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Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL)

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1 Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL)
A Brief Profile of MKCL By Vivek Sawant Managing Director Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL)

2 Introduction MKCL is a Public Limited Company established in August 20, 2001 by the Department of Higher and Technical Education, Government of Maharashtra and 11 Universities in Maharashtra Business Operations commenced on April 01, 2002

3 Introduction Seven years of
self-sustaining, wealth-creating and ever growing operations Became a well-known brand in India for innovations in eLearning and its deployment for millions of students Demonstrated replicability elsewhere in India and abroad

4 MKCL’s Vision To develop learning, governance and empowerment systems which are world-class and value-based and which are responsive to the individual and social development needs of the people.

5 Mission To offer life-long learning, governance and empowerment services through appropriate partnerships to a very large and diverse population - Bigger with high quality - Better at affordable cost - Cheaper at fast pace - Faster with widest accessibility - Wider with mass personalization - Deeper as they are critical for survival, development and empowerment of individuals, communities and nations.

6 MKCL’s Unique Identity
It has a transformative agenda with focus on eLearning, eGovernance and eEmpowerment It is a fast-track IT-Enabler for Educational Institutions, Governments and Communities It is a blended learning, governance and empowerment initiative leveraging High-tech with High-touch It helps millions of people in bridging the Digital Divide and resultant Knowledge Divide It catalyses participation of masses in emerging knowledge society through promotion of life-long learning.

7 MKCL Offices in India Registered Office in Mumbai
Development and Operations Center in Pune Central Stores at Tathawade, Pune Center for Educational Programs at New Mumbai Center for Educational eGovernance in Pune Center for eGovernance Business Development at CST, Mumbai Center for eGovernance Technology Development at Bandra, Mumbai Center for Community Development & eEmpowerment in Pune State Lead Center Offices at New Delhi, Dehradun, Lucknow, Patna, Ranchi, Bhopal, Raipur, Hyderabad and Bangalore

8 MKCL Subsidiary and Joint Ventures
Subsidiaries MKCL International FZE, UAE – 100% Joint Ventures Abroad Knowledge Grid LLC, Oman – 50% MKCL Arabia LLC, Saudi Arabia- 50% Joint Ventures in India Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited, Jaipur- 30%

9 Board of Directors: Chairman and Vice-Chairman
Hon’ble Shri. Rajesh Tope Nominee Director of Govt. of Maharashtra Hon’ble Shri. Suresh Shetty

10 Board of Directors: Members
Padmashree Dr. Vijay P. Bhatkar, Chairman, ETH Research Labs Professor Ram Takwale, Ex-Vice Chancellor, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, University of Pune and Ex-Chairman National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC) Professor Ashok Kolaskar, Ex-Vice Chancellor, University of Pune Mr. Avinash Patil, Member- Governing Board Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE)

11 Board of Directors: Members
Mr. J.S. Saharia, Nominee Director of Govt. of Maharashtra Dr. K. G. Patil, Vice-Chancellor, North Maharashtra University Mr. Vivek Sawant, Managing Director Mr. Umesh Nagda, Director Finance

12 Equity Profile Authorized Capital: Rs. 20.00 Crores
Subscribed Capital: Rs Crores Shareholders: Govt. of Maharashtra : Rs Crores, 37.13% Universities : Rs Crores, 33.91% Educational Institutions: Rs Crores, 0.26% Others: Rs Crores, 28.70% Industries and organizations Teachers and Students Directors and Employees

13 Financials Turnover in 2002-03: Rs. 20 Cr

14 Dividends, Bonus and Rights
Dividend Yield in first year of operation: 15% 1:1 Bonus Shares declared in second year Dividend Yield in second year of operation on post-bonus equity: 15% Dividend Yield in third year of operation: 20% 4:1 Bonus Shares declared in third year Rights Allotment in fourth year of Dividend Yield in fourth year of operation: 20% Dividend Yield in fifth year of operation: 40% Dividend Yield in sixth year of operation: 20%

