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Through the lens of Robert Hughes A summary of the key concepts that underpin Robert’s views on consciousness Agenda: Consciousness is one energy Human.

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1 Through the lens of Robert Hughes A summary of the key concepts that underpin Robert’s views on consciousness Agenda: Consciousness is one energy Human Beings and Inner Beings Levels of energy Communication, Mediumship & Healing Consciousness in our environment Humans, free will, & attraction Thought-forms & responsibility Life purpose _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Robert Hughes Sept 2014 Robert Hughes died in 1916, his words have been channelled by Saesneggar (Robert’s nickname for me, his medium) since 2012. I wrote these notes in September 2014 as reference material to help people to understand his recordings. His views on consciousness may challenge some of the beliefs held by you, they certainly challenged many of mine! But as Robert says, "free will is the right of every human” so if his views do not sit well with you, that's fine. If they do, then you may want to explore more. 1 Robert Hughes

2 Consciousness is One Energy _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Robert Hughes Sept 2014 My Inner Being is energy that is projected by its Inner Being (the next doll to the left, and so on) There is only ONE ENERGY. All individual consciousnesses; you and I, our Inner Beings, their Inner Beings & so on; are all projected energy from this single source Robert often uses everyday objects to help me to understand complex concepts, in this case he chose a set of Russian Dolls standing on a nearby cabinet. In his analogy I am the smallest Wooden Doll on the right, the human being Robert refers to the consciousness that manifested the Wooden Doll as its Inner Being, an energy consciousness that has no form ME MY INNER BEING 2 Throughout my life, my Inner Being chooses to project a small portion of itself into the physical environment that we call Earth Robert always calls humans ‘Wooden Dolls’, he refers to Inner Beings by their Level (see slide 4 to understand levels) All Inner Beings are waveforms. Particle/wave duality operates such that the projected energy from my Inner Being is perceived as particle in our physical environment i.e. it manifests consciousness into a physical human – me! NOTE: On recordings you will hear Robert refer to the “Monkey” within the human mind. He means the *Limbic system. To communicate with its human the Inner Being takes great care not to “make the monkey squawk”. *Limbic system includes too many components to list here, but some are: Cingulate gyrus (cognitive functions and attention, autonomic functions e.g. regulating heart rate, blood pressure); Amygdala (fear, flight or fight response); Hippocampus (memory); Orbitofrontal cortex (decision making); Hypothalamus (metabolic processes - body temperature, sleep, hunger)

3 Human Beings & Inner Beings __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Robert Hughes Sept 2014 3 Each physical human knows itself as a unique consciousness. But in each moment of our lives, full awareness of our consciousness flows back to the one source via the chain of Inner Beings. Consciousness is a ‘system’ of billions of linked parts (you, your Inner Being, me, my Inner Being, its Inner Being etc). Each has its own experiences, but all experiences flow to drive the growth and development of the whole Due to this cyclic energy flow, the Inner Being is totally aware in each moment of all aspects of its human – its state of health, what it is thinking, what its senses perceive (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) During each moment of the life of a human, the Inner Being sends a small flow of its own energy (we can call it our life force) into its Wooden Doll in order to sustain it. This energy flows back from the Wooden Doll into its Inner Being in a cyclic flow each moment of life. I think of this like an energy umbilical cord flowing between two consciousnesses, Robert calls this a “pipe” Human IB ENERGY SENT ENERGY RETURNED PIPE The human has the slowest vibration (physical), we can do few things at once. Inner Beings have faster vibration, their consciousness can take part in more activities at once (Robert uses the term “pools”) A pool is an energy collective. Many hundreds of consciousnesses (Inner Beings) have chosen to spend some small “drops” of their energy to further a shared interest. Robert explains that Inner Beings choose how they spend their limited energy in much the same way that humans choose to spend their limited time/money Humans operate mostly as individuals. Yes, we cooperate to achieve things jointly, but we are very aware of our individuality/ego. By contrast, Inner Beings operate mostly in pools. An experienced Inner Being may choose to invest its energy into tens, or even hundreds, of pools in parallel. It develops from its experiences in pools and it has a weaker sense of individuality/ego than we humans

