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The Social Buddies Application Jalele Achour External Consultant in Social CRM Powered by.

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1 The Social Buddies Application Jalele Achour External Consultant in Social CRM Powered by

2 Summary Introduction to Teletech International Why create Social Buddies ? Key features of social networks Video Presentation Functionnalities Offers and Prices Why Social Buddies ? Contact us 2

3 Presentation Teletech International 20 years of experience in customer relationship An integrated SSII to the group to provide successful and specialized tools Client companies leader in their field of activity 3

4 Teletech International Clients 4

5 Why create Social Buddies ? Social Buddies allows to make out of your customers ambassadors : manage, retain and reward your best customers! 5

6 What your customers are looking for 6

7 The key figures of social networks 7

8 8

9 The Features of Social Buddies 9 Build your network of ambassadors- contributors This feature allows your customers to ask questions on all subjects, just away from your main page. Your "Best Buddies" are encouraged to become involved in the trade, to share skills and experiences, and even to give advice and to recommend your products and solutions.. Share, vote, answer, and search for a question are also part of the features available for this component.

10 The Features of Social Buddies 10 Management of announcements This feature allows you to quickly disseminate information to all your fans in a very simple way.. A product out of stock, a novelty or any other information can be communicated directly and quickly to your fans.

11 The Features of Social Buddies 11 Detailed Statistics This feature is available in the "Back-office" of the application and allows your access to statistics on the activity of your ambassadors, in order to detect those who are going to be able to support you. Number of questions asked, number of answered questions, number of questions waiting to be answered, number of ambassadors, number of users, most discussed subjects, etc. The statistics are exportable and downloadable in PDF format and CSV

12 The Features of Social Buddies 12 Managing User Accounts This functionality is available in the "Back- office" of the application and allows you to manage all the application users. Administrators, Community Manager, classic Members and Ambassadors can be piloted from this module. For example, you can view the profile of your ambassadors and obtain detailed information on their activity on the application.

13 The Features of Social Buddies 13 Rewards Management This feature is available in the "Back-office" of the application and allows you to manage the rewards that you assign to your ambassadors. According to the profiles, you have a choice of the most effective rewards, you can make a member a classic ambassador, block users or even give them a lower or higher grade..

14 The Features of Social Buddies 14 Data Recovery This feature is activated during the installation of the application on your Facebook page. You decide if users are obliged or not to love your page in order to use the application, and you choose the compulsory profile details that you want to recover from your fans. For example, you can ask your users to love necessarily your page, to provide their email address and the list of their contacts to access the application.

15 Offers & Prices 15

16 Special Offers 16

17 Why choose Social Buddies ? 17 Trust us: Teletech International is an expert in customer relationship for 20 years.

18 Why choose Social Buddies ? 18 Innovative & powerful: To place yourself in a situation of dialog with all your consumers, Social Buddies allows you to benefit from a support as numerous as free, all acquired to your cause, which will come as a reinforcement from your customer support as from your commercial force. You can also count on their strength of proposal.New features are available regularly and availibility of 99,9% in SaaS mode.

19 Why choose Social Buddies ? 19 Easy to be used: An ergonomics worked to facilitate its use. You are operational at once !

20 Why choose Social Buddies ? 20 Saves time & money: processing of fast requests for a reduced rate. Lower your processing costs by creating a community of ambassadors competent, informed and loyal.

21 Why choose Social Buddies ? 21 Federate, identify and reward: Create a reliable ecosystem between you and your customers. Increase the satisfaction of your customers by answering their expectations directly from your Facebook page. Name ambassadors and reward them in form of events or dedicated promotions. Put at their disposal a successful and evolutionary knowledge base to guide them in their advice to the neophytes clients.

22 Why choose Social Buddies ? 22 e-Reputation – "Bad Buzz" : Control and ameliorate your relation with your clients on social networks. React and make your community react to anticipate possible "Bad Buzz".

23 Why choose Social Buddies ? 23 Turnover: Increase your sales by letting your ambassadors do your advertising, recommend your products. The studies show that this is the advice of other clients who have the greatest influence on the purchasing decisions of consumers.

24 Why choose Social Buddies ? 24 Detailes Statistics: Get all the information concerning the activity of your "Social Support" in a few clicks.

25 Why choose Social Buddies ? 25 Attractive prices: Enjoy a solution providing clear and effective offers for a very competitive price.

26 Why choose Social Buddies ? 26 Increase your number of fans : The quality of treatment and the attractiveness of your page will automatically bring new fans thanks to the prescription of your ambassadors.

27 Why choose Social Buddies ? 27 Customer relationship evolves. With Facebook, anticipate and take advantage of all the opportunities offered by Social Buddies!

28 Thank you for your attention Jalele Achour Commercial & Marketing Consultant 10 avenue Ledru Rollin – 75012 Paris Tel. : Mobile : Mail : 28

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