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Chapter 4 European Settlements

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1 Chapter 4 European Settlements
Lesson 4 The Jamestown Colony Pages

2 Quick Summary This lesson describes how the English adapted to life in their new colony.

3 Objectives Describe the achievements of leaders such as John Smith and John Rolfe. Analyze the ways English colonists adapted to and modified their environment to meet basic needs. Describe the various ways by which Jamestown was governed.

4 Picture p. 161 Why do you think the colonists built Jamestown near the James River? To meet their need for water for drinking, washing, and cooking, and to easily receive supplies from England.

5 Review p. 162 How did Captain John Smith help the colonists at Jamestown? He provided strong leadership

6 Review p. 163 What was the House of Burgesses?
The first legislature in the English colonies.

7 Democratic Values p 163 What was the House of Burgesses modeled after?
The English Parliament

8 Review p. 164 Who did King James appoint to represent him in Virginia?
A royal governor

9 Study Questions How did Jamestown colonists adapt to their environment? They worked hard to build the colony by learning skills such as farming and hunting. They worked hard to build the colony by learning skills such as farming and hunting.

10 Study Questions How would you describe the colonists’ relationship with the American Indians? Relations were tense between the colonists and the Powhatans.

11 Summarize Key Content Jamestown was failing until John Smith ruled that anyone who did not work did not eat. Jamestown prospered with development of tobacco. King James made Virginia a royal colony.

12 LESSON 4 REVIEW CATEGORIZE IN what category would you put John Smith and John Rolfe? Leaders, managers, and organizers

13 LESSON 4 REVIEW 1 BIG IDEA Why did the English continue to try to settle an English colony in North America despite the hardships? To make money

14 LESSON 4 REVIEW 2 VOCABULARY Use the words legislature and burgess in a sentence about Jamestown. The Virginia House of Burgesses was the first legislature in the English colonies.

15 LESSON 4 REVIEW 3 TIME LINE Which happened first, John Rolfe developing a profitable tobacco crop or the House of Burgesses meeting for the first time John Rolfe developed a profitable tobacco crop.

16 LESSON 4 REVIEW 4 Economics. What important contribution did John Rolfe make to the Virginia Colony? He developed a successful cash crop for the colony.

17 LESSON 4 REVIEW 5 CRITICAL THINKING—Evaluate. How did the success of the Virginia Colony lead to the development of the House of Burgesses. Possible response: People decided to remain in Virginia and govern themselves. © Harcourt

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