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Chapter 4 European Settlements

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1 Chapter 4 European Settlements
Lesson 2 New France Pages

2 New France Quick Summary
This lesson describes early French explorations in North America.

3 Objectives Explain where and why the French explored and settled in North America. Describe conflicts the French had with the English, Dutch, and Spanish. Identify French explorers of the Americas and their contributions.

4 Review P. 151 Which areas did the French explore?
The forests of eastern Canada and the lands along the St. Lawrence River.

5 Map p.151 In what waterway did Champlain travel to reach Quebec?
St. Lawrence River (Lake Huron & Lake Ontario)

6 Review p. 152 Why was New France made a royal colony?
King Louis XIV hoped to rebuild the French empire

7 Review p. 153 How did Marquette & Joliet know the Mississippi River could not be the Northwest Passage? The river flowed south.

8 Map p. 153 In what waterways did La Salle travel to reach the Mississippi River? Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, and the Illinois River.

9 Map p. 154 What mountain ranges border New France?
The Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mts.

10 Review p. 155 Why was it difficult to settle in Louisiana?
The settlers faced terrible hardships in the hot, swampy environment. La Salle

11 Summarize Key Content The French sought the Northwest Passage across the northern United States and Canada Competition between European countries and between Indian groups nearly ruined trade relationships. The expedition of Marquette and Joliet opened the Mississippi R. valley to Fr. Settlement & proved that the Misiss. R was not the Northwest Passage. French explorer La Salle successfully navigated the Mississ. R, claiming all the land from the Appalachian Mts. To the Rocky Mts. For France.

12 LESSON 2 REVIEW CATEGORIZE Name some French explorers who helped expand New France. Cartier, Joliet, Marquette, Champlain, and La Salle

13 LESSON 2 REVIEW 1 BIG IDEA How did Henry IV get merchants to build colonies in North America? He said that any merchant who wanted to trade there must build a colony there.

14 LESSON 2 REVIEW 2 VOCABULARY Explain the difference between a royal colony and a proprietary colony . A royal colony is ruled directly by a monarch, cut a proprietary colony is ruled by an owner, or proprietor.

15 LESSON 2 REVIEW 3 TIME LINE When was Quebec founded? in 1608

16 LESSON 2 REVIEW 4 HISTORY Why was the Marquette and Joliet expedition important to the French? 4 It opened the Mississippi R. valley to French settlement

17 LESSON 2 REVIEW 5 CRITICAL THINKING—Analyze What were the economic reasons behind the exploration and settlement of New France? French merchants wanted to become rich from the fur trade. © Harcourt

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