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Enhancing the Customer Experience through Self-Service Innovations Jared Miller Sr. Director, Customer Self-Service Continental Airlines.

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1 Enhancing the Customer Experience through Self-Service Innovations Jared Miller Sr. Director, Customer Self-Service Continental Airlines

2 Corporate Background Evolution of Self-Service at CO Self-Service Adoption Recent Innovations at CO Product Consistency Looking Ahead Agenda

3 World’s 5 th largest airline More than 43,000 employees Hubs – New York, Houston, Cleveland, and Guam Service to 133 domestic and 132 international destinations Member of SkyTeam alliance with over 750 additional destinations More than 2,650 daily departures Approximately 65 million passengers per year!!! Recent Awards #1 World’s Most Admired Airline – FORTUNE Magazine – 6 years! #1 Customer Satisfaction – J.D. Power & Associates FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For Corporate Background

4 Self-Service at Continental 1995 – 1 st airline to introduce eTicket self check-in 2000 – Self-Service takes center stage at CO 2002 – TripAlert launches (email & voice) 2003 – Online check-in is launched 2004 – International self check-in introduced 2005 – Offshore kiosk deployment begins 2006 – 1 st airline to introduce baggage service kiosk 2007 – 1 st US airline to offer paperless boarding pass 2007 – Self check-in goes mobile 2007 – Self-service reaccommodation begins 2007 – Check-in becomes automatic – TripAlert delivery via SMS launched 2008 – Voice check-in launched 2008 – Enhanced flight information 2009 – Gate Information Displays

5 Why Self-Service? Accessible Privacy Speed Simplicity Convenience Transparency Choice Personalization Consistency Security Innovative Control Common Customer Responses

6 Why Self-Service? Maximize the customer experience! - Increased preparedness & control - Transparency of information Customer - Less clerical redundancy - Customer service ‘on-demand’ Employee Industry leading product and productivity! Continental

7 Self-Service is about Options & Personalization Stop the “One Size Fits All” approach! Tailor the service delivery to each customer! - Experienced, frequent flyer - Requires little or no assistance - Infrequent flyer or new to CO - Requires a “jump start” - Incapable or unwilling - Requires full agent assistance

8 A Multi-Channel Approach Customer Mobile - Web Voice Automation (mobile?) Mobile - SMS Kiosk Web Digital Signage

9 Network Coverage Kiosks 100% domestic coverage achieved! 40+ offshore airports have kiosks deployed! Online & Mobile 100% network coverage achieved! Voice 100% domestic coverage achieved!

10 Self-Service is for Everyone Domestic Check-in International Check-in Service Recovery Seat Change FF Update Bag Check Upgrade Request Multiple Languages Flight Change & Standby Oversale Management More than 98% of Continental’s customers are self check-in eligible! Unaccompanied Minors Special Services

11 Channel Shift * Patent Pending *

12 Recent Innovations

13 Voice Check-in Problem Statement Outbound voice check-in reminders made to millions of customers per year Voice reminders were a call to action Many customers lack the means to take action due to limited internet access Solution Outbound reminders enable flight check-in immediately! Boarding passes delivered via email, fax, or airport kiosk Customers can hear flight details, baggage policies, or custom alerts and advisories

14 Mobile Check-in 1 st US airline to launch mobile boarding passes! Available in 9 markets Hubs: Houston, Cleveland, Newark Outstations: Austin, Boston, Las Vegas, New York (LGA), San Antonio, Washington DC (DCA) Further expansion coming VERY soon!!!

15 A Green Initiative Environmental Impact 750,000 Mobile Boarding Passes 8,333 Sheets of Paper per Tree 90 Trees Saved!

16 Enhanced Flight Information Flight Status Upgrade Standby List Flight Standby List Seat Map Inflight Amenities Now available at or Customer Communication – Mobile Channel

17 Mobile Portfolio – Complimentary Products

18 Customer Communication – Gate Displays


20 Proactive Customer Communication automated speech SMS (text message) e-mail

21 Product Consistency Automation enhances the customer experience through consistent policy application. Same Day Flight Change –Itineraries evaluated to determine applicable fees for flight changes Baggage Fees –Overweight, oversize, excess bag fees are collected via kiosk International Documentation –Validates customer’s documents against travel requirements First Class Upgrades –Complimentary elite upgrades when available and consistent pricing for non- elites

22 Looking Ahead Continental continually seeks to simplify the travel experience with leading edge technology. Versatility –“Blue Sky” vs. Irregular Operations –Multi-channel solutions – seamless transitions Availability –Introduce kiosks to additional offshore markets –Expand mobile boarding pass availability Functionality –Expand reach to additional customers –Know how to communicate with your customers!

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