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2 ABOUT PISPL Prime Integrated Solution Private Limited (PISPL) was formed in October 2013 and registered as a legal entity in March 2014 Under Section 32 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 (XLVII of 1984) PISPL is established in inspiration to support and to work with Institutions, groups and communities to provide solutions to the Programs and Thematic Research through viable use of Information Technology

3 VISION “Better Technology for Better Future”

4 MISSION To build Information Hubs and create opportunities for individuals, groups and communities

5 OUR GOALS  Strengthen individual, community and groups to put forth their potential and contribute their value for National Interest  Provide technological solutions to empower society to raise their voices for better policy reforms  Engage efforts in contribution for economical growth and reduce the poverty  Establish technology hubs for better opportunities and work environment

6 WHAT WE OFFER Our Services Information Technology Application Development Smart App Development GIS Enterprise Resource Management Telecommunication Services Virtual PBX Exchange Systems IP Telephony Call Center Support and Services Thematic Research Market Research Socio-Economic Research Political Research Data Management and Analysis Data Mining Data Cleaning and Verification Data Analysis Comparative Analysis Data Management Tools System Evaluation, Assessment and Reforms IT Policy Development Capability Maturity Models System Analysis Gap Analysis

7 PRODUCTS  Corporate Products 1.Project Management and Tracking* A complete solutions to manage projects and record larger activities according to the defined logical framework. The application enable to perform and link the activities with budgets lines whereas tracking system track individual planned activities in order to achieve goals and objective of the projects. 2.Monitoring and Evaluation* An extensive solution based on MnE methodologies to assess the project implementation in order to ensure the performance in-line with project goals and objective. 3.Al-Aswaat (The Voices) A message base reporting tool allow Organization to design and launch their multiple Issued Base Reporting (IBR), Message Base Surveys (MBS) and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). The product facilitate to get messages from potential subscribers and show the results on portal with frequency distribution of thematic design. 4.Smart Office A viable tool to organize Multiple Office and Branches, Departments, Employees data of user profiles, leaves, travels, attendance, and periodic appraisals. Smart Office also provide administrative management to keep record of Requisitions submit by users, Inventory and stock, Purchase Orders, Delivery Notes, Acceptance Notes and other Administrative operations in relation with financial tracking.  Branded Product (On Demand Developments) 1.Main Base Live (Logistics and Cargo Tracking System) Main Base Live is an Enterprise Solution and a branded product designed for International Logistic and Cargo company to track consignment and jobs from station-to-station across the globe. * Products are on Development Phase

8 PROJECTS Finished Projects On Going Projects Sr. No.ProjectDurationCost 1.Issue Base Reporting Jan – Mar 2014 (3 Months) PKR 0.5 Million 2.Main Base LiveMay 2014 – Feb 2015 (10 Months) US$ 15,000 3.Al-Aswaat (The Voices) Aug 2014 – Feb 2015 (6 Months) PKR 1 Million Sr. No.ProjectDurationCost 1.Project Management and Tracking On GoingPKR 7.5 Million 2.Monitoring and Evaluation System On GoingPKR 4 Million 3.Science and Technology Survey On GoingPKR 0.3 Million 4.Identification of Potential Students through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for Vocational Trainings --

9 INSTITUTIONAL STRUCTURE Board of Directors CEO Manager Enterprise Solutions Manager Research Director Operations and Planning Application Developers Smart App Developer System Analyst and Quality Assurance Research Officer Admin Officer Finance Officer HR Officer Business Support Officer (BSO) Network Administrator Fully Supervised Partially Supervised



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