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2 Basic information Pet name : e-STUDIO477S/527S Print speed:
47/52 ppm (A4) / 49/55ppm (Letter) Main features Toshiba’s first A4/Letter monochrome e-BRIDGE model Latest e-BRIDGE controller Standard RADF Finisher and LCF are available Same system software as A3 e-BRIDGE models Printer-like easy maintenance Various media capability

3 Product Concept

4 Product concept Easy-to-use Compact Environmental Friendly
Easy to understand user interface same as other e-STUDIO series Easy management Ready for e-BRIDGE Open Platform Compact Compact body size with high speed 52/55 ppm printing Inner finisher which is no need extra footprint Environmental Friendly Environmental friendly design Note) In this presentation, “e-STUDIO” means latest e-STUDIO series equipped with e-BRIDGE controller

5 Product concept Easy-to-use Same user interface as e-STUDIO models
Common user interface avoids confusion from customers’ operation. Tilitable Control Panel with 9” color LCD touch screen Universal printer driver in common with e-STUDIO models Easy management Easy management features reduces operation cost of both dealers and administrators. Replacing consumables including PM parts do not require screwdriver EFMS support e-STUDIO527S series, allows customers to manage the many e-STUDIO devices easy

6 Product concept Easy-to-use Ready for e-BRIDGE Open Platform
Customer can easily use e-BRIDGE solutions without confusion by same operability with other e-STUDIO models Sales reps can offer solutions to customer, even if A4 and A3 models are mixed User can enjoy solution with same operability between A4 and A3 e-STUDIOs

7 Product concept Compact Compact body size
e-STUDIO527S series offers customer to select installation space flexibly. Even customer who has narrow installation space can experience high speed color printing and scanning. Inner finisher e-STUDIO527S series can equip inner finisher despite A4 device. Thanks to this, user can streamline finishing work without extra footprint. Offline stapler e-STUDIO527S series can be embedded the Offline stapler. User can automatically staple the documents without operating device.

8 Product concept Environmental friendly Environmental friendly design
e-STUDIO527S series has many environmental friendly feature, contributes customer’s environmental activities. Reducing TEC value thanks to super sleep mode with 1.5W power consumption Mono component development system doesn’t require developer material, so replacing and disposing of developer material is not required Compliant with environmental standard such as ENERGY STAR Eliminating / Reducing the harmful substances such as lead and mercury.

9 Target customer What kind of customer does it suit?
The e-STUDIO527S series is A4/Letter MFP but powerful and high performance, and latest e-BRIDGE controller provides full e-BRIDGE function same as A3/LD e-STUDIO models. Customers can enjoy same operability and functionality even if A3 and A4 devices are mixed in their office. So various customers are target. For example; MPS/MDS requirement No demand of A3/Ledger printing/scanning Shop with narrow installation space Workflow/Solution system requirement

10 Target Customer MDS/MPS
Many customers require both A3 and A4 device in MPS/MDS solution. e-STUDIO527S series allows sales reps to offer flexible MDS/MPS proposal to customer. Seamless operability between A4 and A3 e-STUDIOs Same user interface of both control panel and printer driver Same solution can be installed with same operability Easy management / maintenance Printer like easy maintenance reduces service cost Administrator can manage both A3 and A4 e-STUDIOs simultaneously by using e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System

11 Target Customer No demand of A3/Ledger printing/scanning
In recent years, the companies which do not use A3/Ledger paper are increasing. Some of them require high performance and/or full functionality similar to A3 MFP. 47/52ppm printing speed (A4) / 49/55ppm printing speed (LT) 52spm B/W and up to 40spm color scanning speed (A4) 55spm B/W and up to 40spm color scanning speed (LT) High paper capacity reduces frequently of paper replenishing Universal printer driver with plug-in solutions improve reduce labor hour for print work Various print/scan/copy/fax functions increase their work efficiency e-BRIDGE Open Platform allows to integrate customer’s workflow system

12 Target Customer Shop with narrow installation space
Many shops are installing a printer or MFP but their installation space is narrow. Hence, they bear to install a high functionality device, even if they require it. Easy-to-use control panel with 9” color LCD touch screen Inner finisher can be installed without additional footprint Various paper media can be printed Up to 1,321mm/52” long sized paper Envelope, Post card Thick paper up to 250g/m2 / 140lb. Index Print from / Scan to USB thumb drive are available without PC

