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Copyright© JSE Limited 2005 Project Orion Release C Market Communication Session 17 August 2007 Leanne Parsons.

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1 Copyright© JSE Limited 2005 Project Orion Release C Market Communication Session 17 August 2007 Leanne Parsons

2 © 2 Market Communication Session Agenda Part 1 – General Communication Session 14:00 – 14:45 −Timeline −Market Dress Rehearsal Objectives −Market Dress Rehearsal Pre – Requisites −Market Dress Rehearsal Success Criteria −Market Dress Rehearsal Participant Responsibilities −Market Dress Rehearsal Data Guidelines −Market Dress Rehearsal Communication −Market Dress Rehearsal Connectivity −Market Dress Rehearsal Tracking −Conformance Part 2 – Technical Workgroup Session 14:45 – 15:30 −Status and Follow up on the first TWG −Mandatory Conformance Testing −General Discussion and overview

3 © 3 July 07August 07September 07 Week of 9 – 13 Week of 16 – 20 Week of 23 – 27 Week of 30 - 03 Week of 06 – 10 Week of 13 – 17 Week of 20 – 24 Week of 27 – 31 Week of 03 - 07 Week of 10 - 14 Week of 17 – 21 Week of 24 - 28 TINTAPI User Conformance Pre-Prod UAT 18 th Internal DR 18 th Internal DR 25 th External DR 1 Final UAT 29 th External DR 2 29 th External DR 1 Green shades Denote Agri Derivatives Blue shades Denote Equity Derivatives Final UAT Timeline We are here

4 © 4 October 07November 07December 07 Week of 01 – 05 Week of 08 – 12 Week of 15 – 19 Week of 22 – 26 Week of 29 -02 Week of 05 – 09 Week of 12 – 16 Week of 19 – 23 Week of 26 – 30 Week of 03 – 07 Week of 10 - 14 Week of 24 – 28 Week of 31 - 08 29 th External DR 2 29 th External DR 1 6 th Prov DR 13 th // run 15 th AD Go Live Cont. 1 Go Live DR Cont. 2 5th29 th //RUN 10 th External DR 2 Go Live DR 12 th ED Go Live 3 rd Cont 2 27 th 26 th Cont 1

5 © 5 Market Dress Rehearsals Objectives Practice the cut over activities required for Go Live Simulate selected trading on the new Derivatives Trading Platforms Gauge overall level of readiness across all Stakeholders Identify any critical issues that need to be addressed prior to Go Live Provide Users with an opportunity to test their front-end solutions and related systems on the production environment Provide API developers with opportunity to prove systems in the production environment Prove EOD processes and other after market activities in the production environment Note: Apart from a brief, scheduled period of volume testing (Functional Testing Schedule) the overall objective of the JSE Release C Derivatives Markets Dress Rehearsal is NOT that of a stress test.

6 © 6 Market Dress Rehearsal Pre-Requisites Trading and Clearing Members must have attended training or be familiar with the respective new front-end applications All users must have IT support on site during dress rehearsals Clearing Members must have on-site support for the Friday evening activities as well for Sat at end of DRs for balancing Network connectivity to production environment configured on IP Successful log on to production environment (at least 3 days before dress rehearsal) Key responsible person identified and communicated to the JSE 3 days before the first dress rehearsal Must have passed Conformance by 28 September 2007

7 © 7 Ability to connect and trade Ability to receive public data 100% interactive participation throughout the test period Adherence to the test schedule and conditions Adherence to realistic order details and prices Adherence to normal trading and volume activity - except for volume testing period Completed and signed test checklists / results returned to the JSE Completed and signed declaration that functionality and data integrity was intact All issues are logged No excessive re-requests of data during the tests Market Dress Rehearsals Success Criteria

8 © 8 Market Dress Rehearsal User Responsibilities Users are responsible for all of their own environment preparations, connectivity and reference data download All users to log on and participate in the test Users must monitor communication channels throughout the test All errors must be logged following the error logging procedure Please refer to for the error logging procedure and template. Any other issue encountered during Dress Rehearsals must be logged with JSE Client Services (011-520 7777)

