. (ex. Rationale and Goals) Canadian Youth select the best solution based upon informed judgments.

15 Canadian youth develop the support ideas in detail. Canadian youth produces funding proposal, business plan, strategic plan, etc. Canadian youth plans the production or service delivery process, and identifies tools & materials needed. Canadian youth estimates quantities of materials and monetary support needed. Phase 3

16 Phase 4 Canadian youth uses acquired skills to produce the resources or service (based on product specifications and planning). Canadian Youth are exposed to additional skills development and skill reinforcement where necessary.

17 Canadian youth assesses resources/monetary support in terms of partner feedback and needs analysis specifications. Canadian youth develops and applies product assessment criteria (must reflect specific quality standards). Canadian youth re-designs and re-develops the resource extraction and the process to improve results (if necessary) for future projects. Canadian youth undertakes quality control as well as the youths counterparts and YES Canada Country Network. Phase 5

18 To Summarize: Youth to Youth support is critical thinking, innovative problem-solving and effective decision making (a way of seeing and exploiting opportunities). Interpersonal,Technical, business and workplace essential skills are acquired by working through several local/international projects. Projects are based on a 5 phase problem-solving and design methodology which is the international development and entrepreneurial process in action. The Project Approach mirrors the integrated nature of an SME and uses a real world approach.

19 Thank You For further information, please contact: Nikki Whaites Tel: +1 (519) 744-1454 OR Vijay Jehman Tel: +1 (604) 812-9373 OR Omar Allam Email: Email: Website:


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