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Mercury Family of Companies and hal Systems Over 7 Million Images and Eight Data Bases How did we do it?

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1 Mercury Family of Companies and hal Systems Over 7 Million Images and Eight Data Bases How did we do it?

2 Mercury Companies Subsidiaries Security Title Guaranty Co. First American Heritage Title Co Title America Financial TitleAlliance TitleLenders 1 st Choice Arizona TitleTitle Guaranty CoCustom Home Building..Serv Mortgage Doc Prep...Services Real estate …Services Loan Mortgage …Services

3 How Did We Start 1996-Security Title (Bailey Office) - unable to physically store the overload of paper Title files, we looked for a scanning, storage and distribution system that’s simple to use and highly customizable. This was the first client/server standalone system installation in Colorado. We later added 100/CD Juke Box for the optical disk storage, DLT-Tape back-up.

4 Security Title Bailey- LAN Security Title Bailey- LAN

5 Security Title Woodland Park 1996-97 Teller County Clerk & Recorder converts to imaging (group 4 tiff) hal Systems created a custom application to auto-import/index the daily images from the county and into halFILE We later added GI Indexing

6 Security Title Woodland Park-LAN

7 Security Title Canon City Acquired through acquisition - an existing halFILE user (the most versatile user base) Converted legacy title plant to halFLIE Fremont County and Custer County – both scan and import from CD/Tape Scanned title/escrow closed files

8 Security Canon City-LAN

9 e.halFILE 1.4 Released 2001 we begin to look for new ways in managing halFILE (client/server configuration became a big maintenance). We consolidated our multiple databases to a thin client environment (Citrix/Terminal Server). Axis 7000 (document server device) used to drive a scanner to a target FTP folder.

10 Co-Location Facilities Centralization of mission critical servers Supports thin client computing model Redundancy/fail-over and centralized backups Reliable and Scaleable Increased Data Security and Privacy Bandwidth on Demand

11 New Thin Client Configuration New Thin Client Configuration

12 Thin Client Benefits All applications are running on a centralized server farm Greatly simplifies software upgrades Can dramatically decrease IT costs $$ through reduced staff and software maintenance (desktop support) Prevents unauthorized software downloads…

13 more…Thin Client Benefits more…Thin Client Benefits Telecommuting Office work load can be distributed Terminal Clients-no moving parts (no wear and tear on drives, fans or hardware upgrades) Desktop Shadowing- huge for training and IT support

14 File Storage Three Colorado Title Companies, participated in joint closed file scanning. Barcode recognition to auto index documents in halFILE. Axis7000 & Scanners (over 30 set-ups across three states).

15 …more File Storage Average of 1 Gig of images being scanned and auto-indexed in halFILE daily. Built-in multi-layered security. End users can access any file online 24/7. from there desktop.

16 Human Resources With about 1,200 employee files (HR & Payroll) we set out to image them. We developed the file layout requirements and performed the file preparation (with barcodes). Used an outside scanning company to mass scan the bulk paper files (one- time) to.tiff images and hal System created a import application.

17 more...Human Resources Over 12 different companies personnel departments are accessing this data base or scanning in three states. Built-in security (Very BIG). Data is accessible from anywhere on the network.

18 Base File Project Problem: each of the three Colorado companies shared the same problem of 20-40 file cabinets of paper subdivisions files within there title plant operations Solution: Share this data online, through halFILE/e.halFILE (scan, import existing images and use joint plant for indexes)

19 more…Base File Project Benefit: Consolidate 20-40 file cabinets of the same stored paper folders. –Centralized data (backed-up) shared and accessible from any office –Telecommuting –Office work distribution –Lower cost of office space –Paperless file direction

20 Summary Its been a very successful evolution with halFILE / e.halFILE. With the flexibility of hal Systems, new applications and processes is really up to the imagination. 24/27 Access Thin Client Title Plants Base File H/R File Store

21 Where to Get More Information

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