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United, Becoming the World’s Leading Airline World Travel Inc. Symposium May 17, 2013.

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1 United, Becoming the World’s Leading Airline World Travel Inc. Symposium May 17, 2013

2 Achieve operational reliability Achieve good customer service Beat the plan On-time departures Improved efficiency SAFETY is always our #1 Priority 2013 Priorities

3 OctSepAugJulJunMayApr 77.1 MarFeb 80.7 JanDecNov Mainline On-Time Arrivals (% of flights) Year-to-date80.1 May 2012 YTD79.0 Data through May 12, 2013 Mainline Completion (% of flights) JulJunMayDecNovOctSepAugApr 99.0 Mar 98.7 FebJan On-Time Performance is Improved from 2012 2012Actual Year-to-date98.8 May 2012 YTD99.2 April was impacted by FAA furloughs

4 Delivering Great Customer Service  All front-line co-workers are receiving customer service training  Through April, more than 24,000 co-workers trained:  69% of customer service agents  64% of contact center representatives  37% of flight attendants Customer Satisfaction On-time Arrival

5 United is Demonstrating Capacity Discipline Note: Rolling consolidated capacity for prior twelve months; industry includes AMR, DAL, LUV and LCC; capacity proforma for merged carriers. Source: Earnings releases and SEC filings Industry ex-UAL 1Q121Q111Q101Q091Q081Q071Q13 Change in Consolidated Capacity  Measured approach to aircraft replacement  Expect fleet count to remain roughly flat over next 5 years  Generates stable earnings

6 Alliance Comparison Future members: Status as of 28NOV12: Kingfisher's integration to oneworld has been put on hold FEB12 (not shown in oneworld future members anymore) – Garuda's integration into SkyTeam postponed to 2014 – EVA Air accepted as future Star Alliance member MAR12 – BMI exited Star Alliance APR12 – Saudia joined SkyTeam MAY12 - SriLankan invited to join oneworld JUN12 – MEA joined SkyTeam JUN12 – AR joined SkyTeam AUG12 – XIAMEN Airlines joined SkyTeam NOV12 – Qatar invited to join oneworld – Shenzhen Airlines joined Star NOV12 Members: 27 Daily Departures: 21,900 Airports: 1,356 Countries: 194 Members: 17 Daily Departures: 14,800 Airports: 983 Countries: 178 Members: 11 Daily Departures: 8,627 Airports: 730 Countries: 149

7 787 Domestic Return to Service: May 20 – July 13, 2013 EffectiveCity PairsTimesNotes 5/20IAH/ORD11:00 p.m. N / 3:45 p.m. SRe-Inaugural 5/21 – 7/31IAH/ORD 7:00 a.m. N / 11:31 a.m. SNo-op Saturday IAH/ORD 4:08 p.m. N / 8:39 p.m. SNo-op Saturday 5/21 – 5/30IAH/DEN 9:15 a.m. W / 2:25 p.m. E737 to 787 5/22 – 6/09IAH/DEN 7:39 a.m. W / 11:13 a.m. EDaily IAH/DEN 4:38 p.m. W / 8:10 p.m. EDaily IAH/LAX 6:05 a.m. W / 10:10 a.m. EDaily IAH/ORD 5:20 p.m. N / 10:00 p.m. SDaily 5/23 – 7/31IAH/ORD11:00 a.m. N / 3:40 p.m. SNo-op Sunday IAH/LAX 8:35 p.m. W / 12:21 a.m. ENo-op Sunday 5/25 – 6/09IAH/DEN 6:00 a.m. W / 9:30 a.m. EDaily IAH/LAX 3:00 p.m. W / 7:20 p.m. EDaily 6/10 – 7/31IAH/LAX 6:05 a.m. W / 9:45 a.m. EDaily Schedules subject to change. Visit for most updated information.

