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DP-MB300 Series DP-MB300 Multi-Function, All in One.

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1 DP-MB300 Series DP-MB300 Multi-Function, All in One

2 Multi-Function Software Printer Copier Scanner Fax Network DP-MB300 Multi-function, All in One (AIO) Productivity & Ease of Use

3 CD-ROM* (Supplied with Machine) Easy installation Simply insert the CD-ROM in your PC. Everything thing you need is automatically loaded. Multi-Function Software

4 - Email Communication Capability High Performance Printing ( BW ) -WaterMark, N in 1, Zoom, Overlay, Poster, Profile Save Print from Email Server Up to 2400x1200 dpi Print Resolution (Enhanced) High Speed Printing - Black/White: 32 pages per minute (A4) - Smoothing Print Technology Printer Features

5 High Speed B/W Printing 32 pp m !

6 Max 2400x1200 dpi Print Resolution 600 x 600 dpi 2400 x 1200 dpi Delivers crisp, clear, business-quality Black and White Prints. (Enhanced)

7 Outstanding Resolution! Fine image quality in A4 BW printing with beautiful text and photos. Beautiful results. 1200 x 1200 dpi (Panasonic) 2400 x 600 dpi (Competitor) Fast with Clear Image Fast but not Clear

8 Smoothing Technology. Jagged edges and irregular colours can be seen. Jagged edges and irregular colours are significantly reduced. OFF ON

9 High Performance Printing Water Mark N in1 OverlayBooklet High-performance printer driver handles a wide range of printing requirements. ( Black & White )

10 Water Mark Feature Water Mark Setting Network or USB Specified watermarks such as “Confidential” or “Draft” can be automatically added when printing. Character size and angle can be adjusted as desired. + Water Mark Feature

11 N in 1 Printing 2 in 1 4 in 1 8 in 1 N in1 Setting 16 in 1 N in1 Feature Network or USB

12 Zoom Printing Zoom Setting 25% - 400% Zoom Feature Network or USB Left upRight up Center Lower left

13 Overlay Printing Overlay Setting Network or USB + Overlay Feature

14 Poster Printing Poster Setting Network or USB Poster Feature 2 x 2

15 Profiles Save Printer Driver Settings Profiles Save Feature

16 Print from E-mail Server Email Network Email Server B/W Print from Email Server Internet Email PDF conversion Email Scan to E-Mail

17 Device Monitor The Device Monitor starts Automatically and will warn the User in the case of a error. Network or USB

18 Compact Flatbed + ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) Copier Features Enhanced Copier Functions Proof Copy Quick ID Copy Easy Repeat Separate N in 1 Copy High-Speed Laser copying 32 Copies Per Min *1 13sec First Copy Time *2 Duplex Copying is possible *3 *1 Multiple copies of the same original *2 Using the ADF *3 Not available for Quick ID, Easy repeat, Poster copy

19 High-Speed Laser Copy 32 cpm

20 Compact Flatbed & ADF With Duplex Copy Support Compact Flatbed: You can copy books, magazines, newspapers or even small objects. (receipts, driver licenses) Auto Document Feeder: Up to 50-sheets can be set at one time when copying a multi-page document. Duplex Copy is available This supports booklet copying. Compact Flatbed + ADF Duplex Copy Support *1 Booklet *1 Not available for Quick ID, Easy repeat, Poster copy

21 Proof Copy You can check the 1 st set is OK before starting multi-copying. 1 st set output Continue copying. 2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th output...

22 Quick ID copy (Scanner glass only) Double sided card Card (Front) Card (Back) 2 in 1 4 in 1 8 in 1 *Duplex copy is not available Max 8 in 1 copy You can copy both sides of a original Card to a single sheet, allowing you to save paper. Very useful for copying business cards, driver's licenses or ID cards, etc.

23 Easy Repeat (Scanner glass only) Max 8 in 1 copy 2 in 1 Card Front 4 in 1 8 in 1 *Duplex copy is not available You can make multiple copies of a specified document repeatedly on a single sheet. Convenient for multi-copying of business cards, driver’s licenses, ID cards, etc.