15 MKCL’s Main Programs Enabling Programs Educational Programs
Educational eGovernance Programs eGovernance Programs Community Development & eEmpowerment Programs International Business Development Programs

16 1. MKCL’s Enabling Programs
1.1 Corporate Management Program 1.2 Infrastructure Development Program 1.3 IT Infrastructure Development Program 1.4 Software Technology Development Program 1.5 eLearning and eContent Development Program 1.6 Channel Partner Network Management Program 1.7 Business Development Program

17 2. MKCL’s Educational Programs
2.1 IT Literacy and Functionality Program 2.2 MKCL Finishing Schools Development Program 2.3 World-Class Academy for Vocational Excellence (WAVE) 2.4 Edutainment and Infotainment Program

18 3. MKCL’s Educational eGovernance Programs
3.1 Digital Frameworks for Educational Institutions - Digital University™ - Digital College™ - Digital Directorate, Digital Parent Body - Employment Assistance Services to Youth (EASY) 3.2 OASIS- Online Application Solutions & Integrated Services - Online Admissions - Online Recruitments

19 4. MKCL’s eGovernance Programs
4.1 General e-Governance Program - Generalized Governmental Workflow Framework - eTendering Framework; - eJudiciary Framework

20 5. MKCL’s Community Development & eEmpowerment Programs
5.1 Talent Nurturance Program- Digital Schools, Nurturance of Excellence and Talent (NET), Prayog Parivar Kendra (PPK), Open Education Resources (OER) … 5.2 Life Long Learning (L3) Communities Program Bachelor of eEducation, Nirman … 5.3 Watershed Development Program 5.4 Rurban (Rural + Urban) Eco-friendly Knowledge-based Habitat Development Program

21 6. MKCL’s International Business Development Programs
6.1 Preparatory Year IT Skills Program for King Saud University, Riyadh, and Tabuk University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 6.2 eLearning, Educational eGovernance and eGovernance Frameworks and Services Expansion in other countries

22 MKCL’s Human Resources
200 Member Team for Leadership and Management Software Development, Testing, Quality Assurance IT Enabled Services Deployment Content Development and Delivery Networking Business Development and Operations Business Promotion and Brand Building

23 MKCL’s Statewide Network
5000+ Authorized Learning Centers (ALCs) with balanced statewide coverage in 35 districts of Maharashtra in Metropolitan Urban Semi-urban Rural Tribal and Hilly areas of the state

24 MKCL’s Statewide Network
10 Regional Lead Centers (RLCs) 42 District Level Local Lead Centers (LLCs) 350 Tehsil Level Lead Centers (TLCs) 1000+ Supervised On-line Examination Centers 5000+ Authorized Learning Centers (ALCs) 15,000+ Certified Teachers, Counselors, Coordinators and Systems Administrators …. 4.5 Million+ Registered Learners in last 7 years 2 Million+ Beneficiaries of Online Services

25 MKCL’s Statewide IT Infrastructure
25,000+ Internet and Multimedia ready PIV Personal Computers with windows Vista and Office 2007 and other application software and LAN based LMS supported content with rich voice over

26 MKCL’s Statewide eBusiness Platform
5000+ LANs at all ALCs equipped with SOLAR: Web-based Framework for business coordination of the Network of Channel Partners ERA: Learning and Content Management System Online Evaluation & Instant eCertification System Content Distribution Framework Distributed Classrooms Framework WORM: IT Infra Asset Monitoring Framework

27 Special Features of MKCL’s Network
It is a meta-network of networks of resources viz. infrastructural, human, intellectual and developmental. It is a Techno-social Interventure of several small commercial and social IT driven ventures.

28 Special Features of MKCL’s Network
It is a large-scale networked Laboratory and Collaboratory for the community for testing and deploying innovative ICT systems, services, tools and technologies. It is a single largest Private-Public-Community Partnership (PPCP) network of the small and medium IT entrepreneurs and enterprises in India

29 Thank you! For further information and assistance please contact +91 98220 52914

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