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Chapter 4 European Settlements

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1 Chapter 4 European Settlements
Lesson 1 New Spain Pages

2 New Spain Quick Summary
This lesson describes Spanish exploration and settlement of North America.

3 Objectives Explain when, where, and why the Spanish colonized North America. Describe how the Spanish tried to maintain control of North America. Describe the introduction of slavery into the Americas. Summarize the contribution so Spanish colonization in the Americas

4 Review p. 145 Why did the Spanish colonists need many workers?
To grow their crops, to mine gold and silver, and to build and provide services in their cities. Crops included sugarcane, tobacco, coffee, cocoa, and cotton that were shipped to and sold in Spain.

5 Picture p 146 How did workers transport heavy materials?
Wagons pulled by oxen.

6 Review p. 147 Why did the Spanish build the Castillo de San Marcos in St Augustine? To protect Spanish settlers from any attackers.

7 Review p 147 How can you categorize the ways animals changed life for the Indians? Horses; for hunting and war; sheep: for clothing and blankets; cattle: for livestock.

8 Review p. 149 Why did the Spanish sent missionaries to the borderlands? To persuade the American Indians to become Catholics and loyal Spanish subjects.

9 Picture p. 149 How did this system of roads help the Spanish missionaries? Roads linked the missions with each other and with nearby presidios.

10 Summarize Key Content Spain created settlements in North America to obtain riches, to expand its kingdom, and to convert Indians. Spain built presidios and missions to organize and control its land claims The Menendez de Aviles expedition founded St. Augustine, and the Franciscans established missions from Florida to California.

11 LESSON 1 REVIEW CATEGORIZE Name some of the reasons colonists and missionaries came to New Spain. Colonists came to seek their fortunes; missionaries came to convert Native Americans to Catholicism.

12 LESSON 1 REVIEW 1 BIG IDEA Why did colonists come to settle in New Spain? They were seeking gold, silver, land, and other materials.

13 LESSON 1 REVIEW 2 VOCABULARY Use the terms hacienda and self-sufficient in a sentence about New Spain. Many ranchers who lived on haciendas were self-sufficient because they raised their own livestock and crops.

14 LESSON 1 REVIEW 3 TIME LINE How long after New Spain was formed was St. Augustine settled? 30 years

15 LESSON 1 REVIEW 4 GEOGRAPHY How did the location of New Spain affect the way the Spanish settled on the land? B/c New Spain was spread across a large area, the Spanish had to build presidios to protect their settlements.

16 LESSON 1 REVIEW 5 CRITICAL THINKING—Hypothesize What do you think might have happened if the Spanish had not built presidios? © Harcourt

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