13 Target Customer Workflow/Solution system requirement
Many customers are requiring MFP not only for input/output device but also for improving their workflow. Although the e-BRIDGE Open Platform allows to integrate e-STUDIO in many applications / workflows, e-STUDIO527S series offers it to customer who requests A4/Letter MFP. Fully compatible e-BRIDGE Open Platform Same operability as other e-STUDIOs Customer can choose the device which suited their environment. Sales reps can offer solution products to customer who has only narrow space

14 : Model Name (Print Speed)
Competitor Models XXXX (##) : Model Name (Print Speed) Print Speed (ppm) Toshiba Canon Ricoh Konica Minolta Xerox HP Lexmark <e-STUDIO> <iR ADVANCE> <Aficio SP> <bizhub> <WorkCentre> <LeaserJet> 50-55 527S (55)* 527S (52) 500iF (52)* 500i (50) 5210SR (52)* 5210SR (50) 4260 (55)* 4260 (53) M4555 MFP (55) M4555 MFP (52) MX810 (55)* MX810 (52) MX611 (50)* 45-49 477S (49)* 477S (47) 5200S (47)* 5200S (45) 4250 (45)* MX611 (47) 40-44 400iF (42)* 400i (40) bizhub 42 (42) 4250 (43) Notes) * These are North America models.

15 Product overview

16 Differences from A3/Ledger model
e-STUDIO527S series’ functionality is almost same as A3/Ledger e-STUDIO models except paper handling. Model Name e-STUDIO527S series e-STUDIO506 series General Print Engine Printer Base Copier Base Controller e-BRIDGE Memory 2 GB HDD 160GB Security HDD LCD Panel 9.0” WVGA Color Printer Driver Universal driver PDL PCL / PS / XPS e-BRIDGE Open Platform Yes IEEE2600.1 Yes (Not certified) Yes (Certified by ISO/IEC EAL3+) Fax option Yes (2nd line is not available) Hardcopy Security Printing kit Not available Not Available Other System Opitons Paper Handling Max. available Paper size 14" Legal / Folio Ledger / A3 Banner Paper 8.5"x52" / 216x1,321mm Water Poof paper Other Special papers Envelope, Label, Post Card Envelope, OHP, Label, TAB paper (,Japanese Post Card) Paper Capacity Std. 630 sheets 1200 sheets Max. 3,160 sheets (Std. + PFU + LCF) 3,200 sheets (Std. + LCF) Drawer/PFU Standard sized paper/Custom sized paper Standard sized paper LCF Opt. (2,000 sheets) Document Feeder Std. 100 sheets RADF Opt. 100 sheets RADF ADU Finishing options Inner Finisher, Offline stapler Inner Finisher, Multi-stapling Finisher, Saddle Finisher, Hole Punch These are big different points between both models. These are small different points between both models.

17 Differences from A3/Ledger model
Main differences Maximum paper size is Folio/Legal Custom sized paper can be fed from the drawers Tab paper cannot be handled Thick paper handling capability is grater than monochrome A3 model Optional fax unit cannot add the 2nd line option IEEE complied high security mode is available. However, this is not certified by ISO/IEC15408 Both standard and optional Hardcopy security printing are not available Note) These are comparison with current e-STUDIOs equipped with e-BRIDGE controller

18 Differences from e-STUDIO407CS series
e-STUDIO527S series is designed based on same concept as e-STUDIO407CS series, so almost features are same but they have some differences. Main differences No color copying/printing and its related features Paper size detection function is available (Drawer and PFU) Not support paper type of special 4 – 6 (coated paper) Toner and Drum cartridge can be replaced without opening scanner unit

19 Key features Optional Inner Finisher and Offline stapler
Standard features Optional features Optional Inner Finisher and Offline stapler Easy-to-use 9” color LCD touch panel same as other e-STUDIOs Easy maintenance thanks to Printer based engine Latest e-BRIDGE controller. Banner paper up to 216x1321mm/8.5”x52” can be handle. Printer driver is renewed. Paper size can be detected automatically. Custom sized paper can be handled. Up to 3 drawers or PFU + LCF can be added. Paper capacity is up to 3,160 sheets.

20 New printer driver Renewed “Finishing” tab
The check boxes of the duplex, Nin1 and staple are removed. This change reduces setting steps. Current e-STUDIO527S series

21 Control Panel Easy-to-use Control Panel
Control Panel is almost same as other e-STUDIO series. 9” color LCD touch panel Same hardware keys Same user interface Tilting from 7 degree to 40 degrees (In the e-STUDIO506 series, it tilts from 7 to 84 degrees.)

