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City of Alpharetta Department of Fire & Emergency Services Public Safety Volunteer Program.

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1 City of Alpharetta Department of Fire & Emergency Services Public Safety Volunteer Program

2 Contents The Role of Volunteers –Firefighters –Firecorps –CERT Organization Structure Training Recruiting and Retention Performance and Compensation FY 2005 Goals and Objectives

3 The Role of Volunteers Volunteers provide a workforce that is local, flexible and available to supplement the career firefighters in the performance of emergency and routine tasks associated with providing public safety services to the residents of Alpharetta and the surrounding communities.

4 The Role of Volunteer Firefighters State Certified Volunteer Firefighters Apparatus Staffing Emergency Response Emergency Coverage Mutual Aid Event Coverage Mass Casualty Response

5 The Role of Volunteer Firefighters Apparatus Staffing –Supplements career firefighter manpower –Immediate response to alarms –Maintains average manpower Emergency Response –Response to incidents from outside a station –Responds to meet manpower needs –Reduces need to commit additional apparatus –Reduces need for mutual aid

6 The Role of Volunteer Firefighters Emergency Coverage –Staffing Reserve Apparatus –Mutual Aid Station Coverage Mutual Aid –Assisting AFES units operating outside the city Event Coverage –Festivals, sporting events, parades Mass Casualty Response –Role based on Emergency Plans

7 The Role of Firecorps Volunteers Emergency Incident Support –GA Certified Support Firefighters Equipment staging and setup Emergency medical care to level of training Firefighter Rehabilitation –Non Certified Personnel Assist based on level of training as required by Incident Commander Assist with CERT Training Special Event Coverage –Festivals, sporting events, parades

8 The Role of CERT Volunteers Self deploying in disasters No additional training requirements Render assistance up to level of training when first on the scene of an incident Attend quarterly drills to keep skills sharp and to foster working relationships with public safety personnel

9 Volunteer Programs Emergency Management Career Captain CERT Program P/T Lieutenant Firecorp Program Firecorp Program Coordinator Volunteer Firefighter Program Volunteer Program Coordinator Organizational Structure

10 Emergency Management Career Captain Firecorp Program Firecorp Program Coordinator Operations Fire ground Special Events LogisticsPlanning Firecorp

11 Volunteer Firefighters Emergency Management Career Captain Volunteer Firefighter Program Volunteer Program Coordinator Operations Squad 1Team Leader Squad2 Team Leader Squad 3 Team Leader Squad 4 Team Leader Squad 5 Team Leader Squad 6 Team Leader LogisticsPlanningAdministration Organizational Structure

12 Volunteer Firefighter Leadership Team –Volunteer Program Coordinator Planning Specialist Logistics Specialist Administration Specialist Operations Specialist –Station Squad Leaders

13 Organizational Structure Volunteer Program Coordinator –Primary Liaison to Volunteer Program Manager –Escalation point for personnel issues –Provides direction to Specialists

14 Organizational Structure Fire Operations Specialist –Primary Liaison to Squad Leaders –Primary Liaison to Station Officers –Provides direction to Squad Leaders –Escalation point for personnel issues –Liaison to Firecorps fireground support personnel

15 Organizational Structure Fire Logistics Specialist –Quartermaster –Rehab –Liaison to Department Purchasing staff –Liaison to Firecorp Logistics Specialist –Technology

16 Organizational Structure Fire Planning Specialist –Primary Liaison to Training Officer –Liaison to Firecorp Planning Specialist –Liaison to Emergency Operations Center for Manpower Planning –Incident response planning –Public education programs

17 Organizational Structure Administration Specialist –Primary Liaison for Budgeting –Ensures policy consistency across programs –Liaison to City departments for information gathering

18 Organizational Structure Volunteer Station Assignments –Each Volunteer will have a station assignment Generally closest to Volunteer’s home Resident Volunteer (Approval required) –Residing in station may be approved for a limited number of Volunteers –Station career officers and Squad Leaders work together to meet the training and supervisory needs of the assigned volunteer.

19 Training Training Officer and Volunteer Training Coordinator (career officer) will identify skill needs and areas requiring added focus –Addressed in Monday training session topics Each Volunteer will propose personal training goals for the year –Identifying skills needing improvement –Identifying new skills desired –Interlock with Department requirements Annual individual and team recap and evaluation of training accomplishments –Formal report to Fire Chief

20 Firefighter Training Basic Training Firefighting –Georgia Firefighter Training and Standards Firefighter 1 Certification is firefighting minimum –NPQ I skill level competency demonstration –24 hours of State approved mandated training EMS –First Responder is EMS minimum EMT and Paramedic encouraged New members on probation for 1 year –Yellow helmet will identify “Probies”

21 Firefighter Training Extended Training Topics – Target 40 Hours/Yr Hazardous Materials Rescue –Extrication –High angle –Trench Apparatus Operator –Reserve apparatus operator training program EMS –EMT Intermediate –Support role for Paramedics Prevention and Education

22 Firecorps Training All –First Responder EMS training Support Firefighter –Georgia Firefighter Training and Standards Orientation Class (fulfilled by CERT training) –Additional AFES Requirements Non Firefighting NPQ Skills competency demonstration Specialized Topics to perform in Support Roles –EMS –Hazardous Materials –Emergency Management –Rescue

23 Recruiting and Retention Recruiting –Prospecting for Recruits Community Residents –Career track –Permanent volunteer track Non Fire city employees Retention –Compensation –Georgia State Firefighter Retirement Program Meeting program requirements responsibility of individual members –Intangible rewards Recognition events City employee discounts City employee events

24 Performance & Compensation Incident Response Requirements –Volunteers are expected to respond to at least 50% of the structure fires in the city. Notification issues need to be communicated up the chain of command immediately –Responses to Mutual Aid structure fires are encouraged if AFES has responding apparatus. Reduces need for additional AFES apparatus Coverage during an incident counts toward structure fire responses

25 Performance & Compensation Compensation – Volunteer Firefighters Only –All compensation is optional and not guaranteed –Compensation will be available to volunteers in the form of a monthly stipend for: Working shifts Working Special Events Standby during weather emergencies Training classes attended Training classes conducted Incidents responded to Program management activities

26 2005 Goals and Objectives Draft Volunteer Specific Procedures Reserve Apparatus –Activation procedures, minimum staffing Major Incident Response Dispatch Processes –Paging –Radio –Phone Callback Criteria –When to call back –How to accomplish

27 2005 Goals and Objectives Recruiting –Start a Recruit Class of at least 20 individuals To include 5 City Employees Manpower Requirements –Work to maintain a volunteer force of 35 people Goal of 20 State Certified Firefighters by the end of FY2005 Goal of 35 State Certified Firefighters by the end of FY2006 –Fully equip one Engine Instant activation on staffing –Formalize role of Squad Communications –Install replacement paging system –Set criteria for portable radios for Volunteers Essential for leaders of Firecorp groups

28 2005 Goals and Objectives Define support for Department Goals –Staffing –Accreditation –Skills Development –Response Time Manpower –ACLS Standard –Public Education –Prevention

29 Volunteer Firefighter Program Appendix

30 References Georgia Firefighter Standards & Training Insurance Services Office FEMA Citizen Corps

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