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Chapter 4 European Settlements

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1 Chapter 4 European Settlements

2 The English in the Americas
Quick Summary This lesson identifies and describes English exploration and settlements in North America.

3 Objectives Identify areas of the Americas that the English explored and settled. Explain motivations for English exploration and settlement. Analyze how England and its colonists dealt with scarcity. List English explorers and describe their influence on early colonization.

4 Review p. 157 Why did Queen Elizabeth I protect the English pirates known as sea dogs? Because they shared their wealth with the government. Sailing in the Golden Hind, Drake captured a Spanish treasure ship.

5 Map p. 157 Which ocean did Drake cross to reach Asia? Pacific Ocean.

6 Review p. 158 What did Raleigh hope to gain from the colony of Roanoke Island? He hoped to gain lumber and raw materials for England.

7 John White’s Map p. 158 Why do you think ships are shown along the coastline? The ships were bringing supplies to and from the colonies.

8 Review p. 159 Why did John White return to England?
He returned to England to get more food and other supplies. When John White returned to Roanoke Island, he found that the settlers were gone and that the word CROATOAN had been carved into a post.

9 Summarize Key Content England explored North America for its resources, for wealth, to increase land claims and to start colonies. The English established their first North American colony on Roanoke Island. The English failed in their early attempts at colonizing North America.

10 LESSON 4.3 REVIEW CATEGORIZE. Who might you put into the category of “English pirates”? Sir Francis Drake.

11 LESSON 1 REVIEW 1 BIG IDEA. Why did the English begin to settle in North America? To obtain wealth and natural resources and to expand land claims.

12 LESSON 1 REVIEW 2 VOCABULARY. Define the terms sea dog and raw materials. A sea dog was an English pirate who plundered Spanish ships. A raw material is a resource use to make a product.

13 LESSON 1 REVIEW 3 TIME LINE. In what year did Raliegh’s first colonists land on Roanoke Island? In 1585

14 LESSON 1 REVIEW History. Where did the English first set up a colony?
In present-day North Carolina

15 LESSON 1 REVIEW 5 CRITICAL THINKING— Evaluate. Why do you think it would be important that the English colonists reached Roanoke Island in time to plant crops? To have food for the coming year. No grocery stores. © Harcourt

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