22 Single Position Stapling Finisher
Finishing options Inner Finisher MJ-1038 Additional footprint is not required Up to 500 sheets can be stacked Up to 50 sheets can be stapled Up to Legal/Folio size can be stapled Staple position is fixed Hole punching is not available Offline Stapler MJ-1039 Embedded type automatic stapler Up 20 sheets can be stapled *When Inner Finisher is installed, the angle of control panel is fixed at 7 degrees. (When Inner Finisher is not installed, control panel is tilted from 7 to 40 degrees.) Single Position Stapling Finisher Embedded type Offline Stapler

23 Paper drawer (Std./PFU)
Features of paper drawer Paper remaining indicator The indicator of drawer is different from the e-STUDIO407CS series. The e-STUDIO527S series does not have mechanical indicator on drawer unlike e-STUDIO407CS series. The indication of LCD panel is same as the e-STUDIO407CS series. e-STUDIO407CS series e-STUDIO527S series

24 Paper drawer (Std./PFU)
Features of paper drawer Automatic paper size detection Paper drawers including PFU are equipped with the automatic paper size detection function similar to A3 color e-STUDIOs. When [AUTO] is selected in drawer menu of user function, paper size is detected automatically. Note: When Legal or Folio paper is placed, user has to select the paper size according to message on LCD screen.

25 Paper drawer (Std./PFU)
Features of paper drawer Custom sized paper When [CUSTOM] is selected in drawer menu of user function, Paper drawers can be set the custom sized paper from 148x210mm to 216x356mm. (5.8”x8.3” to 8.5”x14”)

26 Paper handling Various paper handling
The e-STUDIO527S series handles wide range of paper media. Various kinds of paper Envelopes Index card/Postcard Label Wide range of paper size and weight Up to 220gsm/120lb. Index paper can be set to drawers/LCF Up to 250gsm/140lb. Index paper can be set to bypass tray Custom sized paper from 148x210mm to 216x356mm/5.8”x8.3” to 8.5”x14” can be set to drawers Custom sized paper up to 216x1,321mm/8.5”x52” paper can be fed from bypass tray

27 Acceptable Paper Feeder Media Type Weight Max. Paper Capacity
Paper Size Drawers Plain Paper gsm / lbs.Bond 580 sheets ( gsm / lbs. Bond) A4, A5, B5, FOLIO, ADU 530 sheets ( gsm / lbs. Bond) LG(13", 13.5", 14"), LT, ST, Excective, 8.5"SQ THICK1 gsm / lbs. Bond 420 sheets Custom size : THICK2 gsm / lbs. Bond 360 sheets Width : mm / 5.8" - 8.5" THICK3 gsm / lbs. Bond 230 sheets Length : mm / 8.3" - 14" THICK4 gsm / lbs. Bond 190 sheets LCF 2,400 sheets ( gsm / lbs. Bond) A4 2,000 sheets ( gsm / lbs. Bond) LG(13", 13.5", 14"), LT 1,600 sheets 1,200 sheets 800 sheets 600 sheets Bypass Tray 110 sheets ( gsm / lbs. Bond) A4, A5, B5, FOLIO, A6, 100 sheets ( gsm / lbs. Bond) LG(13", 13.5", 14"), LT, ST, Executive, 8.5"SQ 80 sheets 16k, Postcard, Index card (3"x5") 60 sheets 40 sheets Width : mm / 2.5" - 8.5" 30 sheets Length : ,321mm / 5" - 52" THICK5 gsm / lbs. Bond Sticker Labels --- Depends on paper thickness Envelope 10 sheets DL (110 mm x 220 mm / 4.33” x 8.66”) COM9 (98 mm x 225 mm / 3.875" x 8.875") COM10 (105 mm x 241 mm / 4.13” x 9.49”) Monarch (98 mm x 190 mm / 3.86” x 7.48”) C5 (162 mm X 229 mm / 6.38" x 9.02") CHO-3 (120 mm x 235 mm / 4.72” x 9.25”) DYO-4 (105 mm x 235 mm / 4.13” x 9.25”) [Notes] Maximum paper capacities are rough indication. Paper can be loaded up to the following height. - Drawer : 53mm/2.1" - LCF : 200mm/20.9" - Bypass : 10mm/0.4"

28 ERU Level (TTEC internal rule)
Easy maintenance ERU Level The e-STUDIO527S series is made by printer based engine and therefore serviceability is easy like a printer. It reduces downtime and service cost. ERU level is equivalent 4. Note) “ERU (Easy Replacement Unit) Level” is TTEC standard which defined the operability level of unit replacement. ERU Level (TTEC internal rule) 2 3 3.5 4 Model e-STUDIO4540C series e-STUDIO6550C series e-STUDIO245 series e-STUDIO456 series e-STUDIO5055C series e-STUDIO407CS series e-STUDIO527S series Operator Service Engineer Customer Operation Skill High Medium Low Not necessary How to Get Operation Skill Training is needed. Procedure should be explained in a service manual. Possible by reading a operation manual or an Instruction sheet. Possible by reading simple instruction. Additional information is not necessary.