4 Levels of Energy _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Robert Hughes Sept 2014 The LEVELs are just a man-made naming convention (devised during discussions between Robert and Saesneggar) to help Robert to denote the speed of vibration of a consciousness at a point in time The more experience a consciousness has, the faster its vibration. However Robert explains that levels are like the cogs in my clock; some spin fast, some slow, but all must spin for the clock to work. i.e. Inner Beings are no more important than Humans, we influence our physical environment (Earth), they influence pools The diagram below is a simplification, in reality the vibrations of the levels overlap considerably and when an Inner Being reaches the vibration of the next level it is a matter of choice to stay at its current level or move up to the next. It can straddle two levels temporarily, but once it has moved up it cannot return Consciousnesses of the same level communicate easily, e.g. you with me, my Inner Being with your Inner Being. But there is no awareness of a consciousness that is more than one level from its own vibration because the difference in speed of vibration is too great for one to perceive the other LEVEL 0: Human: Has physical form, mass (ENERGY particle, manifested) LEVEL 1: Inner Being of human (ENERGY not physical form) LEVEL 2: Inner Being of L1 Inner Being (ENERGY faster vibration than L1) LEVEL 3: Inner Being of L2 Inner Being (ENERGY faster vibration than L2). LEVEL 4: Inner Being of L3 Inner Being (ENERGY faster vibration than L3). Robert does not know how many levels of energy there are, he is L2 and can “channel” L3 L3 L2 L1 L4 L5 H H 4

5 Communication, Mediumship & Healing Consciousnesses of the same level communicate easily/instantly via energy, they have no language as we would define language. To quote a speaker from a pool (channelled by Robert) it is “simply a complete knowing without the clumsy incomplete abstraction of language”. Only physical Level 0 consciousnesses (humans) have speech Humans have some limited ability to communicate via energy, “but your beasts make better use of this, as did humans before their physical language became dominant; it remains and can be developed if the Wooden Dolls choose to practice using it often”. Robert's words explain psychic communication between humans (Level 0), we all have some degree of sixth sense but most choose to ignore/distrust it _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Robert Hughes Sept 2014 5 Robert’s Inner Being flows communication via the Inner Being of me (his medium Saesneggar). He is unable to flow directly to me. He insists that possession by spirit is impossible, it is a misunderstanding of mental illness Initially when Robert channelled others, I struggled to understand him. He once described this process: “you are a fire, I stand with bucket, another flows water from the pool. I catch what I can in my bucket and throw it to your Inner Being to flow to the fire, but when it comes too fast many words splash onto the floor” It is only possible for an Inner Being to flow energy to its own Wooden Doll. Robert's words explain clairvoyant communication: from the Inner Being of a deceased relative to the Inner Being of a human medium, which flows information to its Wooden Doll, the medium (from Level 1 to Level 0) A human can choose to send energy to another. Robert’s words explain healing (hands-on and absent/distant): energy flows from Wooden Doll-A to Inner Being-A, then flows through Inner Being-B to its Wooden Doll-B

6 Consciousness in Our Environment _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Robert Hughes Sept 2014 We speak with Robert’s Inner Being, not Robert. It chooses to present itself (quote “wears the coat”) of Robert so that it is accepted by us (seems human). Robert was one of many hundreds of Wooden Dolls that it once manifested. It is currently Level 2 and so can no longer manifest Wooden Dolls on Earth. It invests energy in many pools. One pool is to develop communication, its communication with Saesneggar is part of this interest Consciousness in our environment is a recent development when compared with consciousness in other environments. Our environment has a Level 0 physical vibration (slow) with form and mass. Level 1 and above consciousnesses are energy (wave, not manifested as particle) they have no form, no mass 6 I once asked Robert why he always refers to “your environment” instead of calling it Earth, this puzzled me because he manifested here so he knows it well. He explained that “the word is a deliberate choice, your environment is the part of Earth with energy and form visible to you, your apparatus (he means my human body) cannot have knowing of other environments that share your Earth because their vibrations are faster” When a Wooden Doll is happy, its vibration is fast, but prolonged sadness/depression slows the vibration. The vibration of our environment in any moment is influenced by the collective vibrations of its consciousnesses An Inner Being that flows energy to its manifested Wooden Doll will usually choose to also flow energy to animals & plants in the same environment. Their consciousnesses are less developed and are more stable (less dramatic mood swings) so this helps the Inner Being to balance swings in the vibration of its Wooden Doll

7 Humans, Free Will and Attraction The Inner Being has no control over its human, it is not a puppeteer. The human makes all of its own choices in life. The Inner Being can use the energy flowing from itself to trigger emotions and brief thoughts in its human. These are our Inner Beings attempts to influence us, but we can (and usually do) choose to ignore these Robert tells us that our life plan was not written before our birth. Our Inner Being chose the circumstances in which to manifest a human in order to have the highest probability of experiencing what the Inner Being would want to experience. However as soon as we are manifested we have our own consciousness (free will) and we create our own future based on two things: 1.Our conscious decisions in life e.g. choice of partner 2.Our vibration in each moment _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Robert Hughes Sept 2014 7 How does our vibration create our future? Robert explained this by reference to the Multiverse, a hypothesis currently debated within the physics community. It says that many possible versions of reality exist; Robert says that moment by moment, our vibration attracts (like a magnet) that version of reality that best matches our current vibration I struggled to understand this concept, so Robert explained again using the analogy that I am driving my car (living my now) along a section of road that matches my vibration. A change in my vibration causes my car to switch to a different road ̶ happy (fast vibration) or sad (slow) or one of a million shades of grey in between (possible universes). My life experience is attracted, section by section, in each moment as I go through life Robert insists that nobody can tell your future, not even your Inner Being. Humans can imagine a future based on past experiences. Your Inner Being can see a small distance in your headlights, based on probability & your current vibration, but your Inner Being cannot influence your vibration to switch roads, only you can do this

