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Feature Request Process

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1 Campaign Manager v2.9 New Features Overview Presented by: Dave Hitchins Product Manager

2 Feature Request Process
Customer logs feature request with Support Support allocates to Product Owner Product Owner triages within five days Adds comment and allocates back to Support to communicate back: Request for further detail Accept, categorise, rank and add to product back backlog Already in development Reject with reason e.g. Conflicts with road map, too expensive, platform compatibility etc. Feature allocated to a release by Product Owner Customer notified when feature is included in upcoming release Primary driver for new features is product vision and roadmap Moved away from Alterian days where features were sales led.

3 Feature Requests – Best Practice
Include detail and background What is the user story? How it would benefit existing customers? How will it help to win new customers? Even if it has been logged before, add your own detail to the story Chase status update if you haven't heard back from Support within two weeks Better too much detail than too little Example of a partner who logged a feature request on behalf of a customer who was a bank. Request accepted and shelved with low priority. Turned out it was due to a change to legislation to do with data protection and ban was breaking the law.

4 SDL Campaign Manager 2013 R1 - Enhancements
Silverlight 5 support Extended Administration area Support for Engine row/column security Drill Query node for segment documents Support for multiple Manager accounts in CM/CA/ERI (v2.0.0) Kettle integration for post processing in file export Kettle Integration for Omni-Tactic Campaign Archive Management Campaign seed functionality for all Channel types ERI v2.0.0 – Enhancements and support for multiple EM Accounts

5 CM 2013 R1 – Silverlight 5 Support
Silverlight 5 now the pre-requisite version Silverlight 4 no longer supported User will receive appropriate error messages Improved memory management in Silverlight 5

6 CM 2013 R1 – Extended Client Administration
Security – User Creation/Security/Groups Parity with the exiting Silverlight based Admin Manager Account Links Supports an EM URL per Client Silo Creation connection configuration to an account in that URL Permissions of user to the link Campaign History Roll-Off Select Campaign to be rolled off/purged View Status, ID, records in History Used in conjunction with iLoader command Rolloffcampaigns External Agents Allows configuration of Kettle jobs/transformation Grant permissions to the jobs for each user Moving administration platform to new HTML5 and java script technology. All new admin tools created in HTML 5 – existing tools will be migrated across

7 CM 2013 R1 – Engine Row/Column security
Extended Admin area allows association of CMA user with Engine user. Login association with CMA user allows easier management. Better Engine user flexibility, not restricted to SYSTEM only. Allows CMA to use Engine User Security. Note that CMA does create a number of “sessions” for each user, so the default connections may need to be raised for new Engine Users. No major changes to existing Engine Security functionality Still set up as before via AMC

8 CM 2013 R1 – Engine Row/Column security
Customer Analytics All nodes respect the Engine Security of the “interactive” user. All active documents will respect the Engine Security of the logged in user at run time. Engineering nodes calculate “real” data based on the user, not a SYSTEM created column with security applied afterwards. Has deletion implications as per AMS on named columns, where a user cannot delete another users column. Scheduled Documents are run as the Document Owner.

9 CM 2013 R1 – Engine Row/Column security
Campaign Manager All nodes respect the Engine Security of the logged in user. Campaign Owner governs the user id under which the campaign will execute.

10 CM 2013 R1 – Engine Row/Column security
Document Management – Key Points User cannot open documents containing columns they don’t have rights to. An error message is displayed to the user. An error event is also logged to System Log, containing user and column in question. Scheduled documents have a “Document Owner” that the scheduled will run under regardless of who last saved it. It should be stressed that document management and document folder permissions are key to avoid confusion.

11 New Segment tool to allow “Drill Query” analysis
CM 2013 R1 – Drill Query New Segment tool to allow “Drill Query” analysis Business need to reduce viewable values in a column to show only those that have a count greater than zero Accepts Column objects as only input Allows view of Current column based on previous criteria Internally it operates by calculating multiple crosstabs Allows selection of Count for each “Drill-Row” Focused on visualization and train of thought analysis Shows individual and running total counts Document can be Saved as Template Used as a segment node i.e. Campaign Audience, report filter

12 CM 2013 R1 – Drill Query

13 Support for Multiple Email Manager Accounts
Previous limitation was the configuration of only a single Manager account to send s from. Many companies run multiple accounts for different activity i.e. Acquisition, Services etc Access to the accounts is granted at a user permissions level via Extended Admin Initial “ Manager Account Link” is still set up by Deployer as before, subsequent accounts added afterwards For upgrades the existing single configuration is extracted and converted to an EM Account Link (default name “Existing EM Link”) which can be edited afterwards if required. Feature requested by several partners

14 Multiple Email Manger Accounts – Campaign Manager
Selection is made as the first tab of a Send a message tactic. Example below has a choice of 4. Selecting an account then populates the subsequent tabs

15 Multiple Email Manager Accounts – Customer Analytics
Selection of EM Account in the CA tool is also a simple drop-down selection. After selection of the EM Account, the tool operates as before.