29 Easy maintenance Consumable parts
The kind of supply and consumable parts are difference from A3 e-STUDIO models. Consumable parts can be replaced by user without any tools. The waste toner on the drum is collected in the waste toner area in toner cartridge, so waste toner box is unnecessary. This series adopt mono component developing method which does not require developer material, then its replacement is not required. eS527S series Other e-STUDIOs Supplies Toner cartridge Image drum cartridge Consumables Fuser unit Transfer roller Drum unit Developer material

30 Easy maintenance Life of supplies and consumables
Sales life is official life of supplies and consumables. Life of supplies/consumables except toner is extended to actual life. Warning message of replacing supplies/consumables appears when its life became actual life. After the actual life, user can continue to use toner until maximum life by switching off/on or opening/closing cover. Items Sales life Actual life *1 Maximum life *1 Supplies Initial toner 10K 10K pages Toner 36K 36K pages Drum cartridge 72K 90K Consumables Fuser unit 200K 250K Transfer roller *1 After reaching sales life, TTEC does not guarantee any trouble about image quality.

31 Fuser unit / Transfer roller
Easy maintenance Replacing supplies and consumables Toner and Drum cartridge can be replaced by opening front cover. Not required opening the scanner unit. For replacing Fuser unit and Transfer roller, user has to open scanner unit. Toner / Drum cartridge Fuser unit / Transfer roller

32 Print / Scan adjustment functions
Print image adjustment functions The e-STUDIO527S series’ have Print and Scan adjustment functions unlike other monochrome e-STUDIO series.

33 Print adjustment functions
[Print Adjustment] has the following adjustment functions. Density Adjustment Curl Decrease Scatter/Blur Print Quality Drum Cleaning Quiet Mode Finishing Adjustment

34 Print adjustment functions
Density adjustment This function adjusts the density.

35 Print adjustment functions
Curl Decrease It enables the control for reducing curl of outputs

36 Print adjustment functions
Scatter / Blur This menu allows users adjustment of the blurred or scattered image. [+] : increasing sharpness level [ - ] : decreasing sharpness level

37 Print adjustment functions
Print quality [PRINT QUALITY] It allows to adjust the print quality for avoiding uneven image. [BACK GROUND] It allows to adjust the darkness of background

38 Print adjustment functions
Drum cleaning This allows to enable drum cleaning control function. This function reduces horizontal white streak but life of drum will be shorter because drum is driven for cleaning.

39 Print adjustment functions
Quiet Mode This function reduces acoustic noise during printing but print speed will become lower.

40 Print adjustment functions
Finisher Adjustment This function improves the alignment of printouts when outputs are felled from finishing tray.

41 Scan adjustment functions
If the images scanned from RADF are distorted, user can reduce the distortion by lowering the feeding speed of RADF.

42 Security Functions / Acquisition Standards
Security Features Comprehensive Security Features Items Security Functions / Acquisition Standards Security Standard (IT Products, MFP) IEEE * Data Security Security HDD, Data Overwrite (Opt.) Document Security Print Private Print Scan Encrypted PDF Network Security IP Address Filtering (10 sets), MAC Address Filtering (10 sets), IPv6, SNMPv3, IEEE802.1X(Wire/Wireless), SSL, IPsec, Digital Signature for Client Utilities, Password Policy, Password Lock Mail Server Security POP Authentication before SMTP, SMTP Authentication Authentication Department ID Management, User ID Management, Local Authentication, External Server Authentication (LDAP/Windows), Role Base Access Control, IC card Authentication (Felica/HID/Mifare/NFC) *Note) IEEE is not certified by ISO/IEC15408.

