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Sustainaville in Action This presentation demonstrates how one of pixelfountain’s games-ED products Sustainaville can be structured as a workshop. While.

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1 Sustainaville in Action This presentation demonstrates how one of pixelfountain’s games-ED products Sustainaville can be structured as a workshop. While this presentation concerntrates on a workshop / lesson, Sustainaville can anchor a module in a university course or be used as a series of lessons in a college / school. Sustainaville covers the subject of sustainable development which is relevant in subject areas and cross curriculum dimensions.

2 Sustainaville in Action Judging Impact Prior to the workshop pupils / students do a piece of work to generate a base level understanding in the subject area. The results can be compared to post workshop assessment, so that the learning outcomes can be evaluated.

3 Sustainaville in Action Opening Exercise An opening presentation and exercise is delivered. In a Sustainaville workshop, the delegates choose one good and one bad thing about their local area and place it on the local issues board which uses a venn diagram to show the economic, social or environmental impact. Opening exercises and presentation can be delivered as an initial class in advance of the games based learning class. Outcomes: o Understanding of basic concepts / cross curricular dimension of sustainable development. o Recognising how this is relevant to the communities where we live, work and play. Timeline (this is an example of the % of time required to complete each exercise but this can be extended over multiple classes) Exercise 1

4 Sustainaville in Action Main Menu Shows a virtual community with problems such as air and water pollution, congestion, poor housing, unemployment, poor health and rising waste. The class is divided into sub-teams: Local Authority, Education,learning & Skills, Health, Third Sector, Housing, Utilities, Transport & Enterprise Partnership. Each sub-team is presented with a mission outlining their objectives. Outcomes: o Learners get to understand different roles and the need for sustainable communities. o Critical thinking around cause & effect. Round 1 Exercise 2 Exercise 1

5 Sustainaville in Action “An excellent way of exploring issues particularly the cross – cutting elements & how they impact across blocks” Looking at the issues Report Screen Learners are presented with reports to help them make decisions. See cause and effect and see the impact their decisions. They can also see cross linkages with other sub-teams and understand that they can achieve more if they work together. Outcomes: o They utilise problem solving skills as they analyse the data & make decisions. o Working collaboratively. o Thinking creatively to generate win- wins. Round 1 Exercise 1 Exercise 2

6 Sustainaville in Action Investment Having looked at their reports and developed a strategy the sub-teams can invest their budgets by making purchase decisions. Can they balance their budget? Negotiate with other teams and choose win-wins to create a sustainable community? Outcomes: o Learning how to manage a budget. o Collaborate with other learners through negotiation, modification and compromise. o Think critically and make informed decisions. Round 1 Exercise 1 Exercise 2

7 Sustainaville in Action Update Round After all the budget decisions have been made, the sub-teams have to present their decisions to the whole group explaining what they have bought and why. The round is updated to the next year and improvements made to the community are shown such as: wind turbines, less pollution, recycling facilities and more housing. The learners get to see the impact their decisions. Outcomes: o Present and argue a case on behalf of themselves and others. Round 1Round 2 Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Round 3

8 Sustainaville in Action The Score The score shows how the teams have performed as a whole group. The facilitator gives feedback on their performance, and the learners can reflect on the decisions they have made. Can they be improved in round 2 and round 3? Outcomes: o Use and manage information effectively. o Reflect on their decisions and monitor progress. o Understand how community participation underpins sustainable communities. o Think creative and critically on a “real world” scenario. Acting local, yet thinking globally. o Round 1Round 2Round 3 Exercise 1 Exercise 2

9 Sustainaville in Action The End Exercise End exercises or additional work in the following classes enable learning to be further developed and leading to greater outcomes Outcomes: Understand the need to be effective participants and how to make a difference by taking action and becoming engaged in the local communities. Examples: o Commission pupils to develop a green action plan for the school. o Study and debate different viewpoints on the challenges facing society and the risks associated with not tackling sustainability. Round 1Round 2Round 3 Exercise 1Exercise 3 Exercise 2

10 Sustainaville in Action Summative / Formative Assessment The game generates a report which can be used as a basis to examine how the class has performed. It can also provide the base material for the learners to write a report on their experiences. Observational criteria are provided alongside a tool to judge generic skills. Together these reports and tools can then be used to inform future learning needs. Outcomes: o Students get to make the learning concrete and transfer the skills learnt into the wider world. o Teacher can judge and show impact.

11 Sustainaville in Action

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