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Movement- Push and pull factors

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1 Movement- Push and pull factors

2 Movement Provides example of where history and geography are connected
Both historians and geographers study how and why people have moved within the United States as well as to the United states from other places. Push and Pull factors

3 Exploration and Settlement 1800-1820


5 Migration Chart Westward Movement: Who: Settlers and Pioneers
Where: From States in the Eastern part of the U.s *To states in the west such as Michigan, and later on Oregon and Nebraska When: From the early 1800s to around 1900 Why: Push factor: lack of opportunity Pull Factor: Farm Land Adventure

6 Underground Railroad Was a secret organization of routes, safe housed, and people. Purpose was to guide escaped slaves from the South to freedom in the North. Was neither a railroad nor underground Operated mainly between 1830 and 1861 Michigan important part of the Underground Railroad

7 Michigan People important in the Underground Railroad
Laura Smith Haviland Led escaped slaves to Canada Southern slave owners offered a $3,000 reward for her capture She and her family also opened one of the first schools in Michigan for black people George De Baptiste Black businessman bought a ship to take escaped slaves across the Detroit River to Canada Member of the Second Baptist Church; important station on the Underground Railroad

8 Continued Sojourner Truth Nathan Thomas
Was born a slave in New York in 1797, freed in 1828 Became an abolitionist, person who believed slavery should be made illegal Supporter of voting rights for women Excellent speaker and traveled the U.S speaking out against slavery and the rights of all people Nathan Thomas Doctor in Kalamazoo County Started helping slaves in 1843 Over 1000 slaves passed through his home


10 Migration chart Underground Railroad
Who: Enslaved people in southern slave states Where: From slave states in the South To states in North and to Canada When: From the 1840s to around 1860 Why: Push Factor- Slavery Pull Factor- Freedom Hw. Assign informational article “The Mitten”

11 Orphan Trains Occurred between 1850s to 1920s
Estimated 100,000 homeless children sent by train from NYC to smaller towns and farms in the Midwest First orphan train riders, group of 14 boys, arrived in in Michigan By 1927, about 12,500 orphans had been placed in MI 39% were girls. Most were never adopted

12 Migration Chart Orphan Trains Who- Homeless orphans in NYC
Where- From NYC to small towns and farms in the Midwest When- Mid-1850s to the late 1920s Why- Push factor- No family or home Pull Factor- The chance for a home and family

13 The Great Migration Millions of African Americans moved from the south to the North during early 1900s Reason for movement of people; escaping racism of the south and find a better life in the cities of the North. Many settled in Detroit Racism in the South-Push or Pull factor? Racism was a Push factor, while factory jobs were a pull factor

14 Migration Chart The “Great Migration”
Who- African Americans in the South Where- From south to cities in the North like Detroit When to around 1940 Why- Push Factor- Racism and lack of opportunity Pull Factor- Jobs and the hope of a better life

15 Forced to Move?? Around 1830, it became the official policy of the US government to remove Native Americans from their lands to reservations west of the Mississippi River. They did not want to move, but were forced “The Removal of the Michigan Potawatomi” Who was migrating, or moving, in the book? From where had they been living? To where were they moving? When were they moving? Why were they moving? What push factors were described? What pull factors were described

16 Migration Chart Native American Removal
Who-Native Americans such as the Potawatomi Where- From states like Michigan to states like Kansas and Oklahoma When- 1830 Why-Push Factor- pushed out and relocated Pull Factor- US government provided lands for Native Americans

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