8 Launch date: June 10, 2013  Only nonstop flight between Denver and Asia  787 equipment with 36J/183Y configuration  United’s 8 th continental U.S. destination from NRT NRT DEN 5:25 p.m. 1:15 p.m. 787 3:30 p.m. +1 12:35 p.m. New Service: Denver (DEN) – Tokyo (NRT) Schedule

9 Late Summer 2013 International 787 Plan  All routes are planned to be operating by mid-August  DEN-NRT starts June 10  LAX-NRT starts August 1  LAX-PVG starts August 2  IAH-LOS starts August 12

10  More comfortable and efficient  Seating configuration:12 First (37”), 16 Economy Plus (34”), and 48 Economy (31”)  Larger overhead bins to accommodate standard carry-on bags  Wider seats and aisles 10% less fuel consumption and less CO 2 emissions per seat than the 50-seat aircraft they replace Introducing 30 New 76-Seat Embraer 175s in 2014 and 2015

11 Update on Strategic Aircraft Programs in Progress Flat-Bed Seats Completion Rate  Estimate all international A/C will have flat-bed seats in August 2013 with retirement of remaining 767-200s  Last aircraft to be modified with flat-bed seats will be completed by July 13 Economy Plus Airbus Bin Refresh  Fully complete by September 2013 Airbus Slimline Seats  New Economy seats for fleet of 152 Airbus aircraft beginning installation  Expect to complete all aircraft by Q4 2014 p.s.  First revenue flight on new 757 p.s. aircraft was March 18  Planning to complete conversion on these 15 757 aircraft by Q4 2014  All but select 737-800s and Guam- based 737s will be done by July 2013  Fully complete by Q3 2014 93% of mainline Completed 630 planes * Completed 182 aircraft with flat-bed seats. 7039 seats total* 60% complete Completed 91 planes* First aircraft entered service 7% complete Completed 1 plane* Update *Numbers reflect status through April 25,2013

12 United BusinessFirst Seat Features  180 degrees flat  6 ½ feet of sleeping space  25 inches wide  15.4-inch video monitors for personal on-demand entertainment  Currently 7,039 flat-bed seats When completed in July 2013, United will have the most flat-bed seats of any North American carrier SM

13 Economy Plus Conversions  As of May, 628 mainline aircraft have E+ seating, 85% of entire fleet  Full mainline fleet expected to be complete by Q3 2014

14  Total aircraft: 152  Slim seatback allows for more rows while still offering uncompromised customer comfort  Creates more common A320 fleet to provide schedule flexibility and prevent potential passenger disruption during irregular operations  Seat design provides opportunity to add between 6 and 12 seats (+8 on A319, +12 on mainline, +6 on ex-Ted)  Seat weighs up to 20% less than traditional seats Airbus Slimline Seats

15 p.s. Product Changes Overview Current p.s. ProductFuture p.s. Product Premium Seats  12 angled flat-bed seats in United First and 26 recliner seats in United Business United Economy Seats  72 Economy Plus seats Inflight Entertainment  Handheld DigEplayer in premium cabins  Overhead TV screens in Economy  GoGo inflight internet Premium Seats  28 full flat-bed seats in United BusinessFirst with 180 degrees recline  United First will no longer be offered. Front cabin will be United BusinessFirst United Economy Seats  48 Economy Plus seats and 66 Economy seats  Increased legroom in Economy Plus – up to 36 inches Inflight Entertainment  Personal on-demand entertainment on 15.4 inch monitors in BusinessFirst and 9-inch monitors in Economy  GoGo inflight internet (up to three times faster)  Standard 110v power outlets at all seats Décor Refresh Cabins are being refreshed to include new flooring, sidewalls, galleys, closets and lavatories

16 p.s. United Economy Upgrade  Upgrade from overhead CRTs to personal on-demand entertainment, including a 9 inch light-touch capacitive touchscreen monitor  Economy Plus will offer 5 extra inches of legroom and additional recline Existing Economy with CRT monitors New Economy with 9” touchscreen on-demand entertainment CurrentFuture