43 Security Features Model Name e-STUDIO527S series e-STUDIO506 series
HDD Data Overwrite Yes (Opt. GP-1070 Data Overwrite Enabler) Data Encryption Yes (Std.) Data Erase Password Lock Digital Certificate SCEP Network IP Address Filtering Yes (Std.: 10 sets) MAC Address Filtering IPsec Yes (Opt. GP-1080 IPsec Enabler) SNMPv3 IEEE802.1x (Network) Internet SSL communication Device and Systems ISO/IEC15408 No Yes (Std., EAL3+) IEEE2600.1 Copy Secure Watermark Copy Unauthorized Copy Control Print Private Print Encrypted Secure Print Secure Pattern Print Yes (Std.) *by service code setting Fax Password TX/RX Scan Encrypted PDF Digital Signature PDF Internet FAX Local Authentication SMTP Authentication POP before SMTP LDAP Authentication S/MINE Encryption User Management Department Management Yes (Std. 1,000) User Account Codes Yes (Std. 10,000) Local Devise Authentication NTML Authentication Kerberos Authentication Role-based Access Management IC Card Authentication Yes (Opt. KP-2004/2005 e-BRIDGE ID Gate) Biometrics Authentication

44 Security Features Differences from other e-STUDIOs
IEEE compliance is not certified by ISO/IEC15408 The ISO/IEC15408 requires an audit about design/production process, however OKI does not comply ISO/IEC15408. Optional and standard hardcopy security printing are not available The print engine of e-STUDIO527S series is designed by OKI, so TTEC cannot design image quality for hardcopy security printing.

45 Environmental Features
Environmental Standards/Labels (Extract) Standards in an acceptable level (Un-acquired) Nordic Swan (Nordic countries; Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland), Canadian ECP (Canada) Note) Environmental standards/labels of not selling area are not acquired. Items Acquisition / Notification / Self-attestation / Conformity Standards State Laws (U.S.A.) California Proposition 65 (U.S.A.) RoHS (EU) Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) (EU) Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) (EU) Labels Energy Star Program / MFD Tier2 (Worldwide) Blue Anger Mark / RAL UZ-171 (Germany: plan) IT Eco Declaration / ECMA370 (Sweden, Norway, Denmark)

46 Global Solution software
Available Global Solutions are same as other e-STDIO series Model e-STUDIO527S series Capture & Distribution e-BRIDGE Re-Rite v8.2 X e-BRIDGE Open Platform Connector for MS SharePoint v3.1 X (w/GS-1020) e-BRIDGE Open Platform Connector for MS Exchange v3.1 e-BRIDGE Open Platform Connector for Google Docs v3.1 Document Output e-BRIDGE PODApl v2.1 Output Management e-BRIDGE Replicator eX v1.1 e-BRIDGE Job Point eX v1.1 e-BRIDGE Job Separator eX v1.1 e-BRIDGE Job Build eX v1.2 Device Management e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System (EFMS) v6.0

47 e-BRIDGE Re-Rite v8.2 (1) Features
Easy-to-use capture solution software for all the Weisshorn series One-touch automatic OCR and conversion of scanned documents into variable digital documents (14 file extensions /21 output file formats / 29 OCR output languages) Configurable metascan template function (w/Opt. GS-1010 MetaScan Enabler) Enable sending to shared network folders, addresses, FTP sites Available connection to e-BRIDGE SharePoint/Exchange/Google Docs Connector Main Additional Items from v8.1 to v 8.2 ODT (Open Document Text) file format is supported Status screen is enhanced The number of pages to process OCR, available within the current month. The information of OCR processing are displayed. (name of rule / input filename / output filename)

48 14 File Extensions / 21 Output Formats / 29 OCR Languages
e-BRIDGE Re-Rite v8.2 (2) Paper Documents 14 File Extensions / 21 Output Formats / 29 OCR Languages Auto Converting DOCX PDF v1.6/1.7 PDF/A 1a/1b PDF Compression XLSX ePUB PPTX FB2 etc. Web-based Operation Manu View Log View Log A log can be viewed by date. < One Touch MetaScan Template > (e.q.) MS Excel Data Paper

49 Page Editing (3D Display) Page Rotation & Deletion
e-BRIDGE Open Platform Connector for MS SharePoint/MS Exchange v3.1 (1) Features Simple capture solution software which performs distribution to MS SharePoint/Exchange server directly via MFP control panel Application of the new software license agreement Available “Rich User Interface” operation Supports e-BRIDGE Re-Rite v7.0/v8.x Supports metadata entry “Rich UI” Screen Scan Preview Thumbnail Gallery Page Editing (3D Display) Page Rotation & Deletion Scan Settings (Print, Color Mode, Resolution, Original Type and File Format)