9 © 9 Market Dress Rehearsal Data Guidelines Valid user codes and passwords must be used for all application access −External test environment usernames apply −Passwords reset will be prompted by the system on first login Realistic prices and volumes must be entered Data will be converted from production for the Dress Rehearsals Before testing, check all clients available in the system are accurate and all positions reflect as at COB Friday before Dress Rehearsal

10 © 10 Market Dress Rehearsals Schedule - Friday ABalancing of environments Clearing Members to balance current production against Release C environment Clearing Members to notify JSE that they balance 19h00 – 21h00 BBackup of environments Clearing Members and JSE technical teams to perform backup of their Release C environments Clearing Members to follow their standard internal processes for this 21h00 – 23h00 Friday evening – Clearing Members and JSE only

11 © 11 Market Dress Rehearsals Schedule - Saturdays AJSE Market Startup Market startup procedure at JSE08h00 – 09h00 BContinuous Trading Users login, Open Order Period, Auction Period, Continuous Trading All traders onsite Use of realistic prices and volumes only 09h00 – 12h00 CVolume TestingSimulated Futures Closeout Volumes only12h00 – 12h30 DAdmin PeriodDeal Management and Report only trades12h30 – 13h00 EBalancing to Clearing Members MTM and Margining MTM file available for download End of Test for Trading Members and Information Subscribers business staff Clearing Members download and balance End of Test for Clearing Members business staff 13h00 – 14h00

12 © 12 Market Dress Rehearsals Schedule – Saturday (continued) FEnd of day Processing and Downloads End of day structured products available Reports available on website JSE internal processing 14h00 – 15h00 GRollback of Release C environment All users and JSE roll back environments to pre-dress rehearsal state End of Test for Users Technical staff 15h00 – 17h00

13 © 13 Market Dress Rehearsal Communication The JSE will communicate progress, issues and status of the tests with all users in a number of different ways: A message via the front end An email to all known email addresses An SMS to known cell phone numbers Web page to be found on:

14 © 14 Market Dress Rehearsal Connectivity Production environment Production Equity Derivatives and Agricultural Derivatives Trading Systems: Proxy host address: TCP port (Financials): 2003 TCP port (Agriculturals): 2210 Download Server for updates: Download Server host address: TCP port (Financials and Agriculturals):4410 Please note – the latest User Connectivity document is available from the JSE website. All stakeholders to ensure that access to the new Release C Production IP addresses is configured by all before the 1 st Dress Rehearsal.

15 © 15 Market Dress Rehearsals Tracking The JSE Release C Derivative Market Dress Rehearsal Detailed Checklist will be used as a measure of success of a participant in Market Dress Rehearsal. The checklist must be completed by a nominated representative and must be signed off by both the Head of Derivatives Trading and an IT representative. The completed Detailed Checklist must be submitted electronically or be faxed to the JSE by the latest 10h00, the Monday post the Dress Rehearsal Weekend. The contact details are provided below: Fax:011 - 520 8141 / 8880 / 8883

16 © 16 Conformance Conformance slots will be available daily from 20 August 2007. Please ensure you book sufficient conformance slots before the Dress Rehearsals Conformance testing will occur in the External Test Environment. Please note the external test environment is also available for users to test their API solutions Users will follow the conformance test scripts applicable to their software. The JSE will monitor the Conformance tests and issue a pass or fail once the test results and logs have been analysed For detailed conformance information please refer to the Conformance test pack Must have passed Conformance by 28 September 2007

17 Copyright© JSE Limited 2005 Questions? Please refer all derivative queries to

18 Copyright© JSE Limited 2005 Thank you

19 © 19 Release C TWG Status and Follow up on the previous TWG Known API issues and resolutions communicated regularly to API user group FAQ’s document updated and published Release C API specification document updated Mandatory Conformance Testing Conformance slots to be booked by all software providers according to conformance pack Conformance slots are available from 20 August 2007 Conformance for both markets must be completed by 28 September 2007 General Discussion and overview

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