17 Investing at the Airport Houston (IAH) Terminal B South  Terminal dedicated to our United Express regional flights  First phase (15 gates) to open in May  Final phase (15 gates) planned for completion in 4Q2013 Chicago (ORD) Jet Bridges  7 of 10 completed, three remaining by the end of June  Six additional bridges planned for phase 4 Newark (EWR) Terminal C  Reached agreement with PANYNJ for a 20- year lease extension on our C1/C2 facility  Under terms of the lease, United will make $150MM investment in our C1/C2 facilities over lifetime of the lease

18 Wi-Fi Advantage  First U.S. carrier to implement international Wi-Fi  Satellite Wi-Fi better than existing air-to-ground systems  Faster speeds  More bandwidth for less congestion  Overwater and worldwide coverage (some area exceptions) 18 Installation Update  Satellite Wi-Fi installations continuing  Installations this year lower than originally targeted due to new FAA ruling requiring additional testing and certification  United plans to have Wi-Fi installed on more than 500 aircraft by end of 2014  As of April 25: 51 total complete

19  Improves travel experience for eligible customers at U.S. airports  Offers options for domestic and select international travel itineraries  Eligible customers using TSA Pre ✓ ™ no longer need to remove shoes, laptops 3-1-1 compliant bags, light outerwear, belts

20 New Boarding Groups for All Flights in June Gate Layouts at Top 20 Stations Gate Layout New Boarding Process Window Middle Aisle

21 Baggage service kiosk 54% Gate side kiosks 58% Self-tagging 62% Mobile bag tracking 63% Self bag drop 65% Self-boarding 70% Passenger Interest in Self-Serve Options 2 1 United Airlines February 2010 Customer Insights & Metrics, United Tracker Survey 2 2011 SITA Passenger Self-Service Survey Check-in Process Satisfaction 1 Self-Serve 33% Traditional ChannelsTraditional ChannelsTraditional ChannelsTraditional Channels 7%7% Customer Desire For Control Points to the Solution

22 Lobby Gates Irregular Operations  Self-tagging  Bag drop device  Houston (IAH):  Terminal C  Self boarding device  Automated announcements  Smart queing  Houston (IAH):  E4, A3A-A3H, C25&C26  Chicago (ORD):  C Concourse Automated Gate Self Bag Drop Service Center Redesign Testing Three New Processes that Will Enhance the Customer’s Travel Experience Locations

23 Step 1: Eight self-tag kiosks Step 2: Two automatic bag drop units, three vendor positions Self Bag Drop 2-Step Process

24 Automated Gates at Houston (IAH)  United installed self-boarding lanes at IAH Gates E4 and A3A-A3H to test multi- flight boarding

25 Eco-Skies: United’s Commitment to the Environment  United is committed to leading commercial aviation as an environmentally responsible company by taking actions today that shape a sustainable future  Business results  Expectations  Corporate citizenship

26 United’s Environmental Highlights 250 new fuel efficient aircraft ordered 85 million gallons of fuel savings planned in 2013 24% electrically or alternatively fueled GSE 1st commercial biofuel flight in U.S. 20 million pounds recycled in past 6 years 330 aircraft equipped with winglets 32% improvement in fuel efficiency since 1994

27 Eco-Skies Four-Pillar Commitment Improve Product & Facility Sustainability through innovation, recycling and product improvement Work with Stakeholders to promote accountability and protect the environment Improve Fuel Efficiency through technology and process improvement Advance Alternative Fuels both in the air and on the ground

28 Focused on Fuel and Carbon, Technology Improvement and Process innovation Winglets Electric and alternatively fueled ground service equipment Flight Ops Purchasing 250 new fuel-efficient aircraft APU Teams In 2013, goal is to save 85 million gallons of fuel = 827,000 tons of CO 2

29 Focused on Global Approach to Address Climate Change and International Aviation Emissions Management *Subject to government investment in technology, operations and infrastructure improvements 2010 1.5% fuel efficiency improvement per year Working toward carbon neutral growth 2020 Carbon neutral Growth Offset all growth emissions from 2020 2050 50% in CO 2 Reduce aviation CO 2 by 50% based on 2005 levels*

30 Thank You Thank You for Your Business!

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