24 Separate N in 1Copy (Scanner glass only) Max 4 in 1 copy 2 in 1 4 in 1 2 in 1 4 in 1 N in 1 document can split a original on to separate pages. (2 in 1  2 pages, 4 in 1  4 pages)

25 Fax Features Preview Function via embedded Web server PC-Fax included with Multi-Function Station Software 300 Stations Phonebook 50 Sheets Paper Capacity ADF (Auto Document Feeder) Memory Size - Total 6MB: TX:2MB, RX:4MB Super G3 Fax (33.6kbps)

26 Fax Preview Function Delete Transmit to Reduce Print Out Save file ■Web Preview Function

27 PC-Fax using Multi-Function Station Software Transmission Reception Phone network Destination Fax Send and Receive documents directly from your PC – Saving Paper

28 33.6 kbps Super G3 Fax High-Speed Super G3 Fax Transmission - For reduced communication cost - For high-volume / long-distance Super G3 Fax 33.6kbps Super G3 Fax 33.6kbps G3 Fax 14.4 kbps Total approx 40 sec. A4 5 pages.* Total approx 40 sec. A4 5 pages.* Total approx 20 sec. A4 5 pages.* Total approx 20 sec. A4 5 pages.* About 1/2 Transmission Time Reduced Cost About 1/2 Transmission Time Reduced Cost

29 Scanner Features Various Scanning Formats Easy Scanning (Colour scan) - Multi-Function Viewer Software - ReadIris OCR (Optical Character Reader) Software -Up to 50-sheet ADF (Auto Document Feeder) - Scan to FTP Server (FTPc Put) - Scan to E-mail Address

30 Easy Scanning USB Cable Or Network USB Cable Or Network x2

31 Various Scanning Formats Scanned data can be saved to 4 different file formats: PDF/TIFF/JPEG/BMP. Scanned data TIFF JPEG PDF BMP

32 Scan to FTP Server Network Scanned data (BW) can be transferred to an FTP Server without using a PC. FTP Server (Setup Max.6) PDF/TIFF /JPEG

33 Scan to Email Server Internet Email Network PDF/TIFF /JPEG *LAN connection only Scanned data (BW) can be Emailed as file attachments.

34 Network Sharing Network Security Easy Network Setting - Built in Networking - Approved Users Network Features

35 Network Sharing Network (10Base-T/100Base-TX) PC-FaxPrint Scan A single MFP can be shared by all the PCs connected to the LAN

36 Network Security Only users with permission to use all Network functions can use the Network MFP. Network I cannot print. User A User B User A : NG User B : OK I can print.

37 Easy Network Settings Check & change the network settings through a Web browser Network setup / operation / check Various settings can be performed via the Embedded Web function. Web browser (LAN connection only)

38 Productivity & Ease of Use Ease of Use – Universal Design - Large Paper Capacity – 500 sheets - Optional additional 500 sheet Tray - Easy Paper replacement & Jam removal - Simple & intuitive User Interface Low Cost Per Print Maintenance Free - 8k Toner Life & 20k Drum life - Ideal for CPP contracts - Built in Soft Counter for Billing - Simple Consumable replacement - Long Machine Life – 240k without any PM parts - Target volume 3k to 6k per month

39 Maintenance Free TONER DQ-TCB008-X 8,000 Pages*1 DRUM DQ-DCB020-X 20,000 Pages = = No PM Parts Required. Machine Life - 240k. Target AMCV - 3~6k. (*1 ISO/IEC 19752 standard)

40 Simple Control Panel Language Independent control panel – Simple uncluttered user interface

41 Easy Front Loading Cassette Easy Jam Removal 500 Sheet Capacity Large Exit Area Easy Paper Management

42 DP-MB300 Outline Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) - Fax, scanner,copier - 50-sheet paper capacity Easy-to-read LCD Screen (16 digits / 2 lines) Easy-to-use Control Panel Flatbed Scanner - You can scan books, magazines, newspapers or even three-dimensional figures with flatbed platen. Navigator key & SET key - Easy operation to select various features. 12-Keypad, Start button (green), Stop button (red) Mode Keys (Scanner: gray, Copier: red, Fax: blue) - Fast, easy switching between Fax, Copier, and Scanner modes by pressing appropriate Mode Key. One-touch Dial Keys ( 5 x 2 stations) 100-sheet Paper Output Tray 500-sheet Paper Cassette (Input) 533mm 459mm 478mm Weight : Approx. 22.3Kg

43 All the Menu Bars on ‘Slide 2’ are linked. Click to jump to section All Slides – Click on the ‘MB300’ to jump back to menu DP-MB300 FEATURE PPT. How to use. Slides after 2 Auto Advance after 20 Sec You can click to Advance Manually

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