50 System Configuration of Scan to SharePoint
e-BRIDGE Open Platform Connector for MS SharePoint/MS Exchange v3.1 (2) SCAN System Configuration of Scan to SharePoint LAN Scan Preview SharePoint List SharePoint Browse Control Server Settings Application Setting MS SharePoint Server Client PC “Web-based Corroboration” and Document Management Platform < Scan to SharePoint > Scan Screen TopAccess EWB Settings (Admin Login) Select a SharePoint site and list Browse to a SharePoint site  Select a SharePoint Folder

51 System Configuration of Scan to Exchange
e-BRIDGE Open Platform Connector for MS SharePoint/MS Exchange v3.1 (3) SCAN LAN Scan Screen Compose Screen with Keyboard Confirmation Server Setting Application Setting TopAccess EWB Settings (Admin Login) Client PC “Web-based Groupware/ ” (Sharing of /Calendar, Contact and Tasks, Access support of mobile devises, Data storage) < Scan to Exchange > System Configuration of Scan to Exchange Scan Preview MS Exchange Server

52 e-BRIDGE Open Platform Connector for Google Docs v3.1 (1)
Features Simple capture solution software which performs distribution to Google Docs server directly via MFP control panel Application of the new software license agreement Available “Rich User Interface” operation Supports e-BRIDGE Re-Rite v7.0/v8.x Supports metadata entry Same capture workflow as SharePoint/Exchange Connector Print from Google Docs (only the files which were uploaded by the connector) Preview Screen Scan Preview Thumbnail Gallery Page Editing (3D Display)

53 e-BRIDGE Open Platform Connector for Google Docs v3.1 (2)
SCAN LAN Google Docs Sign In Google Docs Destination Google Docs Browse Control Server Settings Application Setting TopAccess EWB Settings (Admin Login) Client PC < Scan to Cloud (Upload) > System Configuration of Scan to Cloud Internet Cloud Computer Google Docs Connector Server Scan Screen

54 e-BRIDGE Job Separator eX v1.1
Features Simple and easy-to-use print & distribution software application (*Licensed software, printer driver plug-in) Create multiple sets of a job separated by a separator page Batch print from your favorite Windows application  Addition of “Separation Page Title”, “Number of Copies”, and “Document Name” to separated pages Joint workflow “e-BRIDGE Job Separator” and “e-BRIDGE Job Build” Save time and effort in sorting and distributing 15 sets 10 sets 20 sets 30 sets Group A Group B Group C Group D + Cover Page Separation Setup (Distribution) Separate Printing (Note) This screen is the old version. It will be changed in Job Separator eX v1.1.

55 e-BRIDGE Job Build eX v1.2 Features
Print Move Down Move UP Remove And More Cancel Number of Copies Process as a Single File Enable Page Numbering Output to Printer Output to File Document Binding Print Order Build Options Features Simple and easy-to-use batch print software application (*Licensed software, printer driver plug-in) Print different document types (Word, Excel, PDF,… etc.) together as a set Switch between single and double sided printing within a single job Select from different paper sources for each section of a print job Combine A4 and Folio page sizes within a single job Mix color and black-and-white output Save time sorting and collating x N (copies) Butch Printing Binding (Note) These screens are the old version. It will be changed in Job Build eX v1.1.

56 e-BRIDGE Job Point eX v1.1 Features 1 2 10
Simple and easy-to-use cluster print software application (*Licensed software, printer driver plug-in) Allows users to print on a less busy printer in the same office Up to 10 machines without requiring any servers Applicable to only PS3 driver 1 2 10 Cluster Printing Select “Device Settings” tab  Click “Customization” button Select “Plug-in” tab  Click “Job Point” checkbox Select “Others” tab  Click “Output Devices” button Device Settings Job Point Customization

57 e-BRIDGE Job Replicator eX v1.1
Features Useful carbon copy printing software application (*Licensed software, printer driver plug-in type) Allows users to print the same document from more than one paper tray or input source using colored stationary For such as invoices and receipts by placing normal copy paper and colored copy paper in separate drawers Needless to purchase expensive specialized stationery, software or the hassle of installing impact printers Carbon Copy Printing Select “Device Settings” tab  Click “Customization” button Select “Plug-in” tab  Click “Replicator” checkbox Replicator Device Settings Customization Added “e-BRIDGE Replicator eX” tab e-BRIDGE Replicator eX