16 CM 2013 R1 – File Tactic post processing
Ability to call a Pentaho Kettle job on the existing file tactic. Kettle not a pre-requisite for install and if not used will be invisible to users Install/configuration documentation available. Kettle required on the Application/Web server. Data transformation jobs are created within Kettle. These can be configured in the HTML 5 Admin tool with access based on the existing permissions model. If selected, the Kettle script is called by the tactic after completion of the file export Kettle script would simply perform against the file Does everyone know what Kettle is? Open source ETL tool – Extract, Transform, Load

17 CM 2013 R1 – File export post processing
Ability to call a Pentaho Kettle job on the existing file tactic Ability to harness he power of the ETL tool to carry out post processing, rich formatting, file transfer, integration with ESP etc On the File Tactic, a new “Agent” tab is created if there are Kettle jobs available to the user

18 CM 2013 R1 – Omni Tactic Business need to send and report on tactics from multiple channels A comprehensive list of new Channel Types now available Only visible based on having Kettle jobs configured and by user permissions to those jobs They are basically “cloned/branded” file export tactics They require Kettle jobs to actually deploy via their channel

19 CM 2013 R1 – Omni Tactic

20 SDL CM 2013 R1 – Campaign History Management
No History Campaign execution Ability to execute campaign that will not produce any History. _TacticOutputTables are deleted after implementation of the tactic within the campaign. On by default

21 Campaign State removal
As a Campaign runs, its recipient state exists in ‘hidden’ Engine state Tables; on completion this data may not be required. Users are now able to easily remove these state tables Campaign state exists in “hidden” Engine state Tables. On completion of a campaign these may not be required. These can now be deleted by the user once campaign completed. Currently a user task only.

22 Seed functionality is available on all Tactic types
CM 2013 R1 – Seeds Seed functionality is available on all Tactic types Seeds are randomly inserted in the output Seed functionality does not create sample data All values must be supplied in the seeds file Seed file must exists in Document Store as .csv or .txt Example Seed File with possible inputs Columns Campaign Attributes CellName Variables Added after several feature requests from customers

23 CM 2013 R1 – Seeds

24 Email Response Import v2.0.0 – Status released
ERI v2.0.0 consists of 3 components. Installer for ERI Applet to AMC. iLoader Script-set for data engineering. Dashboard Document Pack. Changes from ERI 1.0 Security now linked to SDL CM Account Link admin. SDL CM 2.9 is therefore a pre-requisite. Gives support for multiple EM Accounts Use new EM API for data download. New persistence layer for configuration and scheduled jobs.

25 SDL Campaign Manager 2.9 – Operational API
Designed for access By any of the most common development systems Inline and online Documentation As new methods are created the documentation is automatically updated site>/services/APIHelp/default.htm Inline live examples of method calls Access controlled by user tokens If a users access is restricted Targeted at integration of the IMS CM into the broader eco system Fetch Information from Campaigns Raise event Control Campaign operation

26 SDL Campaign Manager 2.9 – Inbound Kettle Integrations
Pentaho Kettle – ETL Tool Fully functional Extendible through the creation of plugins Scaleable and resilient – multiple threads and servers Current integrations – example script using existing Kettle functionality MS Dynamics – example script using existing Kettle functionality iLoader Plugin – Plugin built by development to facilitate easy loading of data into Engine via iLoader. Pentaho Kettle Document delivered with V2.9 – Please read

27 SDL Campaign Manager v2.9 - Introduction
SDL CM released GA on Friday 3rd May 2013 Documentation deliverables for CM 2.9.0 SDL Campaign Manager Release Notes SDL Campaign Manager Installation and Upgrade Guide SDL Campaign Manager Administration Guide SDL Campaign Manager Architecture Guide SDL Campaign Manager Load Process and Data Structure SDL Campaign Manager API Introduction Guide Modeling Functionality Overview Configuring Pentaho Kettle for use with SDL Campaign Manager

28 Thank you for your attention
SDL Campaign Manager 2.9 Thank you for your attention Any Questions?


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