8 Thought-Forms & Responsibility Attraction responds to thought-forms, bringing into our “now” that version of the millions of possible parallel realities that is the closest match to the vibration of our current thought-form. Robert stresses that attraction is vibration-specific not subject-specific e.g. we may feel happy about 5 things now, but we often choose to focus our attention on the 1 thing that we fear. The negative thought-form that we have created from worrying about this 1 thing becomes our dominant vibration and will attract feared things for the 5 areas that we were previously happy about as well as the 1 thing that we feared Robert insists that we can exert far more control over attraction than we currently believe. He says that we should take more care over our emotions to choose to deliberately spend more time focusing on things that make us feel good (he says always try to choose “aah” not “aargh”) then we will attract more of what will make us feel good. On a personal note I have found this to be surprisingly effective! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Robert Hughes Sept 2014 Humans have free will and we are completely responsible for our own lives. We are not the puppet of our Inner Being and we should not abdicate responsibility for our own lives. Our Inner Being sends energy to sustain us throughout each moment of our lives. It can send emotions to try to influence our choices (Robert says usually unsuccessfully), but it has absolutely no control over us We are aware of our deliberate choices, but we like to use words like luck, coincidence, synchronicity for everything else. Robert says there is no such thing as luck, only attraction Robert explains that as we repeat a thought it gathers momentum (energy). Thoughts with sufficient momentum manifest a thought-form 8

9 Life Purpose Your Inner Being has chosen to manifest into a particular place and time, but your life plan is not written; you determine your life as you live it. Robert says that the life purpose of a human has two aspects: use its free will and judgement to deliberately attract what it chooses in each moment, such that it experiences life, with all of its joys, frustrations and fears. All experiences (achievements and failures) enrich the Inner Being and in consequence enrich its Inner Being and its Inner Being etc; therefore all experiences contribute to the ongoing evolution of consciousness. Robert stresses that consciousness is, and will always be, evolving ̶ “ever becoming, never done” 2.To influence our physical environment (Earth) and the beings (humans/animals) which share it with us _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Robert Hughes Sept 2014 Robert likes this short poem, he says that it explains the human as a projection of the Inner Being’s consciousness into a temporary physical form 9 We have many experiences during our lives, these shape our personality. Our Inner Being experiences all aspects of the lives of its humans, these experiences are a big part of its learning and development Experienced Inner Beings can sustain many humans at once. They usually choose to manifest across a wide range of geographical and social/economic conditions to have the best probability of a wide variety of experiences. Probability, because the actual experiences are driven by human choices, not the Inner Beings The Inner Being is energy, it has always existed and will always exist. We (humans) are a temporary physical projection of our Inner Being. After our transition (death) the Inner Being retains the “energy memory” of all that we have ever experienced. Robert uses the analogy of a “coat” that is kept safely in the cupboard, the Inner Being can choose to wear the coat at any point to project itself as its former Wooden Doll

10 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Robert Hughes Sept 2014 10 “All my life, even the trenches, my faith was strong. But the book [religion] dulled my thirst for truth, like a baby suckling the silver. Around you are many who fear another’s book and will kill the other. You force no book [doctrine] on another, nor fear another’s book. Your environment sustains not because there is one shape of beast or plant, but because there are many; all are ever becoming, never done. Such is truth, shaped by many, not one, ever becoming, never done.” You have an Inner Being. He knows you better than you know you. He loves you in your joy and in the wrongs that you learned from. Sit with him each day in the quiet of his love, let him show you the truth that he sees. Not my [Robert’s] truth, find truth for yourself with your own Inner Being. It is written in no book, for it is ever becoming, never done. Friends who like Robert’s views have sent many quotations to me. Here are two favourites: Dalai Lama 1935 – living. Tibetan Buddhist leader “There will be no lasting world peace unless individual human beings have some sense of inner peace.” Brian Cox 1968 – living. Professor of Particle Physics “We are the cosmos made conscious and life is the means by which the universe understands itself.” By including these quotations I do not imply that those individuals are aware of Robert’s views, or agree with him; only that I personally like their views I asked Robert why he speaks to us... he says now is time for Man to wake

11 Robert Hughes Robert asked me to thank you for the time that you spent reading his views. He appreciates it. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Robert Hughes Sept 2014 11

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