58 e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System v6.0 (1)
Alert Information (Toner empty, Paper empty, … etc.) Counter Information EFMS Server (VPN) Other venders’ MFPs and Printers Toshiba MFPs (e-STUDIO series) Internet (Blanch Office) Counter report, alert Integrated Management of Multiple Devices Paper Jam LAN EFMS Client Key Operator, Dealer/Service Provider Features Web-based fleet maintenance management software which gather information from networked multifunction systems instantly Monitor meter readings, machine availability, as well as toner and paper supply status Define grouped devices by model, cost center, department, or location View detailed device data including errors, consumables levels, status alerts, and current usage and history Customize reports, covering groups of devices which can be defined as templates Configure multiple MFPs at the same time (address books, templates, network configuration)

59 e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System v6.0 (2)
[ Improvement items from EFMS v5.21 ] Cloning / F/W Update MFP firmware update with compulsory deletion of the jobs remained in MFP. Device Management Spot polling or on-demand pulling of the status, on-demand pulling of the counters. “Last read (date)” in the counter report. Alert filtering by setting the time frame. Usability Make it easier to use with right-click menu on TreeView for counter report, etc. Public “shared” template with other users.

60 e-BRIDGE PODApl V2.1 (1) What is MFP-KIOSK? Potential for Self service
Document Server Potential for Flexible Printing What is MFP-KIOSK? KIOSK Terminal Network Print Out MFP Search Out Register paper document data into PODApl server by PODApl scan function Potential for Self service [PODApl V2.x additional main items] Support external file system connection Thumbnail view support Rich UI component Register Document Data (WS Scan) Create UI Document Data Management Operation Panel Stand [System Configurations*] crowd ST-A20 with 15” touch screen ST-B20/ST-M30 with MFP’s touch panel Customer’s server with MFP’s touch panel ST-B20/ST-M-30 with 15” touch screen Customer’s server with 15” touch screen HTTP SOAP SMB, LPR, Port9100P DB *Case study of Europe

61 e-BRIDGE PODApl V2.1 (2) Main Target Markets Supermarket Travel Agency
Airport Cafe University Government Office Library Real Estate

62 Template Layout Patterns (3 types) FSF (HeaderFooter Sidemenu)
e-BRIDGE PODApl V2.1 (3) 1. Choose a template from PODApl. 2. Choose a theme from PODApl. 3. Choose design parts from PODApl prepared. 4. Define a new template/ new style sheet/ new design part then use it. 5. Define a flow of each parts action. Create UI Sample Screen Template Layout Patterns (3 types) FS (Full Screen) HF (HeaderFooter) FSF (HeaderFooter Sidemenu)

63 e-BRIDGE PODApl V2.1 (4) V2.1 version up items
<Environment> MFP support: Weiss L/H + ST-B20 support OS support : 2008 Server R2/Windows 7 <Registration> Scan registration Duplex mode support Preview image : Zoom In /Out ADF scan : combine plural document Thumbnail registration : manual support Windows file server support Setting external file system by each project <Management> Thumbnail/List view of windows file server Sorting list view Searching files in external file server <Panel design> Print setting screen Category view panel Side menu view panel Button line up <License> License management CSI system Activation Client Free trial mode : 30 days <Security> Admin password change <Language> Localization support Management Menu for UserAdmin User management Panel edit Log Management Document Management Project management

64 Specifications

65 Specifications General Copy/Print Speed 47/52 cpm/ppm (A4)
49/55 cpm/ppm (LT) Warm-up time : less than 35 sec. Dimension (W x D x H) : Standard : 522 x 564 x 811 mm / 20.6" x 22.2" x 31.9“ With PFUx3+Caster : 705 x x 1351mm / 27.8”x 29.8”x 53.1” Weight : Approx. 47 kg / lbs

66 Specifications General Standard RADF (100 sheets)
Paper Supply Capacity Std. 630 ( ) sheets / Max. 3,160 sheets (one PFU+LCF) Optional PFU : 530 sheet x 3 Optional Large Capacity Feeder : 2,000 sheets Available Paper Weight Drawer/LCF/ADU: gsm / 17Ib. Bond - 120Ib. Index Bypass : gsm / 17lb. Bond lb. Index Available Paper size Drawer/LCF : A4, A5, B5, LT, 13”LG, 13.5”LG, 14”LG, Executive Bypass : Standard size A6/Statement to Folio/14”LG, Post card, Envelop (C5, DL, COM10, COM9, Monarch), Custom size (up to 215.9x1321mm / 2.52”x5” to 8.5”x52”)

67 Specifications General Latest e-BRIDGE controller Memory : 2GB
HDD : 160GB Security HDD Standard Network Interface (10/100/100BASE-T) Standard USB (High-speed) Interface Optional Wireless LAN(IEEE802.11b/g/n) e-BRIDGE Open Platform ready IEEE compatible* (when High Security mode) Standard TopAccess Standard e-Filing function TWAIN Driver / File Downloader Storing image from Print / Scan / Received fax (Option) * ISO/IEC15408 certification is not received.

