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TIPS AND TOOLS FOR TAX OFFICES Roy Seaman and Jonathan Martin June 20, 2013.

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1 TIPS AND TOOLS FOR TAX OFFICES Roy Seaman and Jonathan Martin June 20, 2013

2 Tips and Tools for Tax Offices We will be highlighting the following features today: Store Select List Document upload Statements from any screen Batch receipts Phone/Email screen Deposit out of balance fix 2

3 Store Select List The Store Select list feature allows you to select a group of accounts and put them into a trigger table. From there you can print statements for them all at once, or even bring them into the Payment Process area to pay them all at once. This feature is available on the Account Search screen. 3

4 Store Select List 4

5 5

6 First time, you must enter a Sequence No., but afterwards it will default to that number. After you press Save, you can then go pay these accounts or print statements using the sequence number you saved. 6

7 Store Select List 7

8 Store Select List - Payments 8

9 Enter the Sequence No. and press ‘Selected Accounts’ 9

10 Store Select List - Payments 10

11 Store Select List - Statements 11

12 Store Select List – Second Time Can choose which request seq. to put it in 12

13 Document Upload The Documents screen can be used to store and retrieve any type of document, spreadsheet or image and associate the document with an account or jurisdiction. Depending on a user's security settings, documents can be deleted or hidden from view. This screen can be accessed from the Main Menu, the Tax Unit Maintenance screen, or the Fiduciary Master screen. 13

14 Document Upload Documents button is not Red 14

15 Document Upload Exit to Main Menu, then go to Products / Documents 15

16 Document Upload Click on Add Document 16

17 Document Upload Fill in fields with requested info 17

18 Document Upload Click Browse and find the file to be uploaded 18

19 Document Upload Click Open and then click Upload Document 19

20 Document Upload Now click on the Documents tab, then the star box at the far right 20

21 Document Upload 21

22 Document Upload Now go back to Account Status – documents button is red 22

23 Document Upload Click the Documents button – can click star box at right to see document 23

24 Document Upload As mentioned before, can also see from Tax Unit Maintenance 24

25 Statements from any Screen You can print a statement from any screen by going up to Statements in the Menu at the top of the screen Does not have all of the options that are available through Online Products 25

26 Statements from any screen Choose Current/Delq Statements from Statements drop-down 26

27 Statements from any Screen 27

28 Batch Receipts for Deposits To print receipts for more than one deposit at a time, you can use the Batch Receipt screen. The receipts will have the same format as those printed from the payment screen or from the Reprint Receipt tab on the Online Product screen. 28

29 Batch Receipts for Deposits Choose Products / Batch Receipts 29

30 Batch Receipts for Deposits 30

31 Batch Receipts for Deposits Fill in the date range that contains the desired deposits and then click ‘Select Deposits’ 31

32 Batch Receipts for Deposits Click on the deposit name and then click the single arrow pointing left to move it to the right column 32

33 Batch Receipts for Deposits Click OK – deposit now appears in Deposits Selected area 33

34 Batch Receipts for Deposits Now click Produce Receipts – depending on the receipt you use, you will go to BMI 14901, 14902 or 14903 You can sort on zip code, remit seq, payer or account number 34

35 Phone / Email Screen The Phone / Email screen allows users to view, add and update information to owners' phone numbers and e-mail addresses. You must have the following entitlements to use it: ACT_PHONE: View the Phone-Email screen ACT_PHONE_ADD: Add new records to the Phone-Email screen ACT_PHONE_UPDATE: Update existing data on the Phone-Email screen Click on Accounts from any screen, then choose Phone/Email 35

36 Phone / Email Screen 36

37 Phone / Email Screen Enter phone info on first tab, including extension if given 37

38 Phone / Email Screen Can choose type of phone (home, work, etc.) from ‘Type’ star box 38

39 Phone / Email Screen Can click on email tab and enter email info - click Save when done 39

40 Deposit Out of Balance Fix If you have a deposit that is showing ‘Deposit Out of Balance’, you can correct this situation yourself. If you re- open the deposit, save it, then re-close it and save, it will update the Deposit Control total This will not work if the message says ‘Remittance Out of Balance’ On those, you must contact ACT for assistance. 40

41 Deposit Out of Balance Fix 41

42 Deposit Out of Balance Fix These three numbers must match 42

43 Deposit Out of Balance Fix Change ‘Open’ to ‘Closed’ and Save 43

44 Deposit Out of Balance Fix Re-print report 44

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