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HUG 2003 halFILE Users Conference Welcome to Austin.

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1 HUG 2003 halFILE Users Conference Welcome to Austin

2 Welcome to HUG 2003 H - halFILE, Optical Access, WinImage, CountyCashier. U - Users. The best User’s meetings are run by Users. Think about volunteering to help with next years HUG meeting. G - Group. That’s us, Users plus hal employees. Mission statement Our mission is straightforward and effective: To continuously educate our members, facilitate networking among colleagues and hal Systems representatives, and influence future hal Systems.

3 Thanks to our Vendors Fujitsu – Rob Turner Samsung – Ted Cox and our Imaging products Distributor Cranel – Michael Sweet, Cindy Reekon Visit their display tables outside the Ballroom

4 Some of our Resellers are here: AMS – Advanced Micro Solutions – Sherman, TX –Mindy Sloan, Jena Barron, Wade Gilgore & Aaron Miller TDMS – Texas Document Management Systems – Denison Texas –Mike Hathaway & Lucia Hathaway Imagine Imaging – Redding, California –Shawn Sease Surety Data Systems –San Angelo, TX –Scott Stout

5 Now a Quiz? What does ‘hal’ stand for? 1. Hahn and Langham 2. The computer ‘hal’ in 2001: A Space Odyssey 3. One up on IBM (each letter – hal is one letter before “IBM”) The answer is- ALL OF THE ABOVE!

6 halFILE’s Developer TOM HOKANSON CHIEF SOFTWARE ARCHITECT halFILE, e.halFILE & halTRACK Tom started on halFILE in 1987, a DOS version which we beta tested at an Insurance Company and then eventually sold in 1991 to Edna Abstract (Texas)

7 Software Development Group Tom Hokanson - 21 years –Sr. Vice President Software Development Richard Hahn - 26 years –Sr. Vice President Product Planning Christopher Smith - 9 years –Senior Systems Analyst Scott Johnson - 3 years – Systems Analyst/Programmer James Tabor - 6 years –Technical Support Analyst Almost a garage... Austin 6th street 1981

8 New York Developer Richard Hahn - 26 years Sr. Vice President Product Planning responsible for halFILE CountyCashier product line responsible legacy products: Land/NET Lease Records System and PASHAL/NET (O&G accounting)

9 Dallas - Home Office Karen Duncan - 26 years - Exec. Assistant - responsible for everything else! Jimmy Dean - 19 years - Vice President Support Services Matt Macone - 9 years - Support Services Specialist Dave Persful - 7 years - Imaging Sales Consultant & Account Representative

10 Denver Sales Office Kathy Taylor - 3 years - Imaging Sales Consultant & Account Representative for the midwest & northern states

11 Dallas - Home Office Home minding the fort !! Heda Elmendorf Hahn - 26 years - Controller Linda Goad - 14 years - Accounts Payable/Accounting Jessica Kizer - Receptionist

12 2003 Accomplishments Made our 330 th halFILE sale Reached 4,400 halFILE seats Upgraded 130 clients to V2.1 Soon to release halFILE V2.2, e.halFILE V2.2 & CountyCashier V2.2 Moved into larger offices in Dallas We are holding our 2 nd Annual HUG conference!

13 Special Award for our early adopters – halFILE Pioneers Carol McDonald Edna, Texas Coastal Title - McDonald & McDonald Coastal Title First halFILE Customer January 1992 Coastal scanned and built 4 Title Plants using halFILE

14 Special Award for our early adopters – halFILE Pioneers Jackson County Clerk Edna, Texas Kenneth McElveen, County Clerk First halFILE Government Customer January 1993 Jackson County installed halFILE and then CountyCashier when it was released

15 Special Award for our early adopters – halFILE Pioneers Augusta Title Atlanta, Georgia First halTRACK Customer - 2001 Augusta has processed 30,000 orders through halTRACK since they began using it

16 5 MILLION IMAGE AWARD Mercury Companies, Inc Denver, Colorado (Better known as Security Title Guaranty) Bought halFILE in 1996, e.halFILE in 2001 Have 12,000,000 pages under halFILE management 12 Databases, 38 scanners, two major applications (Title plant & policy, Human Resources) Clients with over 5 million pages under halFILE management

17 5 MILLION IMAGE AWARD Ticor Title (Key Title) Salem, Oregon –Bought halFILE in 1997 –Run a 12 county Title Plant in Oregon –Have 7,696,000 pages under halFILE management –Use centralized Terminal Services for 160 users in 13 offices

18 Soon to be 5 Million Image Awards Colorado Record Data Denver, Colorado Just bought halFILE & e.halFILE & are converting 26 million pages for access by their agents & customers

19 1 MILLION IMAGE AWARDS First American Title – St Louis, MO Stewart Title of Cameron County, TX Coastal Title - Calhoun County TX Wise County Title – Decatur, TX

20 Existing Million Image Award Winners Coastal Title (4 counties) – (3.5 million) - Edna, TX Texas Dept of Health - Fiscal – (2.6 million) Austin, TX NTA Life Insurance - Dallas, TX Cumberland Title - Nashville, TN North Star Title - Minneapolis, MN Great American Title – (3.6 million) Springfield, MO Universal Title - Edina, MN United Title – Lakewood, Colorado Walsh Title - Edina, MN Stewart Title of Kansas City - Blue Springs, KS American Abstract – Des Moines, IA Stewart Employee Services, Houston, TX Trinity Abstract - Waxahachie, TX

21 Fun & Games We will be drawing tickets at the beginning of each session The lucky winners get hal t-shirts or caps, Texas wine, Austin t-shirts and other fun gifts........

22 Don’t forget dinner tonight! at the Iron Cactus Downtown 6 th Street….. –authentic Mexican-style restaurant –highly recommended by our own “man about town” James Tabor –606 Trinity - 3 blks east of the Driskill –RSVP with Karen at the registration desk

23 Housekeeping items Please fill out the session evaluations If you need assistance with anything, see Karen or James (our man around town) If you want DSL access to your office/email – plug in over at the Demo computers or see Matt to hook up Cocktail Party tonight and Dinner afterwards

24 Welcome to Austin - Thanks for coming! We hope you enjoy your stay and learn all about our products! Now on with the HUG Conference... Session I – halFILE V2.2 enhancements

25 There's no such thing as a bad hug, only good ones and great ones HUGS halFILE Users Get Smarter

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