68 Specifications Printer function Print speed : 47/52 ppm (A4)
49/55 ppm (LT) Print resolution : 600 x 600 dpi / 1200 x 1200 dpi (PS only) Interface : Standard : 10/100/1000BASE-T, USB (High speed) Optional interface : IEEE802.11b/g/n Printer Driver : Universal (PCL/PS3), PS3, XPS PDL : PCL6 (compatible), PostScript3 (compatible) and XPS Special Feature: One-Touch Template, Tandem Print, Plug-In function

69 Specifications Scanner function Scan speed :
Color : 40spm(up to 300dpi), 25spm(400/600dpi) B&W : 55spm (LT) / 52spm (A4) (all resolution) Original mode : Text, Text/Photo, Photo, Grayscale Resolution : 600/400/300/200/150dpi File format : TIFF, PDF(Slim PDF, Secure PDF), XPS, JPEG Scan type : Scan to File (SMB, FTP, IPX, , e-Filing, TWAIN, Internet Fax, WS scan, USB direct scan Special Feature : Scan Preview, Omit Blank Page, Outside Erase, Meta Scan

70 Specifications Copier Function Copier speed : 47/52 cpm (A4)
49/55 cpm (LT) Resolution : 600 x 600 dpi First Copy Time : 8 sec (Color / B&W) Special Feature : Omit Blank page, Original Outside Erase, Job Build, Proof Copy

71 Specifications e-Filing function (Std. / Opt.)
Input source : Copy, Print, Scan, Fax, Internet Fax Number of box : 1 public box, 200 user box Number of document : 400 documents per box/folder Number of page : 200 pages per document Capacity of HDD : 75GB Retrieving software : TWAIN Driver, File Downloader

72 Specifications Internet Fax function
Compatibility : T.37 (Simple Mode) File Format : TIFF-S Paper size : A4, A5, B5, Folio, Letter, Regal, Statement Address Book : 3,000 stations (Shared with Fax) PC-Fax function : Available

73 Specifications Fax function (Optional) Compatibility : Super G3
Modem Speed : 33.6 kbps Number of line : 1 Data Compression : MH, MR, MMR, JBIG Transmission Speed : Approx. 3 seconds Available paper size : A4, A5, B5, Folio, Letter, Regal, Statement Address Book : 3,000 stations Memory Capacity : 1GB (Transmission / Reception) PC-Fax function : Available

74 Option configuration Paper handling options
2017/4/11 Paper handling options Inner Finisher (MJ-1038) Offline Stapler (MJ-1039) Damper kit (KK-1003) Paper Feed Unit (MY-1046) Spacer (GR-1160) Large Capacity Feeder (KD-1040) Caster (GR-1170) Desk (MH-3400) *PFU and/or Spacer can be placed up to 3 units under the main unit. *One PFU can be placed between main unit and LCF.

75 Option configuration System Options Wireless LAN Module (GN-1060)
Antenna for Wireless LAN (GN-3010) Data Overwrite Enabler (GP-1070) FAX Unit (GD-1340) e-BRIDGE ID Gate : HID(KP-2004) Mifare (KP-2005) Meta Scan Enabler (GS-1010) IPsec Enabler (GP-1080) External Interface Enabler (GS-1020) Unicode Font Enabler (GS-1007) Harness kit for coin controller (GQ-1260) *Available options are varied by region.

76 Option configuration These configurations can be selected.
Caster is required when installing on floor. A B Machine Opt PFU Opt Caster Machine Opt Spacer Opt Caster C D E F G H Machine Opt PFU Opt Caster Opt Spacer Machine Opt PFU Opt Caster Machine Opt Spacer Opt Caster Opt LCF Machine Machine Opt PFU Opt Caster Machine Opt PFU Opt LCF *In case of setting the machine on floor with paper input option. *Height of “H” is same as “G”.

77 Main unit + Spacer + Desk
Option configuration Option configuration with Desk (MH-3400) When installing the desk option of MH-3400, customer can choose from the following configurations only for preventing falling Height of Desk is similar to PFU (or spacer) + Caster Machine PFU Desk Machine Spacer Desk Machine Desk Main unit + Desk Main unit + PFU + Desk Main unit + Spacer + Desk

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