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WELCOME TO a non – emergency transport company. OUR PROFILE GOODMANS RESCUE is a Medical Assistance company run by a professional DOCTOR. GOODMANS RESCUE.

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1 WELCOME TO a non – emergency transport company

2 OUR PROFILE GOODMANS RESCUE is a Medical Assistance company run by a professional DOCTOR. GOODMANS RESCUE provide Ground & Air Ambulances 24 x 7. GOODMANS RESCUE has been served EMS since 15 Years.



5 PTS AMBULANCES The Patient Transport Service is a non-emergency transport service that undertakes patient transport and care to and from pre-arranged hospital and medical facility. Example: 1. Discharges from hospital to home. 2. Transports to & from nursing homes for appointments. 3. Transports to and from specialist and diagnostic centers etc.

6 BASIC LIFE SUPPORT The BLS (Basic Life Support) ambulance service provides non-ambulatory and bed- ridden persons a means of transport to and from place A to B which shall be accompany by a well trained nurse/paramedic staff. Some of the equipments which normally used in BLS ambulance are: - Cardiac monitor, pulse oximeter, oxygen, scoop, spine board, medicine box, stair chair and many more.


8 ADVANCE CARDIAC LIFE SUPPORT transport of critically ill patient ACLS Ambulance are well-equipped and staffed by highly trained nurse or paramedics with doctor ready to be dispatched to emergency situations where patients require a higher level of care than a regular ambulance (BLS) can provide. This Ambulance used high intensity Emergency Light bar with Public address system. Standard equipments which is used inside the ACLS ambulance are: - Defibrillator, Cardiac Monitor, Ventilator, Oxygen Therapy - Re-breathing circuit, Suction kit, Spinal collars, Spine board, Inflatable splints, Collapsible wheelchair, Medical kits, Drugs, Blood pressure cuff (Sphygmometer), Pulse oximeter, Syringe pump, Scoop stretcher any many more.


10 WHEELCHAIR AMBULANCE For the first time Goodmans Rescue provide Wheelchair Ambulance in Delhi. Goodmans Rescue Wheelchair Service welcome the opportunity to transport each and every wheelchair patients. The ambulance is ideal for transportation to and from social events, Doctor’s appointments, dialysis or discharges from hospitals or nursing facilities, special occasion, temple visit etc.


12 AIR AMBULANCE Goodmans Rescue organizes the patient's transfer by an air ambulance or urgent evacuation via CHARTER FLIGHT or COMMERCIAL AIRLINE, within India and anywhere in the world. The experienced Team of Goodmans Rescue comprises of physicians, flight nurses (RN’s/RT’s) and medical technicians which are qualified for performing all kinds of emergency lifesaving medical intervention..

13 These are 24 hrs services subject to prior booking and confirming medical Domestic charters - Response time 1 hr. On Cessna 90, B 200, Pilatus 12, Citation II, Citation XL Domestic commercial airline stretchers - Response time 2 days subject to medical clearances. Airlines – Indian airlines, jet airways, Kingfisher and Indigo.

14 International charters - Response time 6 hr Citation II, Citation XL Same day transfers from – Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka. International charters commercial airline stretchers - Response time 5 working days. Airlines – Air India, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Ethiopian, Lufthansa, Lufthansa PTS, Air Canada.


16 STANDBY MEDICAL SERVICES We provide Basic and Advance Life support ambulances with medical crew for film shoots, tourist groups and sport events, religious gathering and cultural events at auditorium and open venues. Long term assignments for setting up medical back up for construction sites, oil fields and metro stations. We have in house equipment to create emergency room and medical facility at any give place. We also provide medical cover to VVIPs.


18 EMT, FIRST AID & CPR TRAINING Heart saver courses-Adult and pediatric CPR. For general public and healthcare provider. First responder courses - The standard course for public safety and Healthcare provider. Specialized and focused program for swimming pool guards. First aid and Basic life support courses for school children. Industrial first aid training - Integrated medical emergency Response training for Industry and corporation. Disaster management maps and plans for industries, buildings, and housing societies.


20 NURSES/PARAMEDIC RESPONSIBILITIES Ambulance interior should be clean at 0800 hrs everyday. Each Ambulance has to be ready for any call, any time with oxygen checked. Check all equipments are working and charged everyday (morning/evening). Checking O2 pressure for all O2 cylinder everyday before & after each call report. Air Ambulance equipments and stuff should be ready for any time – 2 sets. Drugs Box (medicines) has to be check regularly.

21 One BLS & ACLS Ambulance has to be ready at every time, everyday. Inventory has to be checked for all equipments, medicines & disposables. Drugs, disposables, Oxygen used during patient transfer have to be entered into yellow form. Patient vitals are to be measured in each transfer and mentioned in yellow form. Any reportable incidence during the transfer has to be written in the yellow form and submitted with a note. Every Friday Evening, a report of the Drugs and their expiry has to be given to the office.

22 TERMS AND CONDITION All candidate who are selected to appoint their respected designation shall be the whole time employee and will not undertake any other work except with the written permission of the management. The management may transfer you to work in any department/unit of the hospital or from one shift to another, as it may consider necessary at its discretion, depending on exigencies of work. During your tenure with the company keeping in view the nature of work and emergency assignment(s) you cannot deny for emergency patient transfer call at any time for any place or destination by ground or air ambulance. Only in case due to bad weather /odd hrs the company will bear the transport charges / expenses incurred in reaching the desired destination /place of work.

23 Your mobile phone needs to be on call 24 x7 for Emergency medical response. However in case you express the need for switching it off / remaining off the duty / express the inability to respond / report for the job, the same needs to be expressed at least 12 hrs in advance. These options are available for not more than 3 times in a calendar month. The request on phone /SMS shall not be accepted. The request needs to be submitted and recorded by the base station manger or by the Duty manager. For a longer leave the request(s) have to be made on paper to be duly submitted to the Duty manager. In case there will be any change in your address you will intimate the administration in writing within 3 days from the date of such change all the communications sent to you by the management at your last given address will be deemed to have been delivered and received by you, in case no change as aforesaid is intimated

24 You are not allowed to voice your concern / Problem related to work / job on any social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. operated by GOODMANS HEALTHCARE SERVICES PVT. LTD. Allied service. You will, at all times maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty and conduct yourself in a manner conductive to the best interests, credit and prestige of the management. Any violation of this norm shall constitute misconduct, for which the management shall be competent to take disciplinary action against you. You will maintain absolute secrecy of the documents and will at no stage disclose them without prior information to the management. If you do so, it will amount to misconduct and disciplinary action will be taken against you.



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