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The Social Buddies Application Powered by V2.5 (email)

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1 The Social Buddies Application Powered by V2.5 (email)

2 Summary  General review of Teletech International & Eb-Lab  The Social Buddies project? –Context –Goals  Why would you choose Social Buddies? –Features –Price list & offers  Contact us 2

3 Teletech International review  20 years of experience in customer relationship management  An SSII integrated group to supply powerful and personnalized tools  Working for companies which are leaders in their fields 3

4 Teletech International review 4

5 Eb-Lab' review  IT Research and Development company  Orientation : Web 2.0 & changes in customer usage  Social-CRM support 5

6 Context : key data 6 96 % of french people under 30 years old use a social media in France. 75 % of Facebook users feel more connected to the brand than anywhere else on the web.

7 Context: Key data 7

8 8

9 Social Buddies' goals Social Buddies allows you to promote your brand, using and developing a community and ambassadors: manage, develop loyalty, and reward your best customers! Offer a direct and intuitive dialog to the customer. Get new information about your clients by linking the available data of Facebook to your classical CRM device. Manage your customers questions and remarks in a dedicated area. 9

10 Features 10 This feature allows your client to ask questions on a dedicated page and not on your Facebook page. Your "Best Buddies" are more likely to get involved in the conversation to share skills and experience, and to provide advice, and recommendations about your products and solutions. Sharing, voting, answering and searching questions are also a part of available features. Dialog between Fans – Ambassadors – Employees:

11 Features 11 This feature allows you to easily and quickly display information to all your fans. Announcements

12 Features 12 Administrators, Community managers, classic members and ambassadors can be piloted from this module. Management of users accounts

13 Features 13 This feature allows you to get statistics about the activity of your ambassadors, and to detect those who you will be able to trust. The statistics are exportable and downloadable in PDF or CSV format. Reportings

14 Features 14 This feature allows you to deal with the rewards that you give to your ambassadors. You have the choice to attribute rewards, to promote classic member to ambassadors, or to assign an higher ambassador’s rank. Rewards

15 Features 15 Thanks to this feature, you can decide if the users need to like your page to be able to use the application. You can also choose the profile information needed to use the solution. Requested permissions and data are configurable for each application action (ask, vote…) Collection of additional data

16 Features 16 This feature allows you to warn the user who asked a question that an answer has been given. Thus he is invited to come back to confirm an answer or simply to continue the talk. Notifications

17 Features 17 With the application you can choose between a large choice of graphic themes, but also to use your logos and banners. You can also configure many application's behaviors. The application could be set up in the language of your choice. Customization

18 Features 18 This features allows your ambassadors to access a knowledge base, thus they are becoming brand's experts. Let your ambassadors become experts

19 Features All of this gathered in a short video: 19

20 Les offres & tarifs 20

21 Les offres spéciales 21

22 Thank you for paying attention Teletech International Commercial Direction 10 avenue Ledru Rollin – 75012 Paris Phone number. : Mail : 22

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