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Our approach Our solutions Our gender equality stories and experiences.

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2 Our approach Our solutions Our gender equality stories and experiences

3 Our approach

4 Empowering women isn't just the right thing to do. It is the smart thing to do. Barack Obama

5 You don’t have to be anti-man to be pro-woman Jane Galvin Lewis

6 Only through women’s full and equal participation in all areas of public and private life can we hope to achieve the sustainable, peaceful and just society … Ban Ki-moon

7 Our vision Promoting gender equality will advance the economy -The company performance -The macro-economic growth Pink can be a business colour! Using pink means that we can be powerful and feminine at the same time!

8 Our ambition Economic impact ‐Close the gap in opportunities between men and women in the workplace ‐Increase ROI of talent management Social impact ‐Create a more equal society where men and women can fulfill all their talents

9 Our approach Our solutions

10 Who we are JUMP is the leading social enterprise Close the gap between women and men at work Achieve sustainable corporate performance Create a more equal society. JUMP is certified “Change maker” organisation by Ashoka We have the potential to change patterns across society.

11 Who we are JUMP supports organisations that wish to promote better gender equality Increase awareness and knowledge of corporate gender equality Provide talent management tools Improve employers’ branding Gender equality training workshops Corporate Gender Equality Ambassador JUMP supports women in their professional development Organise biggest women’s career event each year Provide access to the first community of “career-minded” women in Europe Blog and newsletters with tips and tricks

12 JUMP acts local but thinks global

13 Our public Influential decision makers Professional women Company executives Human Resources stakeholders Female entrepreneurs Policy makers Women and Men curious about how gender equality can change the world


15 Our reach The biggest gender equality stakeholders’ network JUMP reaches out 211 000 contacts in Europe

16 Profile of the JUMP community

17 Who is the JUMP woman?


19 Our strategy Media production Knowledge Event organisation Training

20 JUMP eco-system

21 Our approach Our solutions Our gender equality stories and experiences

22 Our partners Corporate partners Institutional partners

23 Our tools - Forum Annual event in Brussels and Paris The biggest single-day events on women’s career and gender equality in the workplace More than 1000 women and men participate in our annual JUMP forums in Brussels and Paris. 95% of them felt the Forums were useful to advance gender equality, and declared that it had more than met their expectations.

24 Our tools - Forum





29 Our tools - Award JUMP rewards a CEO who works hardest to achieve gender equality within his/her company “The corporate ambassador for Gender equality” “92% of the companies surveyed, CEO are seen to be committed to improving gender diversity, although in only 62% of cases in this commitment regarded as well implemented” (McKinsey report, 2012, “Woman matter”)

30 Our tools- Award 2014 Michèle Paque Quintiles Benelux



33 Our tools - Academy “Is your company really meritocratic?” JUMP offers customised training programmes : -To drive your diversity networks -To boost your female talent pool -To train managers in gender equality JUMP works with the pool of 60 multilingual trainers.

34 Our tools - Hub The network of corporate diversity officers dedicated to the exchange of best practices on gender equality at work Lunch and learn interactive workshops Each topic is introduced by a European expert Build a community of committed companies!

35 Our tools - Hub

36 Our tools - Studies & Reports Knowledge center for gender equality at work Provide models for changes Pioneering dads Women leaders Female entrepreneurship Women in Science Parent Time Women in Police

37 Our tools - Studies & Reports Gender Equality Toolbox Corporate best practices in gender equality at the European level for the social partners financed by the European Commission at the Belgian level for the Institute for the Equality of Women and Men.

38 Our tools- Blog JUMP offers a multilingual web platform for advancing women at work

39 Our tools- Newsletter Monthly newsletter Last edition: How to overcome the "lose if you do/lose if you don't" scenario

40 Our tools – Social networks

41 JUMP’s voice The voice for gender equality

42 And many others… Consultancy Content management Knowledge in communication Web developpment The connecting link between female networks…

43 Sorority : meaning "sisterhood” Members of a sorority aren't biological sisters. The idea is to form a strong bond between women based on trust.

44 We believe in a more equal society and in a sustainable corporate performance through gender equality at work.

45 Isabella Lenarduzzi Founder and managing Director of JUMP +32 2 346 38 00 Follow us:

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