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The Antislavery Movement

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1 The Antislavery Movement
Chapter 9 Section 2 The Antislavery Movement

2 Abolitionist Movement
The movement to end slavery

3 Emancipation Freeing of enslaved people

4 Underground Railroad A network of escape routes that provided protection and transportation for slaved fleeing north to freedom. The term railroad referred to paths that African Americans traveled, either on foot or in wagons Underground means it was secret

5 Gag Rule This law prohibited antislavery petitions from being read or acted upon in the house of Representatives for the next 8 years.

6 What tactics did the abolitionist movement use to achieve the emancipation of slaves?
Protest Political action Publishing Forming groups and societies Developing a colonization program (Liberia) The Underground Railroad

7 Name 4 abolitionist leaders and describe their contributions to the movement.

8 William Lloyd Garrison
Published a newspaper The Liberator Denounced moderation He insisted on aggressively denouncing the institution of slavery Founded American Antislavery Society

9 Frederick Douglas Great speaker and writer Started a newspaper
The North Star Opposed violence

10 Grimke Sisters Involved women by speaking and writing pamphlets

11 Harriet Tubman She herself was an escaped slave
Led many other slaves to freedom Led more than 300 slaves to freedom Earned the nickname “black Moses”

12 Why did divisions emerge within the abolitionist movement?
Leaders disagreed over whether or not to employ illegal tactics Like helping slaves escape Many male members disagreed over whether or or not to allow women to play prominent roles within the movement

13 What groups resisted the efforts of abolitionists
Northern merchants Feared souring relations with the South White workers and labor leaders Feared job competition Most southerners Public officials in the south Southern mailmen refused to deliver abolitionist literature

14 What types of resistance did they carry out?
Held violent demonstrations Murdered some abolitionist newspaper editors Like Elijah P. Lovejoy Passed the gag rule

15 Describe how geography affected the course of the Underground Railroad
Led to safety in Canada Mississippi River provided a natural escape route north Swamps of the Atlantic Coast allowed slaves to hide Appalachian Mountains provided shelter

16 Describe how geography presented challenges to travelers along the routes
Mississippi River was dangerous because slave hunters stalked the riverboat towns Swamps had dangers like poisonous snakes Mountains presented barriers

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